FIT CHALLENGE: Johnson struggles to eat so often

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 15, 2011


Hello everyone,

Nothing new to report this week. I am still working out hard and being consistent with my weight loss.

I lost another 3.6 pounds this week. I was able to meet with the dietitian on Feb. 9. Stefanie Windau, L.D.. gave me gave me some great information on meal planning and educated me on eating healthy.

I will say it is hard for me to eat all the calories I am supposed to. I am not used to eating but once a day so mentally for me to eat every four to five hours is challenging.

This whole journey has actually been easier for me than I expected. The workouts are very challenging. Exercising in some way or another six days a week and working on my feet in the evening, along with keeping up with my family, is very tiring.

I am finding that it is easier for me now and every day I can do something new. My personal trainer Barb Biltz of NOMS had me go from five flights on stairs to having me do 13 the other day.  We all know how I feel about stairs so I was not thrilled. I will have to say my breathing has gotten much better so Barb is right.

The easy part is the eating better but still enjoying certain foods. I have my cheat days on Sundays. Yes, every week! I am still losing the weight. I always thought I could never loss the weight because I could not eat like a rabbit for the rest of my life. After I learned about healthy eating I realized I can still enjoy food and be healthy. So now if I can eat enough throughout the day, I will get better results.

Natalie Johnson




Remember my email and phone.... I'm NOT getting paid a nickle for it, but am here to help with the food portion of your challenge!!!

(sending the exact same message here to every contestant - I wish you ALL the best!!!!






Thank you. I am not sure what email your refering to. I am all for the help from anyone willing.



Brandi has my business card for you, and on the back is my personal email. 

I volunteered my time to help you find foods within the diet restrictions your trainer and dietician give you, that offer you tastes and flexibility. 

I am sorry I didn't get to meet you personally - I did meet the other two contestants the first night. We can set up time to "do coffee" if you'd like sometime and see what service I can be to you. 

Cary Gilbert 

Thyme Savors Chef, a Personal Chef service is my professional email



Ellyn Clark


Missed you on Tuesday!

Girl, I am lovin' your attitude and sense of humor!

I've been told a habit takes at least 30 days to break and only two weeks to make. Or is that the other way around? But you get my point. :o)

Keep in touch, okay?