Video in an online world

Mar 1, 2011


In my last post (lo' those many weeks ago) I referred to this as the area's only local TV station. But is it? What I mean is, now that broadband penetration has made video online possible, have we/will we simply move TV onto the internet? In form, I mean. Are we just moving TV coverage online? Or should we be using video differently online than they do in TV?

The telecoms have been talking about convergence for years, Time Warner and Verizon have become competitors because now, there isn't any difference between cable service and phone service, the same fiber optic networks can do both.

Something similar is happening to journalists. It used to be there were print journalists, TV journalists, and radio journalists. Now the media -- print, TV, and radio -- are converging just like the telecoms. Newscasts and news articles are both broadcast online. So what then? Are we all print journalists -- since after all the web is a text medium; even YouTube is actually text based? Or will video take over and we'll all become TV journalists? Or will it come down to the fad that hasn't quite happened yet and will we all be radio journalists through the podcast?

Or is there a fourth path? Is what is emerging something else entirely? Maybe the answer's obvious, but in practice the inclination seems always to be to pick one of the pre-existing three. That's so much easier. We know what it is, after all...