FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr fits into old t-shirts

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 22, 2011


This past week at the gym went pretty well for me; all three days were packed with intense exercise.

On Feb. 15, Derek Nimrichter and I worked out; we only had a short amount of time to work out, but in the half hour to 45 minutes we had, I pushed myself on each exercise to get all that I could out of that workout.

On Feb. 16, I worked out with Derek Tieche, and once again it was fast-paced with a lot of different exercises.

On Feb. 18, I worked with Derek again and we worked on balance and endurance.

My first "cheat day" was Feb. 19. I had one meal that I am not allowed to have during the week ... it was chicken wings.

As we reach the end of February, now more than ever, I can notice a change. I need new work pants and some t-shirts that I have not worn in awhile are starting to fit me again. All I need to do is stay focused and I will be fit.

— Jacob Mohr


bodinbalance's picture

Ya get some new pants.  I don't want to see you in the paper as the guy who's pants fell off in Best Buy.  Then agian that may be some fee advertisment for them.  I am not saying you should go to work without pants.  Maybe just get a lower back tatoo and some low rise pants.

Ellyn Clark


Don't it feel awesome? Keep up the hard work and the good attitude. I'm rootin' for you! Go Jacob, go Jacob, GO!!