BLOG: Guerra reflects on year

Annette Guerra
Dec 28, 2010


Well the year and the FIT Challenge is all winding down. Where did the year go?

These past few weeks with my family and I moving, the gym has basically been nonexistent to me. Trying to move, unpack and set everything up for family to come visit for Christmas has been a workout in itself. It does make me nervous to know that the final weigh-in is a week away and I probably won't get to the gym before then either.

Looking back over this year, I've had some triumphs and regrets. I feel in part that I've let myself down by not succeeding as much as I wanted to with the weight loss.

It seems after I hit the halfway point in the year, I hit a brick wall and everything stopped from there. In June, I had hit the 50-pounds lost mark. And that's basically where I've been maintaining the past six months. So in actuality that is somewhat good that I've learned how to maintain my weight and not gain it all back as I probably could have.

I look forward to the kids starting back to school in January so I can get back on my workout routine, even if it is only for the comforts of my home. My trainer, Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness, had offered to set me up with a routine that I can do with the exercise equipment I have here at my house. That means no excuses on why I can't ever get to the gym cause it will all be right here.

I look forward to the coming year and hope the next batch of FIT Challenge contestants succeed just as well as Gary, Ellyn and me. I wish them all the best!



Good Luck to you!


You go get it and don't let anything hold you back.  The fact that you fought hard and finished makes you a winner in my book!


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C'mon people

starryeyes83...ummmm...that would be none of your business and absolutely irrelevant.

Miss Annette...I had the pleasure of meeting you tonight...good look fantastic and are a beautiful woman with an equally friendly and handsome husband...the best to you both!


Annette, You did a great job this year and I am very proud of you. You have inspired me and I look forward to working with you this upcoming year as we continue to work on a "healthier us".


sure it is. you can't call it your own home if  it's someone else's name on the title.  like all the other little fabrications she's concocted.


Starryeyes, please tell me what I lied about? I would love to know. Obviously you have enough time on your hands to research where I live and who owns the home. I am married to my husband, who obviously you already know is on the house, so yes it's still MY home too.


Oh so your credit  rating  hurt ya more than helped huh?