BLOG: Clark says goodbye

Ellyn Clark
Dec 30, 2010


Star date Dec. 30, 2010, time is 10:1200 a.m. This is my last entry. To all of you who have read my past entries, thank you. To everyone who gave me encouragement and support, thank you.

As of this hour I have not yet had my last workout or weigh-in for FIT Challenge 2010. That will change as of 11:30 today. The final results will be revealed in the Sandusky Register's Jan. 11 issue.

I made it through Christmas without any weight gain and the scale will soon reveal if I have broken through this plateau. I have decided it doesn't matter if I win this competition because as far as I am concerned we are all winners, Gary, Annette, and I. All three of us have gone through sweat, tears, and a few minor injuries to get to our current weights.

How could we not be winners? Being a winner doesn't necessarily mean your first. To me it means overcoming personal obstacles to become a better you/me.

Gary and Annette, thank you for making this challenge so challenging. Thank you for being friendly competitors by giving your encouragement to each other as well as myself. I can't wait to see where we all are at the six-month update.

To Brandi and the Sandusky Register, thank you! You have helped us change our lives. And continue to change the lives of others through this competition. And it's all good!!

To the Northern Ohio Medical Fitness Center and staff, you guys have been amazing!! I have always told people I don't have just one trainer, I have five! I can't thank you enough for allowing me to use your facility to change my life and lifestyle! You guys are the world's best!!

To T.J. Temper, there are really no words to express how much you've come to mean to me. You are/were not only my trainer but you are my friend. What an awesome human being you are. OK, that's enough, I'm getting all emotional! Seriously, T.J. , the words thank you just don't seem to enough to express my gratitude.

This is Ellyn M. Clark, FIT Challenger 2010, signing off.



Ellyn, You, Annette and Gary are all winners. All three of you. This contest was not a race to see who came in first. This was a contest of who would finish this contest. You all at times probably thought about quitting but you didn't. You all finished no matter how much weight you lost. 2010 was a year that will be over soon.  Now comes the hard part. You will not have a trainer pushing you to succeed. You will have to push yourself now. Make a goal for 2011 to maintain your current weight or best yet, try to lose 25 percent of the weight that you lost in 2010. If you lost 50 pounds, your goal is to lose a little over 12 pounds. That is one pound a month. Then when 2012 comes around, do the same. You gained a lot of knowledge and saw results. Take what you learned and go with it. Good luck in 2011 and beyond. The same goes to Annette and Gary. You are all winners.

Ellyn Clark


Thank you for your comments and for reading my blog. I intend to lose another 15 pounds during the year 2011.

You are right, I have gained a lot of knowledge, and it will only help to move me forward and to maintain. 

Your encouragement means a lot, thank you. It feels good to know strangers really do care.


C'mon people

Ellyn, I'm another stranger who has been following your progress.You have done a remarkable job as well as your competitors.  Realize that there are many of us in the shadows who have been and are rooting for you.

Awesome job...and a healthy and happy New Year!