BLOG: Tom Paul: Sore Loser?

Bryan Dubois
Dec 7, 2010


I had a feeling this was coming...

Paul feels that he's so entitled to the job that he'll risk the 'sore loser' label to hang onto it. 

Paul wants the BOE to reconsider 73 provisional ballots they already invalidated for what Paul claims are "poll worker error."

See for yourself what Paul calls "poll worker error:"


It's the poll workers fault that 32 people didn't vote in the right place?

It's the poll workers fault that 2 people didn't bring valid ID's to the poll?

It's the poll workers fault that a voter showed up after the polls closed?

Sorry, but if you can't follow simple directions, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.  (Oh, wait.  That's already reality.  We have rules and if the rules are not followed, your ballot is invalid.


Get over it.


While waiting in line to vote on November 2nd, I witnessed a gentlemen receiving help from another person on how to vote.  The helper was clearly pointing out which candidate the voter should cast his vote.  I heard him whisper several times, "This is the Democrat....and this one is the Democrat...yeah, this is the guy you want..."

I frowned at the poll worker to see if anybody else found it odd.  Not wanting to create a scene, I didn't ask if it was proper/legal for somebody to be assisting in this way.  I would imagine that helping a blind person with a ballot would be okay, but actually telling them how to vote would not be okay.  This person was clearly being told how to vote.

Does anybody out there know if this is legal?


Return of Dragon

Yeah too bad he couldn't accept defeat with class like Joe Miller in Alaska.  Oh wait...... that didn't happen.


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6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Dubois:

Perhaps the gentleman had asked for help in identifying which candidates were with which party?

IMO, you need more info in order to make a solid judgment.


My favorite from a couple of yrs. ago while living in Cook Co.:

A Democrat shill attempted to give me campaign literature directly at the doors of the polling place and I told him that to my knowledge that he had to be at least 100 ft. away.

He got a little testy, so I told him I'd inform them inside.

When I came out he had backed far away from the door.

(I'm enjoying seeing Rahm Emanuel twisting in the wind in his bid to become Da Boss.)



I can see having another recount and better look at those 40 ballots. But who will pay? The tax payer? But I would tend to think that the democrats did all that they could to ensure that all ballots were counted and those 40 ballots in question were examined thoroughly. Paul is showing his true colors. Wasn't Paul a former republican who switched parties because he was passed over for promotion when Hammond resigned and the republicans appointed Ward as auditor? Didn't Paul end up quitting a few months later and then got a job with Kevin Baxter's office in 2006 and also switched to the democrat party? Then Paul ran for auditor as a democrat and was elected? Didn't he fire a dedicated employee and promoted Tom Ferrell's wife and also gave her a hefty raise in pay? You can read more about Paul in this older register story.    It sounds to me like "lame duck" Paul is getting desperate. No help from Kevin Baxter or Tom Ferrell in providing a job once Paul leaves office? Sometimes the Supreme Being stands aside and doesn't get involved and sometimes the Supreme Being does get involved indirectly. Or maybe it was karma?


Oh I see it is ok for the register employee to nominate the readership as a whispering coward but when a reader suggeststhe blogger is in fact craven for allowing election law violations to go unchallenged they are censored. Hypocrits.

brutus smith

bryan, you want someone else to "follow the rules"?  Bwawaaahahahhaah. What a joke.


Crongratulations people within one hour of Brian's posting Chung Lee enters the fold and in less than twelve hours along comes Brutus, truly a new record! I am reclusing myself on the grounds I am just pointing out something.


Seriously did you just blog this? Because a guy loses an election by "7" votes he isn't allowed to be a bit "sore" over that and question some things on the validity of the vote?   
Then you go on to say a poll worked told soemone how to vote? wow.

What about the campaign promises of his opponent? Did anyone check to see if he could even "do" what he says he wants to do? Would the Government let him? Just because he's elected, he still has to follow government guidelines.

I've heard the Register is biased, but never really saw it until today. WOW.



I would like to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my vote was counted and  respected in every way.   It is Mr. Paul's right no matter what the outcome.  Because this vote was so close, everyone needs to know the right man was voted in.  Relax Mr. Dubois and let the process play out.  We have until March.    


 Who's doing the 'sore loser' labeling Bryan, you? I think Paul will risk it. 

To enlighten you:

Yes, it can be the poll workers fault someone voted at the wrong precinct. Many venues contain multiple precincts with similar names. It is easy to get confused, especially if the poll worker tells you to vote at the wrong place. A recent court order in the case Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless v Brunner says this is an acceptable instance to overcome disqualification due to, you guessed it, poll worker error.   

Ohio law provides for many different forms of ID including military IDs and utility bills. It is easy to imagine a poll worker rejecting an unfamiliar Marine Corp ID for instance.

If you're in line when the polls close you get to vote. One can imagine a lot of ambiguity around this, and maybe the poll workers were tired and wanted to go home and cut some people off they shouldn't have. 

Do a little research. 

I'm not say there was poll worker error, but it is pretty obvious how there could be. 


Sounds like Bryan is making up stories again. The whispering Democrat allegations sound like another in a long line of delusional allegations coming from Dubois.

Hey let's call the BOE and have an investigation. You should be able to easily identify the poll worker involved as there are only so many during the course of the day. What was your precinct? We could get to the bottom of your allegations pretty easily, but your not going to, because you made them up. 


Bryan Dubois

Great research Pundit. 

As you suggested:  Call the BOE.  If I were you, before expending too much energy on it, find out if the described scenario is illegal.  If it is, the matter should be investigated.  I'd be happy to supply more information, and will call Jennifer Ferback personally if needed, but blowing people in before finding out if what they did is illegal would be irresponsible.  (In your rush to disagree with me, perhaps you didn't consider that.)

So give them a call and find out.

After you find out, post it here.

Return of Dragon

The election was 5 weeks ago and now these accusations are being made?  Maybe there needs to be an investigation so that they can get to the bottom of this.  For some reason...... considering the track record, we will find this to be another unsourced "story".  Maybe the "whispering coward" should be an award given for unsourced stories.


Let's call Bryan's bluff. Here is the Erie County BOE phone number 




Is there a penalty in Ohio for filing false election fraud claims?





We don't know who flubbed the selection,
but the victim demands a correction.
If something's not Cricket;
there's one way to fix it,
and that's with a run-off election.

Julie R.

Obviously, the gentleman that was receiving help on how to vote was INCOMPETENT. (either that or blind) To vote for an incompetent person one has to be the GUARDIAN of that person and this FIRST has to be approved by both the Court and the AUDITOR'S office. Same with a Power of Attorney. To vote for an incompetent person this has to be specifically stated in the Power of Attorney and even so, once again, it has to be approved by both the Court and the AUDITOR'S office. So obviously the person who was telling the gentleman how to vote was NOT the gentleman's guardian OR his Power of Attorney.  Which means what he was doing was ILLEGAL.

I also wouldn't be so quick to say Mr. Dubois made this up. Seems to me this happened not too long ago. (I can't remember if it was in Akron or Cleveland)  It had something to do with dozens of elderly and incompetent residents in a nursing home being told who to vote for.

Return of Dragon

If he saw this happen......... why would he blog about it and not make a formal complaint?  Seems odd to bring this up 5 weeks after the election.  An investigation would be interesting.  Why whisper when you can take a stand?  Nevermind, the reading public can see through this "story".

Julie R.

I called the BOE and, lo and behold, I was told that NOBODY can vote for an incompetent person, including the person's guardian or attorney-in-fact.  Instead when a registered voter is deemed incompetent a family member is supposed to have the Court inform the BOE of it so they can take that voter's name off the list.

I also told her that in my stepfather's all powerful 10-page Power of Attorney one of the rights he gave his attorneys-in-fact was the right to vote for him in the event that he ever became incompetent. He never became incompetent but nevertheless the lady at the BOE said that was illegal for an attorney to even put that in a Power of Attorney because, once again, NOBODY can vote for an incompetent person.


I will tell you from personal experience, my husband and I voted at the BOE office prior to the election and there was an elderly couple in there loudly discussing who to vote for and one of the ladies did come out of the office and let them know that there was no discussion allowed in regards to the election or voting. She said it was strictly forbidden. Therefore I can only assume it would be disallowed at all polling places.


Okay, just a couple of quick thoughts.  What Mr. Dubois claims to have seen and heard may indeed have happened.  Some of you folks would prefer to ASSUME that he made the whole thing up, either because you disagree with his views or because you just don't like him, but in fact you have no evidence one way or the other.  Disagreeing for its own sake is a sign of narrow-mindedness.

Would I make a formal complaint if I saw and heard the same thing?  Not without knowing more.  Any competent voter who cannot read the ballot, due to blindness, other vision problems or even illiteracy, can be assisted by the person of his/her choice.  And this particular voter may have been a straight-ticket Democratic voter.  He may have ASKED his helper to point out the Dem candidates, for all that we know.  If the poll worker said nothing, it's probably because he or she knew the circumstances that we don't know.

Bryan Dubois

Stormy, nicely stated.  I don't know what the man's problem was - whether it was blindness, illiteracy, or perhaps he was brought to the polling place by a driver who was encouraging him to vote Democrat.  Without being nosy, it was difficult to figure out what was going on.  The assistant was clearly pointing out certain candidates for which the man to cast his ballot.  After he finished voting he was beaming and proudly came back up to the table to get his "I voted" sticker by one of the poll workers, which led me to believe this was his first voting experience.  (I never take those stickers as I think they're for little kids who need positive reinforcement. "Hey Johnny, I see you wore your seatbelt today!  Good job!  Do ya want a sticker?  Stickers are cool!")

That being said, given both party's "get out the vote" movement, I can see an experienced voter influencing somebody who had never voted with enticements of transportation to and from the poll, and advice on how to vote.


The whole thing seemed odd, especially the excitement over the sticker. 


6079 Smith W
An “incompetent person” voting?   There are some who would include anyone who votes Democrat in that category.   As proof; remember that dead voters in Chicago helped to get JFK elected in 1960. Can’t get more incompetent than that can ya? LOL   As we used to say back in Chicago: Vote early and often.