BLOG: Keegan loses 10 pounds in four days

Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 11, 2011


Hello Friends, Fans and Foes,

I have been training now for four full days and have already lost 10 pounds. I started at 303 pounds and now I'm down to 293 pounds.  I never thought that I would say I'm down to 293!

I attribute the credit to my personal trainer Ken Cutcher from Anytime Fitness. I think he is the perfect fit for me because he is an extremely energetic guy who keeps my big butt moving. I have worked out with him three times thus far and plan to meet with him three times a week from now until the end. 

I think at first he overestimated my strength because of my size, but when you haven't really worked out for years, then you lose that strength and endurance. I could see the look on his face when I couldn't do some of the weights or even stretches he asked me to perform. But being the professional that he is, he changed his strategy and seems to be getting a little more out of me.

As far as my diet goes, I've been totally faithful. I finally took the advice of almost every health magazine I ever read by measuring out my portions and eating foods that are high in protein and less sugars and fats.


Anytime Fitness has a computer program for its members that allows you to track your diet and fitness activity.  What the program does is track what you are eating good and what you are eating bad so you can eliminate the nonhealthy food sources.

I know the first several pounds will be easy to lose because I'm enjoying exercising and the quick results, but we'll see if Ken can keep me motivated when the fun and excitement of the contest wears off.  Good luck Ken.

Thanks for the support. Yours truly,

Troy Keegan (Go Blue Streaks)


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Hi Its Kristin Gleis from the 1st FIT Challenge. Ken was my trainer also, he is an AMESOME person. I might not have lost much weight while I was training with me, but that is all my fault and lack of trying. Ken once said to me as I was whinning while I was on the treadmill about wanting to eat "real" food, that working out and than going to eat greasy food is like working all week for your paycheck only to see in the end you have only recieved have. I still think about that converstation often. I'm still fat and getting fatter since I'm 8 months pregnant, however I know what I have to now to lose the weight and keep it off once I have my baby. I plan on returning to Anytime Fitness once I the baby and am back up and rolling. I hope to see you in there doing well. I wish you the best of luck this year !!!!


Great job !!! keep up the good work ... you can do it !! 


Keep up the hard work! Your goals will be accomplished with the support and help of your trainer, family and friends. Its easier to make it through the rough times when you have someone to coach you through it! You of all people should know that. You have brought kids up through baseball and now it is you who needs the coaching. Good Luck! Though the road ahead is tough, smile and know you are not alone!