Sandusky Regurgitator Audio: 911 Call Results In Discipline Against SPD Dispatcher

Bryan Dubois
Dec 18, 2010

S A N D U S K Y -- A Sandusky police dispatcher has been placed on administrative leave for what supervisors are calling unprofessional behavior during a 911 call.  The unnamed dispatcher reportedly mocked a Sandusky citizen during an emergency call.

The Fraternal Order of Police filed a grievance in defense of the dispatcher late Friday night.  "Dispatchers are under intense stress and scrutiny.  It is unreasonable to expect them not to react to such blatant stupidity and abuse of our emergency response system."  The recording, which has been obtained by the Sandusky Regurgitator, records the dispatcher dismissing the caller after he repeatedly shouts "Bingo" in hopes of collecting a prize from the police department. 

The situation follows the recent firing of Sandusky police officer James Desalle after it was decided that he was dishonest during an investigation into his alleged tobacco use while on duty.  

The recording shows the caller being transferred between Perkins, Huron Fire, and Sandusky police.  The caller was transferred to Huron fire for an unknown reason.  Some are saying the incident heightens the need for a combined county-wide dispatch system.  "Obviously, having combined dispatch would prevent these sorts of miscommunications between dispatchers," said Captain Paul Sigsworth of the Erie County Sheriff's office.  "It also shows how the stress level for police skyrocket when they're forced to handle shockingly inane calls from ignorant citizens."


brutus smith

 What's with the GE thing? MSNBC is owned by one multinational Corp. and Fox news another. (Newscorp) I don't support any of them. Jack Welch is no Liberal hero believe me, but Rupert Murdoch is sure yours.

Anyway, quit highjacking the thread.


Welch is retired. Immelt is CEO now. And if you watch MSNBC, you are supporting GE, and GE is shipping jobs to China and India. So just keep helping with the downfall of the American Middle Class by watching MSNBC. They love the extra profits.

Immelt only made $9.89 million last year. So as you watch, advertisers buy ads, and his pay can go up!

And as much as you continue to wish it, I do not watch FOX News. But if that is your fantasy, go for it. Kinda like your little libtardian fantasy of a socialist America, it is all just in your head


ahhahahahhaaa... Great job Bryan D. I really like it..

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Julie R.

Matt Westerhold had an excellent editorial in Sunday's paper about the meth found in DeSalle's locker over a year ago:

DeSalle forgot to tell about the meth; Sams forgot to tell about it; Sams forgot to properly weigh it; Sams forgot to properly document the incident; Sams couldn't even remember the sequence of events correctly; and DeSalle is fired for lying about chewing tobacco. That is all just so weird.

brutus smith

 So right wing pete, please be so kind and inform us where you get your info from since any major publisher, (AP, Reuters, etc.) and all major networks are multinational  Corporations. Oh, thoughts in your head?


I actually read newspapers (in print) and read news online. Google News connects to a lot of sitest

And it seems that you are the one that always blames corporations for shipping jobs overseas and railing about CEO pay, all the while you support GE and Immelt's $10M dollar pay. So as you watch your MSNBC tonight, and a commercial comes on, remember that is 10 more jobs Middle Class American's have lost. And you support it

6079 Smith W
@ KK:   Oh, oh…I know, I know!!!   My favorite eec poem:   Must, might, shoulda, coulda, woulda...   Live life bold and w/o regrets!   "Fear and Loathing in LV" - a classic! Remember it in it's original serialization in RS.  

I mourned the recent passing of JD Salinger – enjoyed the Glass family stories.

brutus smith

 pete, since you won't be specific, gee, what a shock, who do you think owns the newspapers and online news?


The newspaper was sold on March 1, 1967 to S.I. Newhouse's newspaper chain, and has been under the control of the Newhouse family ever since

Here is the owner of the Plain Dealer, a family owned business, which is what I read 90% of the time. Other times I may pick up a Blade, or once in a while a USA Today, but usually only when the PD is out

I do not watch news on the TV. I find it pretty much useless.

And I really don't care which corporation owns what. You are the one on here all the time bellowing about "evil corporate giants and their CEO pay"

So go ahead and support the exporting of jobs. Keep supporting GE as the American Middle Class collapses

11/9/10 General Electric (GE), the global conglomerate whose businesses include consumer and business financing, power generation, household appliances, aircraft engines, medical imaging and media content, said it plans to invest more than $2 billion in China through 2012 in research and development, technology and financial services partnerships.

Wonder what $2B of investment in the USA would have brough for jobs?


brutus smith

 Where does MSNBC rank on GE's money list?




The Sandusky Regurgitator has managed to win the award for the worse satire and the printing of LIES to the public all under the auspices of humor.  The prize is supposed to be EARNED, but enough liberal votes were cast.  Congratulations SR!!  I guess sales of the liberal "fish wrap" are in need of an economic boost.  After all, the paper follows in lockstep with their subscribed wire service, AP-0bama and they mirror their heroes of liberal doctrine ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, HLN and NPR all who have the highest of ratings.  Not to worry.  Subscription numbers will soon be on the increase because the recession is OVER and the state and nation are in the vast and touted liberal democrack recovery.  Besides, fishing season will soon begin when this global warming gets a few degrees warmer and you PAY for your carbon credits.  And WHAT happened to the E-Paper for Monday morning?  A bit late or an award winning newspaper a little slack towards their PAYING customers?  Not enough good liberal news??  Ha! Ha!  


I don't understand why you hate the American Worker so much you help with the exporting of jobs. Tis sad really.



A satirical look at life on the Northcoast. In other words, it's NOT REAL.   I have prime ocean front property with white sandy beach and palm trees to sell to zaarenoc. Located on Sandusky Bay's south shore. Appraised at $2,750,000 but will sell to zaarenoc for only one dollar for a limited time only. After that the price goes up to one hundred cents.
Captain Gutz


I am also surprised that you dialed 911, knowing full well that it takes 5 letters to spell BINGO and you (like the rest of us) only had one letter. I'm shocked and dismayed that you would attempt to cheat.


Jeez oh petes people, I was only joking on this satire blog and going along with the joke 911 call. For the record I did not actually dial 911. I was joking that I did. Oy Bryan, I kind of feel sorry for you now when you have to deal with these morons on this blog and your insight blog.


nothing to report about so make up a story/lie (a.k.a. "satire") to fill the void?  maybe "comedy" like this should be in the cartoon section, although it is not funny.....really.

Captain Gutz

cocoon402007 ,

Please define your idea of "funny". Feel free to provide examples.



Wonder if it is like the scene out of Good Morning Vietnam when Cronauer's "boss" was telling him what is funny?


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines