BLOG: Bad Cop Bingo Cards Will Be Available On Monday!

Bryan Dubois
Dec 15, 2010


If you haven't seen this video, the fun starts at 1:25 and goes on for entirely too long -- which is to say that it should never have happened at all.  The fact that somebody actually stood up at a city commission meeting to ask this question is astounding:

The article in question is, of course, the "Bad Cop Bingo" story posted on the Sandusky Regurgitator a few days ago.

My favorite part was when Don Icsman said that the Regurgitator is not a credible news source.  Uh, yeah.  We certainly hope not, given the fact that the brand is entirely satire.

For the highly discerning readers of the Register (that's sarcasm, by the way) who were unable to pick up on the rhetorical clues that the story was a spoof, ("Garbage Pail Cop cards?  Really?)  we included a few labels so there was no misunderstanding:

Thankfully, Dan Kaman explained that the Regurgitator is satirical and that the brand has been around for about 4 years.   We like to think of it as a local version of The Onion - which should be noted - does not display tags that describe it as satire.  The Onion doesn't label their website because the majority of people who read it don't need to be hit with a clue bat every time they encounter satire on the internet.  There are incidents here and there where a legitimate news organization mistakenly believes that an Onion article is real, but rarely if ever do you see the news editors actually admit they were duped and that's because you know, it's embarassing.

But here in Sandusky we have people going to city commission meetings seeking clarification.

We don't know if we're supposed to laugh or cry about that.

From what I understand, the beef with the Bad Cop Bingo article is the fact that Lang is directly quoted.  On that note, here's a sampling from the Onion where Vice President Joe Biden is given (fake) direct quotes.  I suppose that if half the population emailed Biden to voice disgust with some of the inappropriate things he never said, he would have a problem with being given fake direct quotes too.  Again, that doesn't happen because most people aren't that gullible.

As a reader pointed out in a prior commenting thread:  We live in a relatively small midwestern town, so our standards are not the same as in the big city.  I guess we have to be careful about blurring the lines between satire and reality or else we're gonna have a whole lot of people going to city commission meetings asking for their Bad Cop Bingo cards.


      Humor: A shift of wit. Odor: A whift of tihs.   The whole thing smells.

In the past when the Registerag makes up facts or misquotes someone they call it news or an editorial, this time it was labeled satire.


Then shouldn't any article that the SR puts out be labeled this way?? I feel like "regurgitating" anytime I read one of their  so called "news" articles...  It's all a bunch of crap anyway!  Why any one takes ANYTHING seriously that this paper says is beyond me....I think they should have bad reporter bingo cards!!   That one I would play!!   I'm glad they can laugh about destroying other peoples lives!!  

Return of Dragon

I knew it was satire when Dubois quoted Lang directly.  His news stories always use anonymous sources.


WOW! And yet we wonder why this part of the country is going downhill!


Come ON!  Anything to SELL the news!  So the Sandusky Register decides to bend the TRUTH (Imagine that?) all under the premise of "satire" or "sarcasim" and USE a story they FORCED as front page news to stoke things up?  I must admit it worked and caused a huge amount of controversy.  It almost fooled me.  So a lot of people got all bent out of shape, so much they addressed the story at the commission meeting?  And how about Don Icsman saying the Sandusky Register is NOT a credible news source.  Ha! Ha!  Now THAT is funny because I share that very opinion!!  What is the matter SR, can't get a "free pass" on this?  Now the Sandusky Register is offended by such opinion (Oops, and WHO did the SR endorse for president?) about their majestic liberal importance to the community.  They are so offended they feel they MUST post a rebuttal for their OWN decision to reporting FALSE news??  Ha! Ha!  Who would have figured?   


If you almost got fooled by this, ya need to check your dipstick. You may be a couple quarts low

Nice working "liberal" into though TP!

Julie R.

@ Taxpayer:

I think you're a bit confused here. Iscman said the SANDUSKY REGURGITATOR is not a credible news source.  Also, I must have missed it but I never saw Dubois's satire article on the front page of the SR. Nobody else did, either. What day was it in?

Julie R. 


all of the problems coming to light with our Sandusky  police---maybe Neusse was right-she was just trying to "clean up" and those guys didn't like it


You know, that's how so many people get so stupid in the first place. If they don't "get it," instead of keeping on until they do, we just "dumb it down." And of course, every time you idiot-proof something, somebody builds a better idiot!

Here's a thought: Let's bring everything up a level—including the incorporation of satire on the Internet and in the Register—and encourage the audience to stretch itself, eh? Maybe somebody would finally learn something...

Hope springs eternal! :-)


re: all of the problems coming to light with our Sandusky  police---maybe Neusse was right-she was just trying to "clean up" and those guys didn't like it.

You "may" be on to something??

That crossed my mind more than once.



re:Here's a thought: Let's bring everything up a level—including the incorporation of satire on the Internet and in the Register—and encourage the audience to stretch itself, eh? Maybe somebody would finally learn something...

I would prefer that the SR report the "news", that's enough to handle, on a good day.

Anyone that thinks SATIRE is the answer to the problems at the SPD, needs to "rethink" as in "reboot".

I really fail to see any humor in the problems, at the SPD.

I see $$$$$$$





 Still not the Onion

6079 Smith W
What exactly is a “reliable” or “credible” news source?   Heck, for one, the National Enquirer broke the Clinton s*x scandal story. The “credible” news sources initially dismissed it because it originated in a tabloid.   In the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf, he was correct at the end much to his regret.   As Mr. Reagan said: “Trust but verify.”   Ultimately, if one doesn’t understand that many of Mr. Dubois’ musings to be satire and attempts at humor, perhaps one should sue one’s school system for a lack of education and one’s parents for genetic deficiencies.  

I am unable to watch that  1:25 video. I have to wonder though how many actually called or asked where to get those bingo cards. This proves that people are stupid and can't tell fiction from reality. It reminds me of that 1938 Orson Wells broadcast of War Of The Worlds. Blame the education system for the dingbats that cannot read a simple satire blog. People sure are gullible if not just plain stupid.


Test for stupid people. No cheating. Multiple choice.

Define Satire

A) A tire that a person sits on

B) factual information

C) sarcasm, irony, ridicule

D) Duh!

E) none of the above

Spell the word SATIRE

A) banana

B) tired


D) none of the above


My mistake I thought i was reading a newspaper and they were supposed to be reliable  and credible.

I didn't know the SR was in the comedy business. Like I said my mistake, never happen again, I'll look for a different news source instead of reading the SR.

Just Asking

I too believe the SR has lost all degree of credibility.  And if you look at Matt Westerhold's blog site the last time he posted anything was 11-11-10.  Wish I could go a month without doing anything.

And even then IMO all he does is send out his puppet reporters to dig up stuff on people or create controversity..

Doesn't the Register understand we are capable of making our own decision.  Just report the news.

Something I would like to know is what is happening with Matt's "best cop ever" McClung?  Give us an update.  Now that would be the prize BAD COP BINGO CARD.

PS - Remember Bryan Dubois - Regurgitator - does not write FOR the Register.  I don't even think he is an employee.  I think he has to pay the SR to have his blogs on this site.  Plus his Regurgitator site in SATIRE.   His Insight articles are not.  They just seem to stem conversation and/or debate.