BLOG: Nuesse Is Leaving, More DADT Debate

Bryan Dubois
Jan 3, 2011


Happy New Year.

I don't think the news about Kim Nuesse's departure from Sandusky can be summarized any better than this, so here's an editorial repost from the SR's Sunday edition:

Most interesting was the statement that Pervis Brown made about how Nuesse's behavior was a good example for how he should conduct himself.  Though Nuesse may find that complimentary, it's sad that her professionalism has been an anomaly that brought more confusion than emulation.  How was it that this woman didn't immediately cave under the pressure of the entrenched police command, they wondered.  They stood and stared with contempt, bad-mouthing her while they should have been following her example.   

And now after two years of putting up with this cesspool, she's leaving - not because she doesn't like it here - but because she can't find work.


The DADT debate in the last thread really brought out some funny.  Most notably, nobody seemed to understand that openly serving homosexuals among heterosexuals creates the same atmosphere as a co-ed group of heterosexuals.  Asking front-line combat troops if they have a problem serving alongside homosexuals disingenuously frames the debate:  This is not about homophobia.  And it's not about competence (As that "Mr. Sandusky" kept saying.) This is about sexualizing a combat unit.  They don't let women serve in combat units for a reason, so why would they allow openly gay men to serve with one another?

After challenging my claim that co-ed Navy ships can be the setting of some raunchy behavior between men and women (a ship I was serving on in 1998 had a prostitution ring which was broken up after command found out an E-6 was using the ship library's closet for dirty deeds) Mr. Sandusky served up this retort:

I stopped responding on that thread because the debate became too unreal.  (Mr. Sandusky was part of an elite mature unit - an asexual unit that only focused on their jobs!)  For one, this person is basically claiming that because an aircraft left his ship to perform a bombing mission, he was part of a "combat unit."   This stretch might work on some readers, but not anyone who actually served in that setting.   Living and working on an aircraft carrier does not make you a part of a combat unit.  Sure, it's a cool experience - one that not many people get to do, but comparing it to serving in a combat unit is ridiculous.  Combat units are in close proximity with the enemy.  They trade fire with the enemy, while  one would be in little danger, if any at all, living on a ship off the coast of wherever.


Let's tackle the ludicrous nature of Mr. Sandusky's main claim:  No sex on aircraft carriers?  Yeah, right.

All professional?  No anti-gay sentiments shared among high-minded tolerant US Navy personnel? 

Gimme a break.



 Agree with both segments of your article....

I don't live in Sandusky, but have family that does. I have followed the Nuesse  story from the start.. Among other scandals...  i really hoped that she could stick it out... What a shame she is leaving!

As far as the DADT......... Mr. Sandusky says that they were focused on their JOBS, not others sex life!  SOOOOOO....  WHAT is the PROBLEM?!  SO glad that your ignorance, bigotry, hypocrisy, etc... Is in PRINT! Forever on the internet for ALL to see!  What goes on between 2 people BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, is NYB!!!  And, if as YOU say, the military personnel are too busy/focused, to worry about such things, then WHY would it be a problem for ANYONE else?!

Captain Gutz

Most interesting was the statement that Pervis Brown made about how Nuesse's behavior was a good example for how he should conduct himself. 

How old is Mr. Brown? I'll wager he's over sixty.  Beter late than never I suppose.


"She brought a level of professionalism and courtesy"!! OHHHH PLEEEEEESE. She was rude to more than one person that spoke at commission meetings. Wonder what Mr. Brown really meant when he said Nuesse tought him how to conduct himself?

Outside lookin in

Thanks to the Erie County Prosecutor and the other good ole boys, another good person is leaving the mistake on the lake-Erie County.

Julie R.

Don't forget to tell what she's leaving with----a ruined reputation, a ruined career, and ruined financially. How many others have they done that to in corrupt Erie County now? Just from reading the comments on the SR stories for the last two years I would have to say PLENTY!


I am not a Sandusky resident, but can see the border from my window, so I cannot really comment on the Nuesse topic as a resident.  However, from what I have been told and witnessed Sandusky may be better off without her.  Not everything is as it seems from the outside.  I think it is a bit telling that she is quitting before she has a job offer elsewhere, or is officaly moved. Put it behind you Sandusky, and forget her.  It is time to move on, plan your future, do not revist your past.

As for the DADT issue, you asked veterans for their input.  Mr Sandusky, a veteran, responded and now you discredit him because you do not believe that life on a carrier is life in combat.  Which is your opinion, I am sure that if you asked the guys on the Coral Sea or Midway they would think differently.  If you do not believe him because his statements do not support your argument, why should we believe you and your statements?   Was your ship a combat unit?  What ship were you on?   Most men and women can live and work together without reverting to teenage behavior.  By reposting Mr. Sandusky's comment and calling it silly and ludicrous you just made yourself appear to be just that.

I think the real reason you quit responding is because nobody was taking your side, your arguement was starting to look a tad bit silly and simple or closed minded.  You were beaten by most of the comments, and you recognized your defeat.

Bryan Dubois


Because you asked: 

I served with the 26 MEU(SOC) for most of my service in the Marines.  A Marine Expeditionary Unit is a combat ready unit designed to be anywhere in their designated theatre within 48 hours.  I lived aboard two ships while deployed in the Mediterranean and along the African coast:  The USS Nassau and the USS Wasp.  I left those ships numerous times as part of special operations we were called upon to do -- namely Operation Silver Wake in 1997 and Operation Guardian Retrieval in 1998.   In addition, I spent time in the field in Bosnia, Sardinia, and Congo.

My experience aboard ship and in the field are the basis for my opinions and they directly contradict Mr. Sandusky's opinion which is formed by his experience aboard an aircraft carrier.

For the record:  We know each other away from this blog however, I consider email exchanges and actual identities to be private unless permission is granted to post them.   My comments on this blog refer only to what was shared on this blog.  Fair is fair. 

Blogs are for entertainment and debate.  If you don't understand that, or don't like being challenged, don't participate!

Fair enough?


I stand by every word I said.

I also stand by the fact that many countries like New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Israel, Serbia, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Turkey and Switzerland allow females in combat roles.  I looked up the stats on countries that allow gays in the military and it turns out that the USA is the only one of two NATO countries that had issues with them serving.  The other country was Turkey.  There were over 40 countries that allow gays to serve openly....even China allows them

What the blogger does not share with you is the personal emails we exchanged on this subject, and his patronizing response when I politely explained to him why I did not have the time to call him on the phone.   Nothing is going to change anyone's mind on this issue, that is why I think it is pointless to continue this debate.  This is especialy true when people do not open thier minds.

Perkinsandlyn, it does not matter to me.  The blogger singled me out due to his personal issues with me.   Whatever, that is fine with me if it makes him feel better.   It is his way of getting back at me,,,whatever.  It is just a silly local blog, it serves as cheap entertainment.  Today I was half of the fodder for such entertainment.  I find my half funny, so do the guys working with me,  you should as well.

brutus smith

 I agree, bryan is cheap entertainment.


Golly! Shazam!


 Bryan have you ever considered developing original content? I know, I know, you believe blogging isn't about research and providing readers with new information. For you it is about cut and pasting an article everyone has already read and then attaching a title that amounts to "the sky is falling!" 

I really liked it when you made allegations against local officials. Sure they were all false, but at least it was interesting! Go back to your roots of lying to get attention. That's how you got this unpaid blogternship in the first place. 

Ever considered trying to communicate with the people you slag in your posts? Ever considered reading some obscure documents that would tell us something we don't already know? You could still come up with your chicken little opinions. 

Or you could quit blogging, that would work too.