Sandusky Regurgitator: Local man changes beliefs after reading blog comment

Bryan Dubois
Dec 8, 2010

S A N D U S K Y --  A local man has completely changed his belief system after reading what he described as "an eye opening exchange in the Sandusky Register commenting section" under a blog post about presidential politics.

James Rathney, 48 of Sandusky, has been reading the Sandusky Register online for nearly four years.  He describes himself as 'slightly right' on the political spectrum - up until today, that is.

Rathney's beliefs were profoundly challenged - and eventually changed upon reading an exceptionally convincing two paragraph blog comment written by an anonymous commenter known only as "The Return Of Chung Lee's Dragon."

Mr. Dragon is somewhat of a newcomer to, though according to Mr. Dragon, his wit and wisdom slice directly through the heart of the tea-bagging right wingnuts who frequently post there.  "My posts are full of logic, knowledge and insight. Your posts are not," said the rhetorically agile Mr. Dragon.

Dragon's efforts to battle for the hearts and minds of the weak-minded rightwingnuts have apparently paid off:

"I used to like George W. Bush. I thought he was a decent God-fearing gentleman until I read what Return of Chung Lee's Dragon said about him on the SR blogs," said Rathney. "I used to believe that Bush was a true leader who stood up against the global threat of terrorism...that he led this country through the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in our history using time-tested and wise geo-political tactics and the knowledge and courage to recognize America's rightful standing as leaders of the free world.  But all of that changed today." Rathney explained.

According to Mr. Dragon, Bush has brought the United States to near ruin with his ridiculous economic and social policies which are built on a total lack of wisdom, facts, and logic, all of which are greatly possessed by Mr. Dragon.

"I'm a changed man after reading that," Rathney said. "I've never been so sure of something in all my life."

Rathney displayed slight agitation with himself for foolishly buying into right-wing propoganda that he believed for most of his life.  "I'd like to think that my personally held beliefs were built upon the rational thought and logic of free market capitalism, and the generally accepted traditional structure of society, but now that I've been exposed to the dizzying intellect of The Return Of Chung Lee's Dragon, I now know the truth about George W. Bush and all rightwingers in general."

Rathney also reported that his very personal and morally grounded views on abortion were radically changed after reading a two line comment written by a pro-choicer.


Kottage Kat

I have read "How to talk to a Liberal if you must"  I do enjoy the commentary and input, so have to practice just in case I want to join the Troll Union someday.

Oh!!! Mr. Smith, you rascal do have a way with words, please remember, modesty is the better part of valour, perhaps I have quoted that in error, and if so, please feel free to correct me.  Thank you



FST, me Winnie? Winnie is way too intellectual for me, he's got book smarts, I'm just a dumb old conservative blogging in the memory of William F. Buckley. Golly Mr. FST youins sure are smart though, wouldn Winnie ever post the claptrap I just posted.

Return of Dragon

Headline should be "Aspiring blogger turns to satire while followers fail to recognize change".

6079 Smith W
@ ROD:   Don’t be so dense; you’re belaboring your misguided point.   Of course “we” knew it was a farce. Part of the fun of a gag is sometimes playing along isn’t it?   Admit it; it was well written and funny.   Come on Cupcake, you should be grateful that you got BD to write a whole piece about you.   So seriously, when was your “conversion” to the darkside of socialism or are you a “Red diaper baby?”  

(And some have the nerve to write that I’m not educational.) LOL


Pastor Ron

The blogs are a blessing that I use to get out God's word.  I praise the Lord Jesus every day for this opportunity to spread his word.  Glory to Jesus.  May the Christmas season remind those sinners out there that they will be judged for their sins!


To winnie Smith6079.....nobody likes you.

6079 Smith W
@ kURT:   

Are you writing that you’re a “nobody” Pork Chop?


 All I want for Christmas is for CountryCowboy to rise back up from the ashes of the moderators guidelines and bestow his wisdom upon us.

6079 Smith W
@ KK:   Do I recall a posting of yours' wherein you referred to me as a "windbag?"   So now we’re back to that nonsense of where when I respond to an epithet or innuendo directed at me, I’m a troll?   Here’s my suggestion once again for your consumption Oh Enlightened One:   Why don’t you improve the quality of the postings, and upgrade the content? Lead by example and show everyone how it should be done.   "HTTTALIYM"? Paged through it - not interested.    

Kottage Kat

Perhaps kind sir you need to read what I said,saying I needed the practice in case I wanted to join the Trolls union. Unfortunately it is "not all about you", and I actually did not even have you in mind. Delusions of grandeur, you are having, and as I said you are a legend in your own mind.  I am not back peddling, I am clarifying for you,  Actually whomever said " No one likes you," they were quite wrong. I think you are a hoot, and having been raised amongst the wealthy, little people such as yourself amuse me with your rhetoric, and your feeble attempts to project intelligence, and even make me believe you have some class which in your case is severely lacking.

I find your tasteless name calling, and childish behaviour quite amusing. All your comments lack is nah nah na, You attempt to retaliate to those whom you think are "picking on" poor little you. For goodness sake, take it like a man. Develop a thick skin and use your so called intelligence to enlighten, not inflame.  Your are the neighborhood kid we took snipe hunting. Quit whining and just flap your fingers. Now if this does not have your boxers in a knot, I will try harder the next time.  TTFN


Yo, Fire-Breathing Boomerang:

Assuming that you are NOT our dearly departed Charlie Chan impersonator, why have you accused Mr. Dubois of having ol' Chung's plug pulled?  You have written this on at least one other thread, and on this one at 12:55 today, but this "fact" has not been established.  Where's your proof????

Dubois mentioned, on another thread, that he was AWARE of Chung getting his ticket punched.  He did not say that he had anything to do with it.  I am aware of the Earth's rotation; do you think I cause it?  


Now this is interesting; two conservatives fighting.  You never see libs do that.

Kottage Kat


I am not fighting with him, nor did I call him a troll, read people. I would not tell him he is factual or "right on", because HE s already aware of that.  Just do not like people who come across as " better than", and for those who did not grasp the concept, most of what I said was tongue in cheek.  Didn't say he was wrong , did not say he was right, just the attitude with which he presents his rhetoric,  I am just here having fun and throwing in an opinion or 2.  Just do not take it as serious as Mr. Smith does.  Besides politic's and all the quotes and cuts and pastes, just are reading material for me.

I don't have to be right, I have to be happy.  And I am, very. Just threw in the Ann Coulter to get him going. For those of the other side, I have read Audacity of Hope also, and sorry I hated it, Mr. Obama writes like Mr. Smith.  Now that should really roll his oats. Tee Hee.

Return of Dragon

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


George Foreman still kicked butt at 50, scaly dude.  And if you can't differentiate between an invitation and a threat, perhaps you should head for a zoo, where you can watch the turtles go streaking by.

I'm not going to answer all of your questions, because I'd be repeating myself.  I answered several of them the other day on another thread ("Journalism is Destroying our Community," or something to that effect; can't look it up while typing here). 


I enjoy 6079 Smith W quite a bit, even on those occasions when we don't see eye-to-eye.  I have seldom seen a serious offering by him that was not well thought out and supported by fact.  Perhaps the fact that he can factually disembowel most arguments based mainly on speculation makes people uncomfortable.  Please understand that this post is not a shot at Kottage Kat, I enjoy your writing style, yet I think it's a mistake to lump 6079 Smith W in with some of the one-trick ponies that frequent these boards.  I certainly do not view him as a troll, yet, YMMV.  The passion that political debate elicits in many people often results in otherwise reasonable folks going for each others throat.  Unfortunately, that seems to be playing into the politicos hands by diverting the attention off of them. 


I sometimes wonder what happened to all of the former anonymous people that used to post comments here. Sometimes I read the comments to get the news, opinions or just for humor. I was banned for a while but I am back again. It would be nice for the register or bryan dubois to list all of the former anonymous people who were blocked and banned. Some come back under other names. But still it would be nice if the register put in a notation of who was banned. Many years ago, I went into a bar and saw a list of people who were barred or banned from the bar for causing a ruckus. It would be interesting to know what happened to all of the former bloggers. For example what happed to hancrackmeup, vladamir pootin, country cowboy and the others? Does Bryan know? Maybe Bryan could start up a blog about banned anonymous bloggers. It might get interesting.

Return of Dragon

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal information and libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines


 Something is rotten in Denmark when the person being defamed and the victim of a commentor's abuse is a dude that was taking pictures of underage boys. Is CountryCowboy really that reviled that people think this dirty old man deserves better than being accused of being countryCowboy.


OK, so you just let others change your mind that easy? WOW, what a pushover and very foolish! Take some advice from this here granny, son you'd better start making up your own mind, before it's too late! Don't let anyone ever so lamely misguide you like that. Are your scrupals intact my dear? Check yourself. Pray for understanding and guidance, because it sounds like you need it. Think before you decide to allow others to change you like that!


OK, so you just let others change your mind that easy? WOW, what a pushover and very foolish! Take some advice from this here granny, son you'd better start making up your own mind, before it's too late! Don't let anyone ever so lamely misguide you like that. Are your scrupals intact my dear? Check yourself. Pray for understanding and guidance, because it sounds like you need it. Think before you decide to allow others to change you like that!

Raoul Duke

Check me on this Bryan, but I thought for sure this article was purely sarcasm...

brutus smith

 Everything bryan writes is satire. 



6079 Smith W
@ KK:   “TAOH”? Read about one quarter of it, got the gist – Big Govt.   Though not exclusive: Finishing up “Atlas Shrugged” and recently started “Lone Star; A History of Texas and The Texans.” I try to keep 3-5 books going at a time.   Wealthy? Not hardly.   I've learned to leverage what I have - work smart, not hard, ya know?   My experience was that the socio-economics of Norwalk past was that it was largely egalitarian – there weren’t multitudes of extreme highs or massive lows.   Unfortunately in the present, the lows are generally the predominate segment and are invariably becoming greater in number.     To borrow an old phrase: I’ve been to Kansas City and seen the elephant.   And as a dear late flaming Liberal friend said to me not long before both of us were preparing to leave Norwalk for elsewhere: You can never go home again.   See ya around Pocahontas.    


Kottage Kat

" When the power of LOVE overcomes the LOVE of power, then shall we have PEACE"

 ALL the Blessings of the season to you and yours.  MERRY CHRISTMAS.

6079 Smith W
@ KK:   When the aggressive people have killed each other off, only then will the meek inherit the Earth.   Or,   quoting from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”:   “Blessed be the cheese makers.”  

And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Kottage Kat

Thank you.



Wow the register got another one.

6079 Smith W
@ KK:   In Chicago, “manners” are rarely used. Allow me to dust them off:  

“You’re welcome” and “Thank you.”

Kottage Kat

Mr. Smith,

How sad that location dictates civility, my manners go with me wherever I go. I try to remember to use them, sometimes I am a bitter failure, and I often regret having done so. So if I have offended you, and forgotten my manners, I do apologize most sincerely. Having lived in the South, some habits are difficult to break. Manners there while fading rapidly, the basic's remain. Bless your little heart dahlin for tryin.