FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr works out like his life depends on it

Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 18, 2011


It is the NFL postseason. Usually, I would be knee-high in chicken wings, but the new me only had a handful of peanuts. This past week in the gym was better.

The workouts are still a little rough, but I am starting to get the hang of it. I am starting to get to know my trainers a little better, which makes the workouts seem not as hard. I am starting to push myself harder each day on certain exercises.

I am eating healthy. I am on week three of my diet and I have not cheated once. That said, each week is getting harder and harder. But if I stay focused, it will pay off. One thing my personal trainer Trevor Tieche says to me if I am struggling or I have 10 reps left and my legs or arms are burning is, "What if you had to?"

What that means is even though it hurts and you think you cannot do it, push yourself to do it because, "What if you had to?"

If I get into that mindset and focus on this FIT Challenge, I will do just fine. Everybody at home and work is still very supportive. Everybody around me is behind me, which is gonna push me though the year and, hopefully, make me a happier and healthier person.

Jacob Mohr


Taxed Enough Already

 Keep up the excellent work Jake I know you can do it!!!

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Are you ready to learn the Iron Flamingo?  Once you master this exercise there is nothing you will not be able to accomplish Padawan.  Only then will you be ready to stand in the arena and face your trainers armed with a stick.  Trust your training hope that Derek doesn't knock you block off.