BLOG: Mortus enjoyed Thanksgiving in moderation

Gary Mortus
Nov 30, 2010


The Thanksgiving Holiday is over and I did just fine. Through the year I have learned to better control my eating and still enjoy the food I love.

On Thursday, we had dinner and enjoyed the day with family and friends at my daughter and son-in-law's home. The food was great and as always very plentiful and very tasty.

Everyone brought their best dishes of the normal favorites and great desserts. The day allowed me to enjoy the foods I wanted, and in moderation. I know that this is the beginning of being successful in maintaining my weight - eat in moderation and not just cut out what I want to eat.

I do find people wanting to help with my diet. They don't "push" food on me and allow me to go on my own path of controlling my diet. Many of us grew up with the "clean plate club" and trying foods not to hurt the cook's feeling. 

I now know I must eat only what I want and take sensible portions.

Eating to live another day or better yet for many years to come as not to overeat and shorten my life.

This past week, I worked with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance on Nov. 23 and Nov. 24, pushing hard to make my goals. Derek keeps me focused and helps with my confidence that I can succeed in my journey.

I want to win this competition but I understand that my improved health and what I have learned makes me successful already. I did make it to the gym all days, except Friday and Saturday as I was not feeling well and did not want to chance dragging what I had to the gym.

The next weigh-in is coming up shortly and hope I can show a couple more pounds of improvement. The next FIT Challenge edition will be Dec. 14, and I am sure all three contestants will be very close and keeping our "A" games to the end of the competition.