BLOG: Journalism Will Destroy Your Community!

Bryan Dubois
Nov 28, 2010

Where in the world does this idea come from that journalism can destroy a community?  If the press covers public corruption - and the allegations are factual, how and why do community members place blame on the press for giving the community a bad name?

The people I hear advocating this are government employees who are always completely innocent of whatever the press claims they did.


Has anyone heard if any of Obama's new hi-speed bus corridors pass through the Buckeye state?

Check this out:

Anything is feasible for The One!


6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Dubois:

"Velocibus" - LOL

Probably best to sit in the rear with one's head always in the crash position.


With scam artist Al Gore's repudiation of ethanol subsidies, do ya think that the Nobel Prize committee is yet again having second thoughts?

How about dimwit Jimmy Carter’s defense of N. Korea? It’s a pity that the DNC didn’t let him speak at the 2008 convention. There probably woulda been some great soundbites.


Just what we need   Another hi speed WEAPON on our highways, full of innocent people waiting to be slammed or slam into something, not to mention who will be driving these WEAPONS. Another intoxicated piolet who works to many hours or is in a hurray to be somewhere.  VOTE NO

Return of Dragon

Clearly humor of video will be lost on some of Anti-Obamaist and will be repeated as fact.  Creation of new reality with the campaign of ignorance and the herding of sheep.

Jimmy Carter a "Dimwit"?  He won a Nobel Peace Prize and graduated in the top 10% of his class at the Naval Academy and Winston........ you have a degree from Bowling Green so what should we call you?  Keep it classy with the name calling.

6079 Smith W

ROD, et al writes:

"You have a degree from Bowling Green so what should we call you?  Keep it classy with the name calling."

Actually, it was BGSU. “Bowling Green” is a city. (Named by a postal carrier after the one in KY.)

Yea, and keep it "classy" with the personal ad hominem attacks. Hypocrite.

Winston Troll

A degree from BGSU is an attack?  I just think that in the minds of most that a degree from the Naval Academy and 6 years of service in the Navy is a greater accomplishment than a degree from BGSU.  Calling a former POTUS a dimwit is by definition is troll like behavior.  Can you just say that you disagree with the man and why without namecalling?

6079 Smith W
User name history:   Winston Troll: 1 hour 8 min   Return of Dragon: 1 hour 46 min     Suffering from schizophrenia?     ---------     "No one can completely understand the motivations of the North Koreans, but it is entirely possible that their recent revelation of their uranium enrichment centrifuges and Pyongyang's shelling of a South Korean island Tuesday are designed to remind the world that they deserve respect in negotiations that will shape their future." (J. Carter)   And this doesn't read like the words of a "dimwit" (or a worse epithet) to you?              

Let's see.  The Nobel Peace Prize??  One for Al Gore for all his LIES about the global warming HOAX (And I am sure he thanks all you bleeding heart liberals and UNION teachers for making him very wealthy), one for Jimmy Carter (The NOW worse single term president in the history of the United States), and one for 0bama for doing absolutely NOTHING (Soon to take the award from Jimmy Carter as the worse single term president of the United States) and YOU believe there is any validity or cogency in such a prize?  Ha! Ha!  That "Nobel Peace Prize" and a quarter will NOT buy you a cup of coffee at Perkins Pancake House.  Now we have Korean people fighting each other AGAIN!  They are of the same cultural beliefs, same language, same heritage and they hate each other?  Here is a tip.  One side is free the other is under a communist and socialist regime.  Sound familiar?  North Korea has done well in their "extortion racket" by having the United States pay BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars so they will behave.  Now, N. Korea has NUKES which "ups the ante" for MORE taxpayer dollars.  As long as journalism is "fair and balanced" it serves the people well.  When the media decides to "endorse" certain candidates, mostly of the liberal persuasion, or continue to be in the tank for the liberal agenda, then it does NOT serve anyone well.  The people should decide, NOT the media or an elitist publisher.  The media is very powerful because it is protected and rightfully so.  But, take a look at your corner stone media of ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS for news or CNN, MSNBC and they are NOT doing very well.  In fact, you liberals are NOT supporting your one-sided, obstinate to merit news sources.  I wonder why?  Ha! Ha!          


 Well, I for one have seen enough childish trash talking,name calling and insulting from know-it-all nobodies on here to suit me a life time.  This from people who CLAIM to be good christians,but in fact have no idea what that means. Many of us came on here to make comments of our opinions on certain stories and always have to see trash from the same few people who believe their views are the only correct views and everybody else is wrong. It is very sad that they are unable to except others views on subjects. The comments section of this paper has become a big joke and has become a waiste of my time. It seems that ingnorance is very blissful in this area.  6079smith,goofus,american,thinkagain and a couple others seem to think that they know everything about everything and everybody else is just stupid and uninformed. They are unable to except the views of other people.yet feel they need to let us know what the constitution says and inform us of our rights. This is being a biggot and actually is unamerican to try to deny others of their right of free speach and opinions without being insulted,begraded,and called names.  It seems that the soul purpose of these few is to stir up trouble.   So I am going to follow the lead of others who have chosen to not read the comments section of this site. It is below me to continue trying to have adult conversations with people who act so self rightous and childish.  I understand that it never works to talk about politics or religion as everybody has their views and many refuse to except the views of others,but these same people do the same thing on every story written here and will dog people out for things they didn`t say or will turn their words around to suit their agenda  In MY OPINION,it is people like these who have kept this great country from being what it should be. FREE.  These people are no better than the ones who are trying to take our rights away from us and make this a communist country. I feel sorry for them and their families who have to live with them everyday.  These same people seem to post on here at all hours on the day and night,leading me to believe they have nothing better in their lives than to degrade others for their views and beliefs. 

  So 6079smith,goofus,american,thinkagain,and the others who we know who they are...raise your glasses and have a party. and send an email to your great teacher of life,Glenn Beck.  You have ruined the comments section. and turned it into a trash talking,insulting and belittling section.  Say whatever you want now because I won`t be reading it. I really don`t even care what you have to spew from your lips!!! Besides,I already know what it is you will say anyway as you all think on the same negative track and can`t say anything positive about anything. I really do feel sorry for you and have a lot of pitty for you because you must be very miserable in your tiny little existance of life. It is too bad that you can`t be more excepting of others and act in a mature manner as adults should act. 


 Sorry taxpayer,I didn`t mean to leave you out of the list of know-it -alls. HA Ha

Return of Dragon

Global Warming is a Hoax?  How many people actually believe that humans have no impact on their environment.?  Does every sentence need to end with HAHA?  The only one I can think of is that kid Nelson on the Simpsons.

Return of Dragon

BTW Taxpayer..... the Nobel Peace Prize pays about 1.4 million to the winner.  So I guess a person could buy more than a few cups of coffee with that and maybe even be a guest speaker at the prestigious BGSU.

6079 Smith W
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This is getting like the movie “Sybil.” How many demonic personalities are there?   Where's Fr. Karras when you need him?  

brutus smith

 GhostRider, that is the goal of people like winnie, goofus, and especially ameri. They don't want other people voicing their opinions here or anywhere for that matter. Don't give in! 


Brian, I believe people for years have been fed the pablum,aka state run media news, for years. They have become accustomed into taking the information of the state run media as gospel. When a media exposes the true intentions of what they deem as holy, they reject it. A whole generation believed everything Walter Cronkite said as gospel and only today we find out how much Cronkite lied to further the left wing agenda. The cirticism you are receiving by exposing the frailties of the city of sandusky and perkins are only a mere reflection of today's alternative media exposing Obie as a buffoon. The left won't stand for it, it's their conceived birthright to rule and by attacking what they perceive as to be true and right you will be slammed with insults and be accused of ruining sandusky and perkins. I believe it is the right of the paper to attack  the wrongs it percieves. Thank God for the alternative media and its effect,aka Nov.2 2010.

Return of Dragon

Goofus  1 year 33 weeks

Taxpayer  1 year  33 weeks

6079 Smith W 1 year 20 weeks (owner of previous account)

6079 Smith W


 "Citing Deficit, Obama to Freeze Federal Worker Pay": 

"'Just as families and businesses around the nations are tightening their belts in this economy, so must the government,' said White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer."

AFSME and other govt. employee unions ain't gonna like this one bit.

They probably oughta take to the streets and stage work slowdowns!

Obie's working hard to assure himself of being a one-termer just like Jimmy.  



They probably oughta take to the streets and stage work slowdowns!

Unpossible! They cannot move any slower!

Julie R.

@ GhostRider:

You say that the comments section of this paper has become a big joke and a waste of time------that the comments section has been ruined and you are going to follow the lead of others who have chosen not to read the comment sections anymore.............

All I have to say for that  is---------did it ever cross your mind that's the INTENT? I saw right through the game quite some time ago. In other words, they aren't as smart as they think they are.


Hmmm Return of the Dragon, could that be possibly a Chinese dragon?


C'mon Julie R, one has to read the comments section for at least comedic relief.


In the spirit of Obama your lord and savior, I'm going to host a blogger beer summit. I'm inviting all bloggers to bury the hatchet at the Boot Hill Saloon 310 Main St Daytona Beach 1pm March 5th during Bile Week. I'll be there with a t shirt that reflects Northern Ohio. The first beer will be on Brutus. Let's all get together and sing Kumbaya.


oops I meant Bike week not Bile week.


winnie Smith & Goofus you certainly have a sad narrow minded view regardless of subject content.

Please get involved in government functions no matter what level.

We get the government we deserve.

Take action & do more than talking.

6079 Smith W
@ kURT:   Sorry to see that you continue to suffer from that severe case of mental constipation.   Trust me sunshine; the level and amount of the minor “government involvement” that you’ve puffed your chest up about, largely amounts to rearranging deck chairs on the sinking USS Local Economy.  

Norwalk started dying with the opening of the Turnpike, which transferred traffic from US 20. The next dagger was the bypass.

Norwalk's been in the process of dying for over 30 yrs and no amount of time and effort is gonna resurrect it. Miracles are in short supply - that's why they're called miracles.

High school and college graduates have to leave because there are no jobs. All that remain are seniors and the poor. The dynamic of spending taxpayer money on educating them and then having them leave is economically unsustainable.


Julie R.

If the press covers public corruption------and the allegations are factual, how and why do community members place blame on the press for giving the community a bad name?

That reminds me of the Cuyahoga County crook Jimmy Dimora who yelled: "This corruption probe is a conspiracy! It's a conspiracy by the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER and the FEDS to ruin me because I'm a DEMOCRAT and an OVERWEIGHT ITALIAN!"

And then there's the corrupt Cuyahoga County Judge Brigett McCafferty that the FEDS got on tape fixing cases for Dimora and Russo's friends ----- the corrupt judge who then actually ran for re-election. She lost the election even though 125,000 morons in Cuyahoga County voted for her. The morons are all now saying she LOST because of the bad press by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

Go figure.

brutus smith

 Ya know winnie, you trying to demonize Kurt is getting really old. Does it make you feel superior doing it? 


The Wikipedia leaks are a Godsend to a woefully uniformed electorate. Your government , at any level , preaches openess, and transparency.   Of course, that is a lie. History tells us that the truth must be hidden, or,if leaked, embellished into a semi-truth. Maybe , even just let the lie stand alone, and it will fade away. Hillary Clinton's performance today reminded me of her predecessors as the Secretary of State .

Condoleezza Rice trying to explain why she ignored"al -Quaeda determined to attack the United States" warnings( before she became Secretary).

Colin Powell with his magic show at the UN,which we know now, and as he admitted, was all false.

To take cover behind the lie of "National security" is an insult , to us  once again, as it always been from the Gulf of Tonklin, Watergate, Kennedy investigations, the Iraq war lies, the war on Drugs, the war on terror, ..... why cannot we told the truth? Why does it always come down to lies being revealed? I'll take no cover, my name is ..

David A. Corriveau

Huron Ohio


6079 Smith W
@ Yada:   Your list of past scandals have their origins contained in the ever increasing size and intrusiveness of the Federal Govt.   I began losing my faith in govt. during the Johnson Administration – The Tonkin Gulf Resolution and the tragic aftermath.   Only by starving “the beast” can it hopefully be reigned in. Though as has been shown; the govt. will print and borrow in order to keep taxes artificially low while continuing to provide high levels of health and welfare benefits - we must keep up appearances of prosperity!  

Every great nation or empire (Rome, Spain, Britain, Soviet Union, et al) eventually succumbed to excessive spending and borrowing; I fear that our country’s future will be little different.



125,000 morons in Cuyahoga County voted for a crook even though she was exposed by the newspaper and FBI. Others words for moron. Dumocrap, stupid, idiot, dimwit, blockhead, dingbat, dummy, dumbbell, pea brain, simpleton, ignoramus, dumdum, dolt, twit, imbecile, numskull, fool, lamebrain, halfwit, nincompoop, pinhead, poopyhead, dope, bozo, cretin, buffoon, meathead....

GhostRider – Before you go I’d like you to hear my acceptance speech.   thinkagain's Acceptance Speech for Outstanding Achievement in Commenting:

Thank you! Oh! Thank you! I can hardly believe this! I feel so blessed! And this statue - it's so shiny! Oh, thank you again! I just want everyone to know that even in my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined that this could ever happen to me. And to the other brilliant nominees, 6079smith, goofus, americanonly, I want each of you to know how totally wonderful I feel right now!

You know when GhostRider told me I was nominated, I just had to take a minute and think about how great my experiences have been. I guess it all just makes me feel kinda special

There are so many I like to thank! First off though, I want to thank the esteemed libtards and atheists of the SR, who without their misinformed ramblings, I would have never pursued this dream. Also, I want to thank God, for being such a powerful force in my life. And to Mom, who taught me to take life by the horns. And finally, to GhostRider, that master of false accusations and inane innuendo - I couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you America, and good night!   OK GhostRider, you can leave now. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! Oh yea, don’t let the door hit ya in the keister!