BLOG: Journalism Will Destroy Your Community!

Bryan Dubois
Nov 28, 2010

Where in the world does this idea come from that journalism can destroy a community?  If the press covers public corruption - and the allegations are factual, how and why do community members place blame on the press for giving the community a bad name?

The people I hear advocating this are government employees who are always completely innocent of whatever the press claims they did.


Has anyone heard if any of Obama's new hi-speed bus corridors pass through the Buckeye state?

Check this out:

Anything is feasible for The One!


Return of Dragon

If you got nothing........... laugh!

Bryan Dubois

If somebody says something really comical, point it out and.......... laugh!

Anyway, would there be a point to debating an anonymous commenter who isn't even forthright about his identity?

brutus smith

 If you don't like anonymous commentators on here, may I suggest bryan you don't blog on here anymore. If you don't want to play by the rules go somewhere else. PLEASE!

Bryan Dubois

Brutus,  if I don't like something, I'll work to change it.

Return of Dragon

LAUGH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The guy who says this:

"Anyway, would there be a point to debating an anonymous commenter who isn't even forthright about his identity?"

This coming from the same guy who cites anonymous sources for his hack job on the school levy!  Now he is against anonymous commentors?  Just curious, are we looking at the source or the validity of the information?  By the way Brutus, nice twist..... I have heard this "Journalist" say "if you don't like it....leave"........ maybe he will take his own advice.  I doubt he will because he seems to have rules for himself and those that agree with him and rules for those who are informed, use facts, and do not share his beliefs.


It's funny how b smith can talk about playing by the rules, when he/she/it gets deleted more than anyone. 
brutus smith

 thinkagain, you don't see me crying like a baby about it do you? So bryan, when you were in the military did you try to change the rules or play by them?


 I don't know whether or not journalism can ruin a community but the article does go a long way in reinforcing my notion that a handful of idiots can ruin a blog. I am so tired of every political article becoming a platform for Winston Smith, Goofus and Brutus reciting more of their used up mundane talking points. Do these guys have them as hotkeys? Just more partisan drivel with every article, never anything funny, nothing novel or new, no comic relief just the same old interchangeable catch phrases about Obama. The only person on here that was at all creative and thus worthy of contribution was that Chung Lee with his Man Friday Routine.

6079 Smith W

@ MoonDog44870, et al:

MoonDog? Been watching old Gidget movies?

That's the best username you could come up with? The log shows that you're a newbie. I highly doubt it.  

Complimenting CL's use of racist Charlie Chanish pidgin "Engrish" eh? 

Confucius say: “Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction.”

Have a great day sunshine.


Return of Dragon

Winston can you show me the value in your last comment?  On the surface it appears to be nothing but trollish attacks.  Maybe Dubois might want to step up and take a position on this?  I doubt he will but I thought I would throw that out there.

6079 Smith W
@ ROD, et al:   Did you snicker and rub your greasy little paws together when you wrote that?   So when I respond in kind from name-calling and innuendo I’m a troll?     ROD: "Mommy, Winnie insulted me!"    ROD’s Mommy: "What were you doin' to him?"   ROD: "Nuthin"   LOL  

Here's a suggestion: Why don’t you upgrade the quality of the comments, set a better example and show me exactly how it should be done sunshine.

I wish you a great day as well.


Return of Dragon

You are the only one name calling and the only one "wanting it both ways",  Clearly you don't let the reality or the facts get in the way of your opinions.


Good Morning Chung Lee.


 wow that is the fourth time today that i have completely changed my political orientation due to profound and intelligent comments on a blog. Thank you so much. Your days of sitting around and bickering have paid off. I am now going to join the teaparty, oh wait I did earlier, I just got converted to something else on the Fremont news Messenger blogs.  You people are really some pointless and pathetic people. I do wonder how longer that Winston Smiths anti-semetic slander, a la Protocols of the elders of Zion, just in time for the high holy days will be tolerated. 


- I own you Bryan. If my post was so false why the hundreds of words long response?-

Of course, regular SR readers will recognize the above passage as a parody of a typical Dubois response to criticism from yours truly.

"You're injecting that falsehood into the post.  Why?  (You won't answer that and I think we both know why.)"

I think this passage sums up the typical Dubious writing style in both form and content: a false premise, a delusional question, and a petty assertion topped off with keyboard courage. Of course I won't answer the question and we do both know why, because I did not "inject falsehood" (love the phrasing).

 "Oh, that's priceless.  Suddenly this anonymous commenter has a problem with the idea of anonymous sources."

I am clearly implying that you made up the false gossip you spread in your post rather than any attack on using anonymous sources.

Look I could go on and on with your response but I got stuff to do.

Bryan Dubois


You claimed that I referred to Gunner's response as a "victory."

That's a falsehood.

The rest of your response is pure nonsense. 

Go take care of your stuff and stop back in again when your obsession gets the best of you!


Good point.  That's one of the things I love about the dialogue in the comments:  There is always such newness, such insight in the constant restating of the same tripe over and over again!   Welcome to the party.


Hey, I guess I'm supposed to tell you to be nice, because I guess that's my responsibility or something.  Welcome back.


R.o.D.:  In response to your post from two days ago at about this time, there was no threat for the police to investigate.  An offer to fight is not a threat.

Y'know, for someone who ISN'T chung, you sure seem to know and care a lot about his feud with me.  You actually seem a bit...shall we say...obsessed.  Most curious, and all the more so for two reasons: (1) the feud ended some time ago, and (2) you only started commenting after he disappeared.  The logical conclusion is that you may indeed be the individual previously known as chung.  Am I certain of that?  Nope.  Do I care whether you are said person or not?  Double nope.

Some of you nice folks would no doubt like to revisit the feud, but let me save you the time and trouble.  My offer to fight was childish, stupid, and contrary to the principles by which I've tried to live for most of my life.  And of course, had I gone through with it, I could've been arrested.  Fighting is illegal, even between two willing participants.

Why wasn't I banished?  I don't know; perhaps because I ADMITTED that I'd gone over the line.  I don't recall anyone else on here ever doing so, and certainly not chung. 

Well, that's all for now.  Stay warm, y'all.


Mr. Dubois:  Thanx for the welcome back, but I never left.  I've just been posting less often.  Why?  Because there hasn't been much new material to comment on.  Hell, it's the same old, same old, over and over.  Bush-this, Obama-that.  Dumbocrats are morons; Repukes are evil.  Borrrrring!

Bryan Dubois

Oh, I hear ya.

Kottage Kat


My favorite sparring partner, sans the name calling, I too have missed you ore on ye ole NR. The cats are well, and I still debate with the cheese on occasion. I too Welcome you back.  Looking forward to again having some memorable moments.

Bryan, I still remain a conscientious commentor, and loved it when someone called me a liberal, that had me rolling. Just havin fun watching the balderdash.