We're trying video in two flavors

Mar 1, 2011


Since getting the new video player, we've been trying to use the video in two ways. Part of that is the spirit of experimentation, part of it is that the nice thing about the web site is that it is so flexible.

So we've got the video that appears on the video page. This is more or less the traditional TV news package. It's a short, sight-and-sound version of the same story as in print. It's nice 'cause you can eat a large sandwich while watching the news and keep from getting the keyboard covered in mayonnaise. It's what we've been doing for the last 9 months to a year.

But in the last month or six weeks, we've added in another style. These are the short-and-sweet 15- to 25-second videos that show up embedded in stories. They appear between paragraphs right in the flow of the text, and they are more illustrative. I think of them as moving photos, like in Harry Potter. But they're more of what I would think of as multi-media; they weave the different media together.

I'm particularly interested in the second version. That seems to me the story form that is unique to the online environment. It seems almost zeitgeisty.