Video vs. Comments - The Grudge Match

Mar 23, 2010


Well, it's been very interesting to see the number of comments on this blog plummet when I started talking about video, instead of comments. Say what you will about the comments -- they're offensive, they're inappropriate, they're free speech -- they have found real passion among the users of this site.

And passion is, in so many ways, the name of the game. People have been passionate about their newspaper for generations. You wouldn't believe some of the calls we get. People feel very personally about their newspaper. My hope for this site -- and all our news sites -- is that people will one day feel as passionate about it as they have about their newspaper.

Obviously I want that because I want the site to be successful, but also because that the newspaper has always been (for 150 to 200 years anyway) a principal way people connect with the world around them. And it's pretty hard to run a democracy without that kind of connection.

(N.B. You may not realize this, but almost all news comes from newspapers, even if you get it from TV. Other news media primarily follow up on news from the papers, so when it comes to news the paper's really the only channel.)



It took you three weeks to pick a topic and write a single article, and this is it? Zzz...I feel the need to correct you (again): Almost all news comes from OTHER newspapers, i.e., there's never any news in this one.


If you keep ripping down people's posts they'll go elsewhere! Then wher'll your hits come from?


If newspapers are the gateway to free speech, what words could describe the freedom that runs amok in the digital forum. Letters to the Editor have to be investigated as to authorship and your name and city are listed. The forum here is free in a way that is not only distasteful in content but lacking in actual responsibility of author. I can see no redeeming feature to your allowing such a Mud Puddle to even occupy your space. A better idea would be to have people submit their imput to your office folowing the rules then at the end of the week enter the ones that are sane and offer some degree of form. Just my thoughts -


Most of the comments stopped, because Elsebeth was sent to prison!!!!!!!! I don't think they let her blog from there.


Come on Nick, after 3 weeks you pick a subject that has a comparison to your previous one. Don't you feel ashamed being the son of one of the Register owners, and daddy paid all that money to send you to college and this is what he gets in return. Amazing how you can sit up right and type with the proverbial gold spoon inserted!!
You really need to go play somewhere else when a 15 yr old Michelle writes better blogs than yourself. Maybe go check the restrooms for cleanliness and maybe, just maybe you could come up with something less elementary!!


Son, I thought he was Dudley White's nephew. At least that is what my informant inside the Register building tells me. Turns out that they hired two of the White offspring. Nothing like being given everything too you. According to my sources nobody likes or respects either one of the silver spooners.