FALLEN SONS - A small gesture in service of those who served

Mar 23, 2010


Most of us are in the news business for the same reason that our newest blogger, Michelle Pletcher is: to make the world a better place. Of course, most of us hesitate to admit that, and I applaud Michelle for her courage.

Often we all think 'making the world a better place' comes from exposing corruption, speaking truth to power, or generally fighting injustice with the media's high beams. But while those might be the most obvious ways the news makes the world a better place, I think simple acts of community rememberance are actually more important -- things like our 'Fallen Sons,' project on this website.

The project is also our first big 'multimedia' project -- one where we weave together text, photos, and video to tell the story. It was gratifying to see what really seems to be the future of journalism in service of one of the great and original values of journalism, and I congratulate all the people who put it together -- I had very little to do with it.

I have read with pleasure all the comments supporting the families of our local heroes, but there haven't been any comments about the project itself -- which is not to say that there should have been. But this blog is really about journalism online -- what is sometimes referred (rather obnoxiously, I think) as journalism 2.0. So I want to know what people thought of the project as a early indicator of the future of journalism. What do you think multimedia means for the future of journalism? Do you like getting your news through several media at once?

Of course, the message is more important than the medium and good reporting is still good reporting, but the medium is still important too. What do you think the medium does to the message?




How can one fully appreciate the small-mindedness of little childish cowards who are able to trash talk anonymously?


I wish my dad owned a business so I could display an arrogant aura of self importance, while not really knowing what I'm doing or how I'm in charge of anything (wink wink nudge nudge). Poor Doug Phares. A publisher in title only.


My sources at the corner of Market and Jackson tell me that he is not the son, but rather nephew of the White's. I am also told that he is not respected and they see him in the same light as most of the commenters see him. That was one of the worst things about working at the Register favoritism and nepotism was in play.

Also take notice that most of the reporters are young, nice looking females......


How wonderful it must be to be to have an ego so filled with a sense of arrogant self-importance, that anonymous posters can write statements impugning the character of others based solely on innuendo and rumor.

Your small-mindedness is surpassed only by your lack of manners undoubtedly caused by poor parenting allied with a failed education.


Personally, I like the multimedia thing for some stories, but sometimes it's just tiring, like I have to look at too many different things to get the gist of a story. Maybe it depends on the particular video--some are more interesting than others, and I nearly always prefer them to be short. If they drag on too long, I lose interest.


As you talk about getting into this business to "Change the World"....(pause for a laugh!!!) I am reminded of the article written by your leader Matt Westerhold, who wrote a great article about remebering our fallen soldiers than had to muddy it up by mentioning "Nuesse-Gate" how can you write this with a straight face???? YOU, may very well be a good journalist, however, your boss is interested in nothing more than slinging mud at the PD Officer who have to work while being ridiculed by your paper. Do you have the RIGHT to do that?? Yea you do, BY LAW, but ethically YOU DONT!!! He IS the weakest link, GOODBYE!!


I think that it is great that you want to give gratitude to our soldiers both living and dead, but you are sometimes wrong for how you do it. You publish wonderful things about our soldiers, yet you allow people to right hateful and disrespectful things on your blog. I asked your newspaper to remove some of the blogs for the respect that my family deserved, and you didn't, but now you want me to give you credit. It's all about getting a good story with you people and not thinking about how the family would react to the bad blogs. I don't support the register anymore. It is a insult to my family and the family of other's who have asked that you would remove hateful blogs. Our soldiers are worth way more then what you could ever publish.