Sandusky Regurgitator Audio: 911 Call Results In Discipline Against SPD Dispatcher

Bryan Dubois
Dec 18, 2010

S A N D U S K Y -- A Sandusky police dispatcher has been placed on administrative leave for what supervisors are calling unprofessional behavior during a 911 call.  The unnamed dispatcher reportedly mocked a Sandusky citizen during an emergency call.

The Fraternal Order of Police filed a grievance in defense of the dispatcher late Friday night.  "Dispatchers are under intense stress and scrutiny.  It is unreasonable to expect them not to react to such blatant stupidity and abuse of our emergency response system."  The recording, which has been obtained by the Sandusky Regurgitator, records the dispatcher dismissing the caller after he repeatedly shouts "Bingo" in hopes of collecting a prize from the police department. 

The situation follows the recent firing of Sandusky police officer James Desalle after it was decided that he was dishonest during an investigation into his alleged tobacco use while on duty.  

The recording shows the caller being transferred between Perkins, Huron Fire, and Sandusky police.  The caller was transferred to Huron fire for an unknown reason.  Some are saying the incident heightens the need for a combined county-wide dispatch system.  "Obviously, having combined dispatch would prevent these sorts of miscommunications between dispatchers," said Captain Paul Sigsworth of the Erie County Sheriff's office.  "It also shows how the stress level for police skyrocket when they're forced to handle shockingly inane calls from ignorant citizens."






meanwhile......other's safety is at risk because the dispatchers had to deal with this idiot. 3 different dispatchers from 3 different cities to entertain this man. a little too much egg nog? i hope he was traced and fined.


Hee Hee!  Here we go again! 


You know.........are you really kidding me!???  Some guy is being a complete IDIOT (with expletives), tying up an emergency line and a dispatcher gets put on leave because of it?  Track down the frickin idiot and make him cover the costs of that administrative leave~~!  Have to admit that so far I like what Lang is doing but have to admit too that I wondered if the bad cop thing would bring such IDIOTS out of the woodwork!  Time for plan B on the Bad Cop thing. 

When they find the person that made the call ~ I want to see his frickin pic on the front page of the paper as the complete moron that he IS and not some sort of victem or hero because a dispather said "whatever"!!

brutus smith

 How can any sane person say Fox News isn't dumbing down it's viewers? Perfect examples right here. 




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1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing,denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc. 2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human follyand vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule. 3. a literary genre comprising such compositions



 At least they were smart once, unlike yourself.

Return of Dragon

Fox has trained these right wingers to have a knee jerk (emphasis on jerk) reaction without really wondering if the story is true or not.  Remember the Obama 200 million a day trip?


Has the Sandusky Police Department finally gone off the deep end? To suspend the dispatcher for saying "whatever" to the obnoxious caller! The number that the caller was calling from should be traced and the caller should be sited. Three different dispatching units had to be deal with the moron, tying up the 911 lines for real emergencies. Punish the correct person SPD!!!


My hat goes off the the SPD dispatcher, but my question would be what about the Perkins Officer that got the call in the first place. One, he did not determine if in FACT there was an emergency, he simply transferred the call, but them he sent the call to the WRONG PLACE. If SPD dispatcher deserves Admin leave, them Perkins dispatcher deserves to be FIRED.  And we better read in this paper that the have arrested the stupid caller. I don't think he was drunk, I think it was a prank FIND HIM AND FINE HIM   Whatever!

Castalia Gal

It is insane if a dispatcher should be disciplined for what I just listened to. He was more than patient with the idiot caller. Personally he should have just plain hung up on the caller long before. The caller should be disciplined not the dispatcher.!!!

Something tells me they wouldn't find out WHO this idiot caller is, if using a cell phone in our part of Ohio. Using a cell phone could also explain why a call would be unable to put up an address, therefore the confusion with a dispatch location. Good thing this case is satire, because it probably happens more than the public really knows.

A while back I had to place a 911 call on a cell phone in the city of Sandusky to which Erie County sheriff dispatch answered and had to transfer me to Sandusky 911 after giving the location from where I was calling, only to have to repeat all of the information all over again while dealing with an individual that I eventually performed CPR on until SFD arrived and took over. Our cell phones have the 911 trace capability but Bill Walker has yet to get his part of the job completed!!!

C'mon people

thinkagain...I'm with we go...

Hunter S. Thompson

i know that most of us who understand "satire" may look upon some of these poor commentors as dull, since they continue to react to these stories as if they are real news.  there are two explanations:

1.  there are alot of dummies that read this paper

2.  they don't understand that this is satire because satire by definition is supposed to be witty.  it's hard to be in on the joke when there is nothing to laugh at.  i know dubois is a fan of the onion, and so am i.  he wants to make the regurgitator sandusky's version of the onion.  unfortunately, he misses the mark by a light-year.  When one reads the onion, he can easily see the humor behind the stories that ridicule our government, religion, etc.  unfortunately, bryan is not clever enough to pull it off.  a couple of  weeks ago he wrote a "satire" piece in which sunshine laws were accidentally broken by three county commissioners who were shopping at toys-r-us at the same time.  see what i mean?  making up stories and throwing the word "satire" at the headline does not make it satire.  i'm just amazed that the newspaper lets this stuff go without some editing or something.  it's embarrassing. 

moderators may remove this comment because they usually do.


 Maybe Hunter S Thompson can enlighten us to whether any of the "Dummies" who read the online edition have a grasp of punctuation. It takes real Chutzpah to come and degrade other people whilst not even presenting a modicum of grammar. Calling other people dummies when you are not literate is not satire, that is irony.


The parent company of the Sandusky Register has announced they have been purchased by Kimberly-Clark, and will be renamed under the parent companies brand of Cottonelle toilet paper.  Unnamed sources within both companies agree that finally the Register will be used for the proper manner.  Certain current management staff has been reassigned to experiment in the recycling effort of the toilet paper.   Remember this is only satire not an attack of any type.

Hunter S. Thompson

so you think my punctuation is a bigger problem than the fact that readers cannot distinguish dubois' "satire" from the real news?

what's wrong with my punctuation anyway?  would you like to be my editor?

Captain Gutz

Moon Dog,


It's okay, Hunter S Thompson is E.E. CUMMINGS great grandson.

He is an artist, and there is no irony in that.

Kottage Kat

Might I suggest you read the bio on Hunter S, Thompson. 1) he is dead. 2) he has no relation what so ever to e.e. cummings.  Just more satire????? Just wonder how any people even know who e.e. cummings is????



He builds the diesel engines used in Dodge trucks right? ;-)

Captain Gutz


My comment about "Hunter S." was indeed intended to pass as satire. Notice my usage of capital letters when spelling "cummings". A poor attempt at subtlety on my part.


I wake up today and find this for all to see. This bingo game is a scam as far as I am concerned. I win the bingo game and I can't collect the prize. Yes, I am the person who made the 911 call. What are you people going to do about it? Jealous because you didn't win? This is a classic example of how government works. I win and I still can't get my prize. And you want the government to run healthcare? I think that this bingo game was fixed and they want to award the bingo prize to some friends or relatives of members of the Sandusky PD. If that happens, I am going to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit. I am also going to call Attorney General Richard Cordray about this scam bingo game.


Ima said it before and I'll say it again:

People who fall for this are the same ones who wonder why companies move out of this town!

Wonder how many people will stand up at the next commish meeting and want the dispatcher fired?

And Brutius, I think it is the MSNBC viewers. After all, their parent company GE has moved thousands of jobs overseas and yet you libtards tune in every night thinking MSNBC is for the working man!


Salvatore I'm surprised you would admit to doing something so incredibly stupid as call 911 for such an inane purpose.



so much for reading even the online version.

Since I don't bother with the regular version, it's time to search for a new(s) paper.


It's ok Bryan.....we all know the real reason you put this crap on here is because you miss Elsebeth.

hmm really

I think that the Sandusky Register must be a sister company of the National Enquirer.  I am a newer resident to this city and I think it is a shame to see how much mud is slung in this newspaper.  The Regurgitator is nothing but a bunch of trash, satire and sarcasm shouldn't be posted in the same news stream as the headlines.  Perfect stereotype of hearing only what the media wants you to hear... and from this outlet, the SR wants to hang the law enforcement out to dry.  How sad is that.  This newspaper is biased with what they publish.  CLEAN IT UP SANDUSKY REGISTER- YOU ARE GIVING YOURSELF A BAD IMAGE.  I am sure that my post will be deleted for speaking the truth.

brutus smith

 Right wingnut pete, I don't watch MSNBC because it's MSNBC, I watched certain programs on MSNBC, like Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Just like I watch CBS for NCIS, CSI, and ABC for Brothers and Sisters. I don't watch one network like you 24/7.


I don't watch any of them. You keep trying that argument, but Ima know I don't

Olberman is just a talking head for Maoboma's administration. Ed Schultz is a loser socialist who couldn't make a living in the real world so he resorted to TV. And Madcow is, well, I shall refrain so my comment doesn't get deleted. But I have always wonder if its nickname is Rick

But keep supporting GE, keep supporting exporting of jobs Brutus. Everyone knows you liberals aren't the smartest ones around. GE has you guys wrapped around their finger. So go for it!


 Great fun Bryan D., keep it up.  Although it doesn’t appear too many have a sense of humor on here.  


Satire or not you should at least try to sound intelligent when trying to make fun of somebody.  You would learn that dispatchers aren't even in the FOP union therfore they could not file a grievance on behalf of the dispatcher.

So if your going to try to make fun of a situation at least try to make it sound half way you know what your talking about so you don't get made fun of!



I see a cartoon for Mr Lee.   LIMBO AT THE SANDUSKY REGISTER   Westerhold is on one end of the bar, Phares is on the other end of the bar. Dubois is dancing under the bar.   We will have to wait and see how low he can go.     .