Caped crusader heading to court?

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


Holy Turkish city, Batman! You're being sued!


The mayor of Batman, a city  in Southeast Turkey, is suing Warner Brothers for using its name without permission in the Batman movies.

Huseyin Kalkin, the mayor of Batman, said the theft has tormented his city's people: He blamed the city's high female suicide rate on the psychological effects of WB's theft.

The Turkish city said it wants money from the latest Batman movie, "The Dark Knight," which grossed $1 billion worldwide.

Unfortunately, this is not a joke.

But my sources tell me Warner Brothers and Mr. Kalkin might reach a deal before going to court.

Apparently, the movie studio is willing to offer Batman city $300, and it'll throw in Katie Holmes free.

Kalkin said he'd prefer Maggie Gyllenhaal, the actress who replaced Holmes, but if he had to settle for Holmes, he'd need at least $400.

WB said they'd comprise at $350, and give Kalkin a one-way ticket away from the borders of Syria and Iraq, which is probably priceless at this point.

For the record, Batman first appeared as comic book character in 1939, when Batman city was just a itty-bitty town no one's had ever heard of.

Oh wait, it's still a town no one's ever heard of.



Why not sue DC comics? I have been to Turkey (the southwestern region, mainly Antayla) and loved it. However, they seek any chance they can to take money from Americans, or Russians, or Europeans. Oh the stories I could tell. They do have some of the best Ice Cream though. Oh, and no copyright laws, so you can get your dvd of "The Dark Night" right now for about $5 off of Omar. You do not even have to leave a restaurant, he will aproach your table as you eat, along with a lady selling flowers, a guy with flags, and about 5 people selling postcards.

Oh, and never let any of them give you a me.


Why wait 70 years? There's plenty of things that don't make sense about this.

Several of my friends have been to Turkey and say it's a beautiful place, although I've never heard the shoeshine thing...Hilarious though. When I visit, I'll now have to get a shoeshine, just to see what you're talking about.

The southwest of Turkey is suppose to be beautiful because of the coast. The southeast, not so lucky. Antalya, especially, is supposed to be one of the more beautiful provinces in the world.

Where specifically did you visit?


P.S. Sorry this posting was poorly written at first. I've updated some mistakes.


DO NOT GET A SHOESHINE trust me!!! I was mostly in the Antayla area and Serik. I loved the region from Split Croatia through Turkey down to Egypt. Most people perfer the western part of the Med because they think it is safer. But for my money the Eastern part is the best.

If you go do not turn down any apple tea. Trust me they give the stuff away like it is going out of style and if you turn it down.....well turning down tea is worse than getting a shoeshine.

While in Antayla we went to a restaurant in the marina. The waiter said that they had no fresh fish and was very sorry. Then we looked up and a boat was pulling up to a dock about 8 feet away. The guy started yelling at the waiter. The waiter ran up to the dock and the guy in the boat started to throw fish to the waiter. The waiter would hold up each fish and yell to us "Ahhh see fresh fish, fresh fish, you like? you eat?"

It does not get much fresher than that.

I have been to 15 or 16 countries and Turkey is one of the 3 I would actualy want to return to.