FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan wins $1,000 from Anytime Fitness

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 22, 2011


Hello people,

Nothing like sweating your butt off and having to walk out into a northern Ohio blizzard! It's bad enough that it's cold but the clothes sticking to ya is really irritating.

Since I've lost 30 pounds, I am all of a sudden always cold. My wife has been laughing at me telling me now I know how the rest of the family felt when I wouldn't turn the heat up in the house.

I have had a great month so far with my workouts. Ken Cutcher from Anytime Fitness has been increasing my workloads gradually and my old body has responded better than expected.

Ken keeps me moving and my workout seems to flow smoothly. We were talking today about having someone hold you accountable for your workouts. I don't know if I would make it to the gym as much if I knew there wasn't anybody waiting there for me ready to help me reach my goal.

I know the old me would have said I'll go later or just workout harder the next day.  Guess what? Neither would happen. So I thank Ken for being in my corner. He is as dedicated to this project as I am.  

I also want to thank Ken for the good news he gave me last week. He entered my story in a campaign that Anytime Fitness is promoting called "Feel Like a Million" and my story was selected. I win $1,000 that I can keep or pass on to another person who could use a boost to get fit. I'll probably do half and half.  I want to help someone else, but I also want to take a year end vacation to show off the BOD! It's been along time since this shirt has been off in public.
Later Gators,
Troy Keegan
Go Blue Streaks



Hey , Troy.

I applied for the fit challenge last year, and didn't get in.

I have been trying to do my own workouts, but it's very hard.

The gym admissions are expensive for some people.

And with me. my husband is disabled, and I am making ends meet.

I would love to join a fitness center, but as, the economy and finances are not sall there. I make my walking outside my fitness  . so it is very hard for me to lose weight.

All. I want to say is good luck with ur trainer and workouts.

Congratulations on winning the $1,000.00,

Use it wisely.

And if you donate half of the money, that person will be lucky to accept it.

Take care,





Email me at



 Good job Troy !!


Hi Troy,

I have been following the F.I.T. Challenge this year and I do not understand why you even entered. I see you were active in sports durning H.S. Also you have stated that you currently travel with the Police Softball League. I guess what I am getting at is you seem to be active already and you have the fitness knowledge it just seems you stopped applying it to your lifestyle. Don't you think there was someone else that applied that needed this challenge knowledge and help more than you did? Be honest! The commenter above for instance. You have been fit in life and with your background you know how to be fit. If you are a coach so you have to have knowlegde to pass on to the kids. So what do you need?  Only thing I can see is motivation and this challenge is so much more than that. I know that you were put with Anytime Fitness because they have never had a success story throughout these challenges so they were hoping you give them that adavantage this year. Truth be told, maybe its them and not past contestants. All I am saying is you know what to do and how to do it and there is someone out there that really could have benifited MORE from this. It seems like you entered for all the wrong reasons and thats just not fair to others. As for the money you won, being somewhat of a public figure and law officer the right thing to do was to pass it to someone who needs it. Not give back half and keep half to vacation with. You are 7 weeks into the challege so your story is not a success yet. We already know it will be though because you have been there before so you are getting back into shape. Your at an advantage over the other contestants so you are cheating them too. So as you continue I hope you are proud of yourself for "robbing"someone else of the oppurtunity and in your line of work you know thats never okay! I want you to get healthy again I just wish you would have given someone else this chance and been the STRONG man you portray yourself as and did it on your own.


JustSayin5...  this is Troy's wife, Tish.  I was the one who got him to enter this contest.  Can I ask who you are to judge who, or who is not deserving of this contest?  If you knew what my family has been through in the past few years, maybe you'd back off.  Stress can cause weight gain.  Change of lifestyle can cause weight gain.  This is EXACTLY what happened in our home.  I know Troy is a competitive person which is WHY I talked him into it.  Our family needed this.  He is losing the weight, he is happier, more motivated.  I personally want to thank Ken for helping Troy in this challenge and The Sandusky Register as well.  I also want to congratulate Johnson and Mohr as they are working pretty darn hard too. 

The blogs are great for those that want to vent, etc., which is exactly what I did.  What I'm asking JustSaying5 is if you have the audacity to judge my husband without knowing the circumstances, at least man up and don't hide behind your screen name. 


Keep up the good work Keegan Family........SHS graduate 1988


Tish way to stand up for your man!  I can't believe someone else would judge SOOO harshly!  I think it's great Troy's doing this and even being so gracious with his winnings to help someone else.  That alone says a lot about his character, and his motivation for participating!  Go Troy, I wish you and your family the best on completing your goals and I hope you rock that 'bod' at the end of the year.  SOUNDS LIKE YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-)


To Tish and anyone else who takes offense to my comment all I have to say is I'm calling it how I see it. PERIOD! I knew it would rub Troy and his supporters the wrong way when I posted but it is what it is. I am not the only one that feels this way and everybody has a right to their own opinion. I'm just the only one to put it out there like that. As far as hiding behind a screen name......we all have screen names and if you believe your husaband is right in what he's doing what good will it do to know my real name? Nothing! The only diffderence is when you go and tell someone about the comment you will be refering to me by a different name. There is nothing else you can do with the information. Comments are on here for just this reason. There are many people that have had hard times and stress in their lives but the difference between Troy and SOME others is that he has alot of outlets on his own to succeed. Tish, you can't honestly say that Ken C. is telling Troy anything he does not already know. Troy already has all the knowlege he needs. He knows how to use gym equipment. His body has been in great shape before so all he is needing to do is get back in shape. Many others don't have any knowledge. This challege provides so much more than just motivation. Mohr and Johnson didn't know where to start. You say it was a lifestyle change and stress. I respect that but your not saying he needed education on getting fit. Thats all I'm saying. It seems like it made you mad so if it did the same to Troy turn my comments into fuel to go even harder and maybe he will not need Ken to be there waiting for him. None of this is judging anyone it's simply asking if Troy felt there was someone else that would have benefited more. Take Kimmyjg for instance, she needed the finacial help with the gym the challege provides, She has alot on her plate to make ends meet, and not nearlly the knowledge Troy has. So yes I feel she would be more deserving. If you coach, workout with the team. Show by example. If you are on a traveling softball team you have coaches and tools from that. If your kids are active get out there with them. It all just goes back to motivation and just getting up and back to the gym. Troy needs nothing more.


All i got to say is TROY is go get its yours for the taken.....and this is for justsayin5 everybodys lives are different. who do you think you are of telling other people that there not deserving of this challenge..everybody had an equal chance of getting into this challenge......GO TROY!!!!!!


Hey gordon2424,  Shouldn't you be at the picket line??  or is it your night off??  Anyway, congrats to your wife on last year's fit challenge.....GO Troy...Go Blue Streaks