BLOG: Mortus said winning would be a bonus

Laura Barrett
Dec 7, 2010


The last month of FIT Challenge is under way and I can see the end of the first leg of my journey to better health. I have mentioned before that this is only the beginning for me.

My wife, Carrie, has asked me several times if I'm going to join Bodi N Balance next year as she has been very supportive of my journey. Carrie knows that if I am truly to be successful, I must continue on and not drift back to my old unhealthy habits.

On Dec. 14, the results will be in the FIT section of the Register. We are approaching the finish line and it is too close to call. I have a refreshed desire to push myself harder and win this competition. Ultimately, I am healthier - winning would just be an added bonus.

This past week Derek Nimrichter of Bodi and Balance has continued to push me toward my goal of losing 80 pounds. I am not sure I can reach this mark by the end of the competition, but I am going to give it my

I worked with Derek on Nov. 30 and Dec. 2, concentrating on burning calories. I did work out every day last week, except Dec. 5.

I continue to talk with people about the FIT Challenge and my changing health. I truly hope others will start their journey to better health after watching the progress of the Ellyn, Annette, and myself.