FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson preaches benefits of weight training

Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 13, 2011


This past week has gone good for me. I am back on track and I want to lose 40 pounds by the time I leave for Florida the first week of May.

I lived in Florida for 14 years and have not been back to visit since June 2008. It will be a nice getaway for my family. It will also be nice to go there looking and feeling better, too. I already have access to a gym setup and I can’t wait to run on the beach.

As for now, I am enjoying my new schedule. I am addicted to spinning! I love it. It is one workout that makes you feel so refreshed afterwards.

I am focusing on staying on track of my weight circuit. I put so much focus on cardio for the calorie burn that I overlooked the fact that weight lifting boosts your metabolism for hours and in returns burns calories. I have gotten stronger and Barb has had me increase the weight amount.

NOMS provided me with a great service this past week. They allowed me to receive a total body fat scan along with a bone density test. The scan is able to give you a more accurate percentage of body fat and the areas you carry more than others. It will be interesting to have another test done at the end of the year and compare the difference.

As for the bone density test, it revealed that my bones are nice and healthy and at low risk for fractures. This test is available to the public for a small fee. You can feel free to contact NOMS for more information.

I will be weighing in for the final time this month on Friday. I hope to bring you big numbers next week.

— Natalie Johnson