Sandusky Regurgitator: Local man changes beliefs after reading blog comment

Bryan Dubois
Dec 8, 2010

S A N D U S K Y --  A local man has completely changed his belief system after reading what he described as "an eye opening exchange in the Sandusky Register commenting section" under a blog post about presidential politics.

James Rathney, 48 of Sandusky, has been reading the Sandusky Register online for nearly four years.  He describes himself as 'slightly right' on the political spectrum - up until today, that is.

Rathney's beliefs were profoundly challenged - and eventually changed upon reading an exceptionally convincing two paragraph blog comment written by an anonymous commenter known only as "The Return Of Chung Lee's Dragon."

Mr. Dragon is somewhat of a newcomer to, though according to Mr. Dragon, his wit and wisdom slice directly through the heart of the tea-bagging right wingnuts who frequently post there.  "My posts are full of logic, knowledge and insight. Your posts are not," said the rhetorically agile Mr. Dragon.

Dragon's efforts to battle for the hearts and minds of the weak-minded rightwingnuts have apparently paid off:

"I used to like George W. Bush. I thought he was a decent God-fearing gentleman until I read what Return of Chung Lee's Dragon said about him on the SR blogs," said Rathney. "I used to believe that Bush was a true leader who stood up against the global threat of terrorism...that he led this country through the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack in our history using time-tested and wise geo-political tactics and the knowledge and courage to recognize America's rightful standing as leaders of the free world.  But all of that changed today." Rathney explained.

According to Mr. Dragon, Bush has brought the United States to near ruin with his ridiculous economic and social policies which are built on a total lack of wisdom, facts, and logic, all of which are greatly possessed by Mr. Dragon.

"I'm a changed man after reading that," Rathney said. "I've never been so sure of something in all my life."

Rathney displayed slight agitation with himself for foolishly buying into right-wing propoganda that he believed for most of his life.  "I'd like to think that my personally held beliefs were built upon the rational thought and logic of free market capitalism, and the generally accepted traditional structure of society, but now that I've been exposed to the dizzying intellect of The Return Of Chung Lee's Dragon, I now know the truth about George W. Bush and all rightwingers in general."

Rathney also reported that his very personal and morally grounded views on abortion were radically changed after reading a two line comment written by a pro-choicer.


Raoul Duke

Lame Moderators have removed this comment because it supposedly contained obscenity, which in this case may be more like truth, or reality. I know I didn't use the f-word, or the s-word, or the c-word, or the cs-word, and especially not the mf-word. So, why not just remove the comment instead, if you didn't like what I had to say? It's your paper, and it is a free country. I'm also free to NOT patronize any of your advertisers.


 Yes, YES!  I also see the light!  It’s like someone has removed the veil from my eyes.  For once I was blind, but now I see.  I thank the SR for allowing liberal loonies to endlessly regurgitate left wing propaganda.


 It is pathetic that people need to read entire comments in order to re-align their political philosophies, I learn enough just by reading samantha Adams tag over and over and whatever Winston Smith has to say.

Captain Gutz

My conversion comes from reading everything Brutus and Taxpayer write and melding the two together.

This has turned me into a fanatic middle of the roader.


 I like to take all the words that Taxpayer types in capitals and string them together using everyone else's misspelled words in order to make new and exciting comments that the various authors never intended. Strangely enough, what I end up with typically makes more sense then whats actually posted.



Captain Gutz



Interesting technique. Do you include "words" such as libtard and repuke?


If anonymous comments on a blog actually swayed Mr Rathney, rather than the research of facts then he was probably a RINO anyway.  He'll make a perfect Demokook since it appears he lacks the ability make informed decisions. LOL.  Cheer up Mr Rathney, Brutus will be glad to drive you to the polls every election and help choose the correct union, welfare, entitlement crowd approved candidates.


slow news day

6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Dubois:

A touching story (sniff, sniff). Thanks for sharing.

Reads like a miraculous conversion – almost St. Paul on the road to Damascus-like.

Is there a Marxist equivalent somewhere in perhaps N. Korea to that of the Vatican office, Congregation for the Causes of Saints to which this should be reported?

My "conversion" of backing away from belief in self-righteous authoritarianism and toward personal responsibility and self-sufficiency was one h*ll of lot tougher.

Just go out in the “real world”, work your keester off and keenly observe how what you produce is stolen by those elites who think that they know better on how to spend your capital.


Dick Tracey

Good, Mr. Rathney, now here, drink this Kool-Aid.


Thank you, Moondog!

I would hope Mr. Rathney's "Road to Damascus" conversion comes with a whole lot more than merely what he's "learned" from various and sundry blog entries! (Why do I get the feeling that Rathney was actually writing some excellent satire—so excellent that people are believing it—rather than any real story of real change? But I digress...)

I suspect that everybody changes their viewpoints over the course of their life. I know that I have, but my sea change wasn't based on blog entries or political hyperbole. It was a combination of maturity, real life experiences, and a refusal to ignore actual facts in the place of what I'd RATHER think. I contend that, if Rathney's flip-flop is real, it's not based on any of those things else he'd be a conservative libertarian type...

Dick Tracey, Kool-aid indeed!


Stated earlier I knew Bush was a liar regardless of party.

He lied about his veteran status. 

Anyone here that served knows what would happen to them if they were UA/AWOL.

Of course because of $$

We also know that he lacked the talent to be a pilot.

The documentary Bush Family Fortunes proved this.

Again - agree or dis-agree these blogs provide local truths & sometime much comedic relief.


I think you have all missed the sarcasm dripping from Bryan's article. 

The point is, you can be as ruthless as you want to on here, but you aren't going to change anyone's mind.

Yes, you may make a couple of people look like fools(you know who you are) becuase they spout off opinion with no fact, but it is highly unlikely that you will change their life-long beliefs, especially if they take the time to post on here.


 That is about as funny as somebody saying that Rev Ron showed them the way to God.  Besides,reading the comments in the SR is like reading the funnies in the cartoon section.


If a few intelligent comments could change the long held beliefs of many commenters and residents, I would comment 80 times a day!  But alas, everyone's stuck in popular opinion, old fashioned belief systems and political game playing that no amount of insight can penetrate that.

Kottage Kat

Having read the balderdash, and political drivel, seems as though nothing has changed my mind. I read, study and make informed decisions, as most semi intelligent person would. To those whom are so easily converted you have my best wishes.

Mr. Smith is a repetitious windbag whose says nothing remotely educational, and that is just one of the nice things I will say about him, lest the moderators be forced to work overtime. Brutus, Goof-us and their ilk, just more of the same rhetoric over and over. Hoping for change that does not seem to be on the horizon. God speed to all through the mire of nonsensical verbiage.

6079 Smith W


@ KK:   You help validate many of the reasons why I left several decades ago and only recently returned to the area for personal reasons.   Most everyone that I knew who got an education or that had initiative moved away due to lack of opportunity and the area’s steady decline in its standard of living.   And nothing has changed, college and high school graduates continue the migration.    It saddens me that many of those who remained are locked in an anti-intellectual mentality. But I guess that’s why they remained and prefer to eke out a living, freeze their thinking in the past and hope for a future that will never come.   You have a wonderful day Sweetums!


Kottage Kat

I stayed because I had family to help take care of, I am neither uneducated nor ignorant. I am more than capable of taking constructive criticism. I am very definitely NOT anti intelligence, NOT allowed in the home where I grew up, education and educational pursuits were required. I have no clue why you think you are educationally, and culturally more astute and better than everyone. Your haughty, snotty little narrow minded attitude does not impress me me one whit.  I don't give a toads toenail what you think of me, I am just here having fun and sharing my opinion, sans the name calling when possible. You are too stringent and unbending to make what you say have any merit, while all your links and quotes do validate what you are trying to say, they are no more than others and far more intelligent people have shared those. 

Sir, you are a legend in your own mind.

I bid you good day


6079 Smith W


@ KK:

Once again; have a fantastic day Princess.


Kottage Kat

Thank you my little Prince of Fools, aka known as the court jester.  See you do have a sense of humor, I think???


Return of Dragon

This is too funny.  Mr. Dubois makes a satirical rant and many of those who share his beliefs jump on the bandwagon without realizing his intent.  In a world where political detractors can claim that the POTUS is spending 200 billion a day on a recent trip to a important trade partner, be proven wrong, and yet have the story return time and time again in the echo chamber, it is no wonder how so many missed the attempt at sarcasm by Mr. Dubois.  People on these blogs have become accustomed to reading Mr. Dubois fact free rants and did not recognize this piece to be any different.  If Mr. Dubois is so certain that reading blogs does not change opinions........ why does he write a blog?  Clearly he believes he can do what others cannot.

Clearly, Mr. Dubois prefers a system where he can say whatever he wants and not be subjected to any scrutiny or demands of proof of his assertions.  Chung Lee would take him to school and make him look like a complete mindless shill so instead of getting the facts he chose to complain enough to get Chung Lee removed.  So when another poster comes around and gets the best of him instead of getting the facts he wants to call me Chung Lee even though I am Return of Dragon,  Then he engages in namecalling which resulted in his comments being taken down.  Only he missed the irony of his call for improving the civility on the blogs ended up leading to his comments being removed by the moderators!

As far as comments not having an impact on beliefs....... I believe there are a number of people around town that probably do not have very nice things to say about Mr. Dubois.  So in that aspect..... Mr. Dubois you have proven your own premise wrong.





Folks, you DO realize that Mr. Rathney's comments about being "converted" were strictly tongue-in-cheek, don't you?

Kottage Kat


I* don't think Mr. Smith has a clue, just let him blather on a bit it is funny.


brutus smith

 R.O.D. , that's why I didn't comment. I don't want to feed bryan's ego anymore than he self feeds it.


Facts? I prefer staid old moonbat talking points. Chung lee's favorite pastime when confronted with an argument he couldn't refute would always include a discussion as to the other person's sexual preference. Kottage Kat, I merely post things that you will never see on the lamestream media, funny I'm still awaiting fact checks on anyone of my articles and I have never heard of any of my sources being arrested for lying.

Kottage Kat

Not questioning the validity, just noting the continual repitition of fact. No harm No foul.



Isn`t it funny how whenever goofus makes a comment that 6079smith is usually the next to comment agreeing and it even goes the other way most of the time? It sure is sad when one person has to have 2 different names to comment under just so they have somebody to agree with them?
6079smith had to come up with another name because he couldn`t find anybody far enough out there to agree with him. LOL Now THAT is desperation at it`s finest.

6079 Smith W


@ FST:   What me goofus?   Someone with only half-a-brain would notice that the writing, format and contextual styles are totally different.   I ain’t that good, nor would I ever what to work that hard to deal with the likes of you Peachy Pie.   Have a nice rest of the day.    



Kottage Kat, I don't believe I repeat my self that much except when trying to prove the left is wrong. Try this

How Liberalism is Like a Disney Movie

Gregory Oatis

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Disney movies are aimed at kids. They use children's sense of powerlessness as a key plot device.

Liberals have cultivated that same feeling of powerlessness to the point that it has become an entire narcissistic, victim-centric worldview.

In short, like children attracted to Disney movies, liberals have yet to grow up and accept responsibility for their own existences.

So, here are the ten top ways the liberal view of reality resembles a Disney movie:

10) Liberals'  entire universe is divided into Good Guys and Bad Guys, Nice People and Mean People, Us. vs. Them.

9) Liberals are powerless; their puny little lives are controlled by big ugly mean monsters or corporations that don't care and want to hurt them.

8) Birds and animals and fish and trees can think and feel and talk.

7) Transportation can be effected with little or no fuel consumption, via vehicles such as broomsticks, magic carpets and pixie dust. Much like the cute little hybrids and electric cars liberals love.

6) There is no God, just an unreasoning faith in some inchoate force you might as well call "The Circle of Life."

5) Reality revolves entirely around what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing, as if the universe were a movie in which they had the starring role.

4) Nobody understands or appreciates them. And this fact is somehow of the utmost importance.

3) Collapsing in a puddle of tears is an effective coping strategy; they expect someone to turn up who actually cares.

2) There's no hope at all for a happy ending unless someone more powerful than they magically comes and saves them. In their case, though, it's not a fat genie or a fairy godmother. Instead, it's some heroic and compassionate government initiative.

And the Number One way that liberals view the world as a Disney movie...

1) To get something, they don't think they should have to plan for it or work for it or sacrifice. Instead, they should only have to want the thing a whole, whole, whole, whole lot. (Wishing on a star optional.)