FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr says his clothes feel looser

Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 25, 2011


Nothing new to report this week. I am still working out about three times a week at Bodi N Balance.

This past week at the gym went pretty well. We are starting to do more weight and higher reps on each exercise, which means my endurance is getting better.

Jan. 17 went well. We did some different exercises. Trevor Tieche, my trainer, likes to do drills in between sets to get my heart rate back up. On Jan. 17, he decided to take an easy drill and turn it into something that has more than one step. It was a stutter step, then shuffle across the board, then pivot around to the other side and do it all over again. It might sound easy, but trust me, it was not.

On Jan. 19, I worked out with Derek Nimrichter. It was a good workout, a lot of core, which is fine with me. On Jan. 21, I had the pleasure of working with Derek Tieche. And by the way, he is training for the NFL combine so I knew that this workout was going to be the hardest. He kicked my butt; the drills were intense and so were the exercises, but afterward, I have never felt better. I think it is OK to have those kind of workouts ... once in awhile.

After a couple of weeks, I can tell that I am losing some weight; my clothes are looser and feel better, and my work clothes are not as tight as they once were. In closing, I feel better and I am starting to lose some weight and it feels good.

Jacob Mohr



Keep at it Jake!  You deserve it!  =)