FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan is training like an athlete

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 1, 2011


I'm sitting in the gym writing my blog after another successful workout at Anytime Fitness.

Ken Cutcher has gradually been increasing my core and cardio strength. Although it doesn't seem like it when I can't catch my breath in the middle of some exercises, but man do I feel great afterward.

At the beginning of my program, I asked Ken to train me like an athlete, not someone who is trying to just lose weight. So he put together a program that concentrates on core, legs and glutes that really are the catalyst of most movements an athlete needs to perform.

I've become less tired and recovering a lot faster after playing recreational basketball and racquetball. I've never been really good in basketball, but it is great exercise and I enjoy the competition and camaraderie.

I really like what Ken has incorporated into my personal workouts so I brought him over to train my Sandusky Post 83 junior legion baseball team in speed and agility.  So far the kids and the parents have responded nicely to the personal training they are receiving.

Not all coaches incorporate the necessary exercises or drills to train their players correctly for their respective sports. It's not because they don't care or have the time, but a lot of them were trained old-school and that is how they teach. Athletes are now bigger and stronger so the technology needed to be changed. Ken has me and them doing things that our bodies aren't used to but needs to do in able to get stronger and prevent injury.

As far as my weight loss goes, I weighed in today at 281 pounds and hope to reach my goal of 275 pounds by the one month weigh-in on Feb 7. It's going to be close.


Troy Keegan

(Go Blue Streaks!)



In his day, he was one hell of an athlete.  Still can play softball pretty darn well.