FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr displays endurance at Castalia quarry

Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 8, 2011


This past week in the gym was tough but in a good way. This month we are going to focus on more core, balance and endurance.

On March 1, my personal trainer Trevor Tieche and I worked on legs and core. It went pretty well, but it was a little rough because I did not go to the gym for about a week due to a miscommunication, but it's good now. Thursday, the 3rd we did upper body and a lot of balancing work.

The 5th was by far one of my hardest but surprisingly fun workouts. Trevor and I went to the Castalia quarry on a damp, muddy and rainy morning.

First we did about a half-mile jog to a lookout post that had about seven ramps to the top, so I had to do a jumping exercise about 50 times. That sounds like a lot, but it was just short jumps. Then, I ran up the seven ramps to the top and did 25 sit-ups, then all the way down I had to do two sets of those.

Then, we did some push-ups and the bear crawl and crab walk on the way down to the middle of the quarry to where I did some rock throws and some sprinting drills that involved us rolling on the ground.

I would not of got through that workout if it was not for Trevor pushing me the whole way. Thank you.

March 6 was a cheat day and my Dad got free Cavs tickets about eight rows from the court. All I know is that I have been more pumped to work out and get healthy and it's all due to the support of my family and Bodi N Balance.

— Jacob Mohr


bodinbalance's picture

I am not sure why Jacob was rolling around in the mud durring his workout.  I kept telling him to stop cause lots of dogs use that trail for a restroom.  He kept rolling around screaming, "Hey look I'm an otter!"  I really have no explanation for his behavior. 


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