BLOG: Clark hits second plateau

Ellyn Clark
Nov 30, 2010


OK, so I feel a bit frustrated. You know how sometimes your body does things your mind can not control?

Because like it or not, I think I've hit my second plateau since this competition began. I hit one early on in the competition and fought through it. But early on it didn't appear to be that much of a threat.

I now know that Gary and I are close in this competition and I am winning by just a hair and I don't mean
length, I mean width. Knowing that sort of changes my attitude. I have said all along it didn't matter to me if I win or not.

But somehow, the closer I get to the finish line the more I think it would be sort of cool if I were the first
one to cross it. I wonder if this is how marathon runners feel.

This is not a good time to be hitting a plateau, not when the race is so close and the finish line is sight. Tohelp push me through this, T.J. Temper, my personal trainer at the Northern Ohio Fitness Center, has switched up my workout.

Every time he switches up my workout it gets more difficult. The workout he has designed requires a higher calorie burn. The exercises require hand held weights and a lot of balance.

I'm also trying to modify my diet. I've cut back on carbs and dairy. We shall see how this works out. And oh yea, Thanksgiving! I did good through Thanksgiving dinner. I only had one plate of food and one
piece of pie. But I did eat three dinner rolls.

Thanks Mom, those were delicious. I confess, I ate two too many, but they were so darned good!

So now I've made it through Thanksgiving, let's see if I can make it through Christmas and this darned plateau.