Illness keeps Mortus out of gym

Gary Mortus
Dec 23, 2010


This past week was probably the most difficult week I had getting to gym to work with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi and Balance. I came down with a cold and, unfortunately, it was bad enough to keep me from the gym all week. 

I didn't want to push myself to the point of worsening my condition, or risk passing the cold to others. Unfortunately, I didn’t begin to feel better until Dec. 19.

I know we are coming down to wire and I need to be working as hard as possible if I am going to win this competition. The one positive was I was able to maintain my weight during the week.

On Dec. 18, I attended a birthday party and the food was excellent. I was pleased with my willpower and my ability to control myself. On Dec. 19, we had my family Christmas party. Each family member brings an appetizer and the family munches all afternoon. I did enjoy my favorite foods, but with control and moderation. 

I know I have to continue to exercise on a regular schedule and control my urge to jump over the line and eat too much of a good thing.

I continue to be reminded that many people are watching our progress with the FIT Challenge. I talk with people weekly about my success and with others who want to get started or have started. I can't say enough how this program has helped me become healthier. It also shows others what they can do to begin their own journey to better health.

I look forward to the New Year and continuing my journey, controlling my weight and improving my health – doing so with the tools I have learned this past year with the FIT Challenge.







You are being a responsible person by staying home instead of being cause to get others sick at the gym.  It is good to take a week off now and then anyway.  Just stay away from the premise of "feed a cold" and try and get better.  Once you feel better and get through the Christmas holidays (and all the great food) you will be on your way.  Just remember, you have already started.  January and February will be cause for a full gym by those who have "resolutions" or guilt trips of not doing anything all year.  Good luck and keep up with a trainer.