FIT CHALLENGE: Illness derails Mohr's workouts

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 1, 2011


This past week at the gym was awesome. I feel like I did a good job.

On Jan. 24, I worked out with Derek Tieche, who as always gives me a hardcore workout.I am  doing exercises that I have never done before which is cool but also tough.

Then, on Jan. 27, I worked with Derek Nimrichter. It was a little laid back, which was a nice change of pace from Monday's workout. We did lower back and for the first time ever, I could bench press my own weight by pulling myself up on a bar 15 times.

On Jan. 28, I worked with Trevor Tieche. We did legs, which I dread only because I'm really sore the next day; however, from what my trainers have told me, doing legs burns the most calories, which is cool with me.

Everybody is behind me in this --- people at work, family, friends, friends of the family and even old friends from high school. I am glad that I can be their motivation and they are also my motivation.

I also would like to apologize for my blog. The reason it is so short is because I am sick, so I already missed a day of work and working out but, hopefully, I will get better soon.

Jacob Mohr


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Quack Quack your not a duck yet but you will get there!


 Keep it up jake, im proud of ya man, ive gotten back to workin out too because of you! 

- KTuttle