FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan burns off nachos

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 15, 2011


Hi readers,

Another week, another blog. The weight loss is going good. I lost 4 pounds since last month's end weigh-in (Feb. 5), so my goal of 15 pounds this month is intact so far.  

The Thirsty Pony's nacho supremes must be on its diet menu because I didn't gain any weight after wolfing them down the past two Saturdays.

I made Saturdays my cheat day because I always play basketball or racquetball on Sundays to burn the trillion calories I take in on my off day. The body needs a rest day. When I say the body, I mean MY body needs a rest day.

Now that my seventh grade daughter Kelsey is done with basketball, we have decided it's time for her to start lifting weights and working to build on her already athletic body.

This will give father and daughter some bonding time and allow both of us to work out and move ahead.  Due to time constraints, some of these workouts will take place before school when after school is not an option.

She has in the past gone with Tish to morning workouts, but not on a consistant basis so we will see if she is really motivated.

On Feb. 8, I participated in a Blue Streak baseball team's winter conditioning session. I was able to do most of the work, but was limited on one particular task. I could only finish five minutes of the 10-minute stairs and hallway run.

I was OK in the hallways, but my knee did not like the stairs.  By the end of this contest, I hope to be able to do those types of activities without pain.  It might be wishful thinking, but I'm a glass-half-full kind of guy.

My Anytime Fitness trainer Ken Cutcher has been pushing me pretty hard and is adding little by little.  We've been doing some interval training on the treadmill, which he has me sprinting. My body is reacting well to so I hope this carries over til spring so we can get out of the gym and run outside.

All in all, I'm happy I've been a part of the FIT Challange and am feeling great because of it!
Thank You
Troy Keegan
(Go Blue Streaks)




Remember my email and phone.... I'm NOT getting paid a nickle for it, but am here to help with the food portion of your challenge!!!

(sending the exact same message here to every contestant - I wish you ALL the best!!!!