BLOG: How Long Will It Take To Find Julian?

Bryan Dubois
Nov 30, 2010


Is it any wonder that the founder of Wikileaks hasn't attempted to embarass any governments who will hunt him down and kill him?

This shouldn't be surprising.  The fairest country in the world is always the one that gets kicked around.  The e-tough guy has a near guarantee that an "assassin squad" from the most tolerant country in the world won't silence him wherever he hides.

That takes real guts, doesn't it?

I first heard of Julian Assange and Wikileaks last year sometime.  I forget who sent me the link - but it was a link to the now infamous video "Collateral Murder" in which Assange attempts to prove that an Apache helicopter illegally murdered innocent civilians in Iraq, including a Reuters photographer.  Outraged at first (very nice editing, Mr. Assange) but always skeptical, I searched through reviews of the video by other media outlets.  One of them posted screen grabs from the video which revealed individuals in the group to be armed.

Although Assange's video notes that some appear to be armed, he says that because the group "seems relaxed" that this should somehow protect them from being viewed as enemy combatants:

Newsflash:  American gunships don't use the "appearance of relaxation" as a factor when deciding to engage enemy combatants.   Which means that Assange has created nothing more than a video that describes the inevitable reality/horrors of war.  Not murder. 

And now we have this highly damaging document dump that will undermine US diplomacy overseas.  The common thread is that the leaked information has no redeeming value other than to embarass Assange's target.

His desire to be a rebel is probably going to cost him his life.



 All this is just too suspicious....How an Army soldier can get hold of classified (NOT TOP SECRET!) documents, in the mass quantities he has, is INCREDIBLE!

The documents released are NOTHING that can't be or hasn't already been, read/discovered.

It seems that Wiki Leaks is being used to create a situation in that the gov't. can then take control of our internet...

There is NO WAY anyone can make me believe that this was NOT an ORCHESTRATED plan to gain further control of our "liberties!"


Iam, I believe you may be right, but Obama is trying to control the internet domestically by using the FCC and by-passing congress to enforce net neutrality rules. Just the other day ICE and big sis Napolitano seized 70 some websites. What business is it of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to seize web sites they deem to be selling fraudulent material. Even President Clinton stated America is not just a nation between A and Z in the united nations. Obama desperately wants the opposite.


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I truly must apologize for going off topic. Has anybody noticed how the New York Times ran the wikkileaks documents, taken by illegal ways, but refused to publish the climategate scandal documents stating they were gotten illegally. But yet we are told that the state run lamestream media has no bias or agenda.

brutus smith

 Sometimes you go off topic when you are off your rocker.

brutus smith

 As a gesture of good will we should hand over war criminals GWB and Cheney. But 1st we need to try Cheney and Rove for committing treason for outing a CIA agent. Sounds good to me.


Alas Brutus you poor misinformed blogger, please google Richard Armitage and find out it was him that outed non-covert CIA clerk Valerie Plame. You always bring up outdated misinformation.

brutus smith

 Oh, OK, he said so, must be true. 

Return of Dragon

Speaking of selective editing....... there is the issue at the end of the video where 2 of the men are wounded and clearly not a threat and they are fired upon again.  Clearly the most righteous nation in the world should have a problem with killing the wounded and yes in much of the world that would be viewed as murder.


Assange, keep on hiding, Hilary and the Clintonistas are looking for you.


Hey Chung, if insulted, you still are free to leave the country.

Return of Dragon

Hey Goofus you are free to leave country too but unfortunately not many countries are looking for uneducated and unskilled conspiracy theorists. 


Fine, whatever floats your boat chung.



The EPA was set up to protect the American people. Your "climategate" conspiracy was discredited, but because you read only what agrees with your way of thinking, you didn't catch that point. If you can't discredit the message, than attack the messenger.