FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan plans 5K for Dunn family

Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 29, 2011



This week wasn't the best week of the year by far! Dealing with the funeral of Officer Dunn and suffering a calf strain playing racquetball, I really didn't concentrate on my usual routine of working out and eating healthy.  

I'm going to have to figure out something to do for cardio because I am limping around in pain right now. I hope this only lasts a week or so because I need to get back on track.

On March 24, I weighed out at 258 pounds and was feeling pretty good. I was able to up my workout on the treadmill by running longer and walking less during my interval training. I feel this week will set me back, but I've got plenty of time to make it up.

I have had numerous responses to the 5k run for the Dunn children. For those who e-mailed me, hang tight, I will email you back when I get the specifics.

That's about all I got for you this week.  Thanks for your support.
Troy Keegan
Go Blue Streaks



im there!