FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson gets ready for new month

Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 13, 2011


This is the beginning of a new month of challenges. I have a lot going on this month.

My girls are starting soccer and softball. My husband, daughter and son have birthdays this month so that alone will keep me busy. Not to mention Easter at the end of the month. I am also leaving in a month for Florida so I am planning on going extra hard with my workouts.

March had a lot of ups and downs for me and I realize where I went wrong and the changes I have to make. I am not disappointed with myself, though, because real life is going to have those time and the most important thing is to move forward and do better, not dwell on what I could have done different.

I am experiencing some positive changes. I can see the small changes in my body. My clothes are definitely too big. My work pants are falling off!

I feel better wearing some of my clothes because of the way they fit now. I can see the areas that I’m losing the weight in. I will not buy pants until the end of May.

I don’t want to buy clothes every month or so and I kind of like pulling up my pants. It reminds me of my progress. It’s a good thing for me mentally even though it may seem strange to others.

I am looking forward to going shopping for summer clothes while in Florida. I am even planning on buying them a size to small. That will be great motivation going into the summer.

That’s all I have for now. The only thing left to do is start this month off “spinning!"

— Natalie Johnson