BLOG: FIT Challenge 2011: Troy Keegan, ‘My body is getting in the way of me doing my job safely’

Jan 4, 2011


My name is Troy Keegan. I am a known ex-athlete from the Sandusky area and now I am a police officer. I am a 6-foot, 290-pound, 40-year-old who needs some discipline installed into my life.

I work a 12-hour night shift in which I drive an hour each way. Add three very active kids who play multiple sports and you have a father who has very little time to eat, sleep and work out.

My eating habits are atrocious. I have no set schedule when I eat or what I eat. Due to time constraint, I usually pick up fast food because it is easy to eat and drive. Not only is this not healthy, it is costing me a great deal of money.

I don’t only want to do this for myself. I believe I owe it to my family and co-workers as well. As far as my family goes, I want to live a healthier lifestyle so I can be more of a positive role model for my children. I have the sports knowledge, but I want to have the energy to get out there and show them physically.

My wife has been patient with my weight gain, but she should not have to endure it any longer. Due to a knee injury I put on 50 pounds and my body did not respond well to the lack of activity.

My job is our family’s lifeline. We need me to be able to work in order for us to live the lifestyle we do. I’m getting to the point where my body is getting in the way of me doing my job safely.

I know police don’t always look busy, but when it’s time to go, we have to be ready. I have to go up and down hills for accidents. I have to sometimes chase people who don’t want to get caught after breaking the law. The list goes on, but after the hill climb, I have to be able to help an injured person or after the chase, I have to defend myself and others. It’s hard to perform these types of tasks when you’re gasping for air or just fatigued.

In conclusion, I am reaching out for some professional help. I want to be able to compete again and this contest is a win-win situation for me. I would train extremely hard to win this competition, but if I don’t win the competition, I still believe I would win a battle with life.




Troy, I know  you will do a great job and get back into shape. Knowing you for over 10 years and seeing how dedicated you can be, I know that you will succeed in this endeavor! Plus, you may light the fire under my butt that I need to get back in the gym! Best of luck!


just for the record I am guessing this is not Troy Keegan from Clyde because he only has 2 kids


The path to success is to admit you have a problem and then DO something about it.  You are not alone Troy and I admire you for deciding on your own that YOU need to do something.  Here are a few things I have learned.  Plan on taking the same abount of time to lose the weight that it took to gain it.  In reality, you can lose more in less time if you are dedicated to your goal.  Do NOT believe any of those TV commercials or ads in the SR about weight loss.  The food diets work, but you will be dependent on buying their food for life.  Do not buy gym equipment.  It will only collect dust or be used to hang clothes.  There is NO instant miracle weight loss or instant fitness pill.  NONE!  Begin a work out routine.  Pay a "certified" trainer to make sure you do weight training, cardio, address any injuries and recommend a diet.  It is all about calories taken in v. calories burned out.  Once you are set into a routine, you can go on your own to make your gains.  After six months, pay a trainer again to move up into a different workout.  Then go on your own.  Do NOT get discouraged or give up.  I hate working out.  But, in order to stay fit and avoid a plethora of health problems, I owe it to my family and myself to remain fit.  Do not worry about anyone else in the gym.  It is all about YOU.  If anyone makes fun of you, ignore them.  They are miserable in life and want you to STAY like them.  I know of a few that are missing a leg and still work out.  If they can work out, I have NO excuses.  I know you put in a lot of hours at work because you are a good cop.  It is time to take care of yourself.  You WILL feel better and improve your quality of life.  You OWE to yourself and your family.  Once you reach your goals, you can increase your calorie intake to stay neutral.  Good luck!!! 


I don't know you but I wish you all the best.  Mine is a similar story to yours.  If you get it figured out, and I hope you do, please come back on here and give the rest of us some pointers.


Wow, lot's of great support here! Looks like you've got some real fans Troy.  I can't wait to see what you do!


Imp pretty sure you will get this challenge done and do great at it.

No he is from Sandusky

Ellyn Clark


Congratulations on being chosen to participate in the FIT Challenge 2011. I too ate fast food out of convenience. Learning to eat healthier is more than half the "battle".

Your job requires courage. That same courageousness that helps you through each and every 12 hour shift will help get through each and every one to two hour workout. 

The high school athlete inside you is still there and will return once you're back in the gym. 

I look forward to watching your progess as well as that of your competitors. 



Hi Troy. i'm Natalie and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck this year. I look forward to this challenege. In the end we will all be winners!


Troy, looking forward to hearing about your progress.  I wish you all the best in your efforts and know that with your family's support you will be succesful in this endeavor!