Sandusky Regurgitator: Local man changes beliefs after reading blog comment

Bryan Dubois
Dec 8, 2010

S A N D U S K Y --  A local man has completely changed his belief system after reading what he described as "an eye opening exchange in the Sandusky Register commenting section" under a blog post about presidential politics.

James Rathney, 48 of Sandusky, has been reading the Sandusky Register online for nearly four years.  He describes himself as 'slightly right' on the political spectrum - up until today, that is.

Rathney's beliefs were profoundly challenged - and eventually changed upon reading an exceptionally convincing two paragraph blog comment written by an anonymous commenter known only as "The Return Of Chung Lee's Dragon."

Mr. Dragon is somewhat of a newcomer to, though according to Mr. Dragon, his wit and wisdom slice directly through the heart of the tea-bagging right wingnuts who frequently post there.  "My posts are full of logic, knowledge and insight. Your posts are not," said the rhetorically agile Mr. Dragon.

Dragon's efforts to battle for the hearts and minds of the weak-minded rightwingnuts have apparently paid off:

"I used to like George W. Bush. I thought he was a decent God-fearing gentleman until I read what Return of Chung Lee's Dragon said about him on the SR blogs," said Rathney. "I used to believe that Bush was a true leader who stood up against the global threat of terrorism...that he led this country through the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in our history using time-tested and wise geo-political tactics and the knowledge and courage to recognize America's rightful standing as leaders of the free world.  But all of that changed today." Rathney explained.

According to Mr. Dragon, Bush has brought the United States to near ruin with his ridiculous economic and social policies which are built on a total lack of wisdom, facts, and logic, all of which are greatly possessed by Mr. Dragon.

"I'm a changed man after reading that," Rathney said. "I've never been so sure of something in all my life."

Rathney displayed slight agitation with himself for foolishly buying into right-wing propoganda that he believed for most of his life.  "I'd like to think that my personally held beliefs were built upon the rational thought and logic of free market capitalism, and the generally accepted traditional structure of society, but now that I've been exposed to the dizzying intellect of The Return Of Chung Lee's Dragon, I now know the truth about George W. Bush and all rightwingers in general."

Rathney also reported that his very personal and morally grounded views on abortion were radically changed after reading a two line comment written by a pro-choicer.



Once again the registerag shows its far left , whacked out liberal, class envy, agenda.  Remember a dragon is full of HOT AIR and are found in children's fairy tales, good description of most liberals.


You are close on your description of both the Register and this Dragon person. Dragon is a fine example of a left wing progressive socialist. I hope this person who changed his mind after listening to the rants of Dragon reads the book "The Roots of Obamas Rage". He will once again reverse course in his beliefs. If he thinks Bush was bad he has no idea how bad this Obama is and who is behind his agenda and the direction Hussein Obama wants to take us. The course we presently are on has been in the planning for a very long time and the people of this country were led like lambs to a slaughter in the election of 2008. If you think it was or is bad now, wait for another two years and you will not recognize our country anymore.

Return of Dragon

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