BLOG: Why Bother Watching The Rest Of This Cavs Game?

Bryan Dubois
Dec 3, 2010


With 38 points at the end of the 3rd quarter, it's safe to say that Lebron James isn't going to choke.  As much as Cleveland fans hate to see it, he's handing the Cav's heads to them.

The saddest part of the whole affair is that Lebron will stand in front of the Cav's bench and laugh and joke with their players while his team destroys them on the court.

That has to sting - and not a single Cav's player asked Lebron to go stand somewhere else!  No direct confrontation from the Cav's coach either.

It's almost like the Cavs don't realize how the indifference looks to the fans - or perhaps they don't really care?

No matter how much you disagree with Lebron's narcisstic "Decision" show, he handled tonight flawlessly.  Right down to the pre-game chalking - in your face, Cleveland.  (See, that wasn't a Cleveland ritual, that was a Lebron ritual, and he can do it wherever he wants, thank you very much.) 

When asked during halftime, Lebron explained that he didn't care about the hostility from the fans and just in case you didn't believe him, he then came out during the third quarter and scored almost 20  24 points.  Apparently the family who paid for t-shirts that spelled out "LEBUM" didn't psychologically wreck Lebron as much as they'd hoped.

After this shellacking, something should be pretty clear to all basketball fans who put way too much energy into hating Lebron James over this breakup:  He's still a good basketball player and no matter how many people in a stadium boo him, he's gonna keep gettin' paid to do it, and you're gonna keep shelling out hard-earned money to watch him.


Raoul Duke

Based on the way the Cavs played tonight, you can see why LeBron wated to be on a different team. Would he love to have his current teammates in Cleveland instead of South Beach? Maybe.. But we all know that will never happen.

Truth or Dare

I'm a Cleveland Indians, Browns and Cavaliers fan.   What I'm not is FANATIC!  Big difference.  One of the commentors made a statement last night regarding the hoopla surrounding Lebron.  They said that "Cleveland can hate Lebron all they want, cause he's an Akron boy and Akron LOVES HIM"!   Saw someone holding a sign that said "classless".  They should of turned it around and showed it to the entire Quicknloans Arena.  Cause it certainly applies to those  Cleveland fans who are so hateful, that thru all of this they actually show children how to be the same way!  Shame on them.    I would say that entire city's fan base could use a few group sessions w/a good phsychologist! 

Been watchin Lebron play since high-school, and like Michael Jordan, he's become one of my favorite players. I call it poetry in motion.   LeBron ain't nobody's boy anymore, he's all of 25 yrs. old now and becoming a MAN.  With that comes grown up decisions.  I somehow have a feeling he's having no trouble sleeping at night regarding his decision to leave Cleveland!  Besides, all those Cav fans have their new best friend now, someone even they once hated, THE OWNER!    Talk about classless!  How much ya wanna bet he's on "the list"?!