FIT CHALLENGE: Keegan worried about it overdoing it this weekend

Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 18, 2011


Dear Friends, Fans and Foes,

Not much to report this week. I weighed myself Jan. 14 and tipped the scales at 289 pounds (from 303 pounds).

This week has been the typical grind of life with combining work, family life and trying to get workouts in. I did manage to work out with my trainer twice this week.

After just a couple of weeks, I'm starting to feel a little more energetic and my stomach is adapting to eating less. At first, when dieting, you get that still-hungry feeling after eating meals or after you've had your last meal for the night, but I'm getting over that now. Whenever I felt that way I would just get a glass of water to try and fill me up.

The big test will come this week when I go to the OHSAA coaching convention in Columbus and come back to go straight to a former coach's wedding reception. We boys like to eat and maybe tip a few beverages in our spare time down there, so I can't be rude and not join them. It will be interesting to see how disciplined I am and how much I weigh when I get back. Well, I'm off to the gym now, so wish me luck.

Troy Keegan



Troy, good luck down in Columbus especially with your golf game!