BLOG: Is Schaefer's Response Where Local Media Is Headed?

Bryan Dubois
Nov 26, 2010


A positive thing is happening under an SR article, and local leadership should take note that this is where local media is and should be headed.

One of the reasons I believe the commenting section of the Sandusky Register should be revamped is to encourage this type of interaction.  Commenters should be encouraged to use real names (or at least civility) and trolls should be recognized and their accounts should be deleted immediately.  If you want useless, anonymous snark, visit youtube.  If you believe local media provides a valuable resource to the public in the way of acting as medium between government and citizens, then you should treat it with more respect and value.

In accordance with that last idea, Diane Schaefer, who is a Perkins resident and elected fiscal officer, is using the local media capability to her advantage:

There were questions raised about whether Schaeffer was being cooperative in releasing public documents regarding the relocation of Perkins townhall.  The Register published their account of what happened between their reporter and Schaeffer, and like always, commenters offered their opinions of the account.  Apparently, some of the comments were either unfair or outright lies.

So Diane Schaefer spent more than a few minutes on Thanksgiving Day to defend herself from the lies in the commenting section.

Her decision to post as herself raises a few questions and proves something that many local civil leaders would love to be untrue:  The commenting section is read by alot of people.  Sure, it may be a cesspool of nonsense by the likes of the same 3 anonymous commenters but every once in awhile there will come a Schaeffer moment when it's worth reading.

Why don't more local officials who feel wronged by coverage respond personally?  Sure, this is not a traditional way to handle what one perceives as 'bad press', but a carefully worded response is probably more effective than just praying the newspaper and anonymous commenters get it right next time.

What role will the media play if more public officials begin to handle their interactions with the public directly instead of relying on a reporter to accurately quote them or follow a legitimate narrative that's worthy of coverage?

Schaefer's move should be noted and if the Register is awake and watching, they should find a way to encourage more of it.  (One of which is to revamp the comments section)  In the end, I think readers would gladly trade a thousand anonymous trolls for 1 upfront public official who gives their opinion and honestly tacks their name to it.  That new, innovative media model would better serve the community and ensure sustainability in the constantly changing media world...



 I thank Ms. Schaeffer for answering some questions. Mr. Gunner the superintendent of Perkins schools also attempted to answer questions in regards to the past failed school levy. 

I don't always agree with the direction of our schools and government bodies but I do appreciate the effort put forth to pass on information that allows me to make a more informed decision.

brutus smith

 bryan, why are people like you always try to smother free speech? This forum gives people a place to express their feelings without the fear of repercussions. I think the S-R moderators do a pretty good job of deleting the personal accusations, especially about local people. And people like Diane can come on and dispel untruths.  Personally I don't like to comment on local people because it's nothing more than gossip. And at least they do have the chance to defend themselves on here. 


And you have a lot nerve attacking Rufus Sanders "OPINIONS". Oh, it's OK if you use your real name? A little false bravado don't ya think? So I don't think we want to go to the Gestapo tactics you advocate. I give you history lessons all the time and you still stick with what's in your head. I give you religious realities and you still stick with what's in your head. 


So stop trying to suppress free speech.

Julie R.

So go for it all you UPFRONT PUBLIC OFFICIALS------let's hear your carefully worded responses!


Congratulations Brian, it took only 57 minutes for a troll to respond. He probably resented the time it took away from his cartoon network.

brutus smith

 Only took you 57 minutes eh goofus? You are getting quicker. goofus definition of a troll- anyone who disagrees with his right wingnut thinking.

6079 Smith W
  “Jethro” smith writes:   “Personally I don't like to comment on local people because it's nothing more than gossip.”    The truth is: He can't comment. bs is an out-of-area troll, never lived or even been here and has absolutely no idea of what’s going on locally except for what he reads on-line in the SR.   -------   @ Mr. Dubois:   Like a bar serving only $5 beers which tends to help keep the riff-raff out; restrict the comments section to paid subscribers.  

A freeloader like bs would hate that because he instinctively hates the free market.



6079, trust me when I tell you this, $5.00 beers in no way keep out the riff raff. Living on Put-In-Bay, the home of expensive drinks, I can asure you that the undesirable merely save up their money or get drunk on store bought booze before they come downtown. Brutus will merely be checking every vending machine in his town in whatever state he lives in to puchase a subscription. Brutus, Brian Dubois in an earlier column gave the definition of a troll and it describes you to a tee.

brutus smith

 Aren't you supposed to be watching 80 year old ladies get patted down?

brutus smith

 For someone who regurgitates jim hoft's stuff on here you sure have a lot of room to talk.


And mr. who can only re-post what other people have said and demonizes anyone who thinks different, is not a troll? Yeah right winnie.


The old Erie County PTA, you know, like the song Harper Valley PTA? Point the finger at everyone else except that person in the mirror.


What are your thoughts about bloggers that use numerous user names to inflate the number of comments on their blog?


Should that be eliminated as well?

Bryan Dubois

Perkinsandlynn,  first let's have a definition of terms.  "Bloggers" are people who maintain web logs.  They write "posts" or "blog entries" that appear on the blog's main page.  On the Sandusky Register there are 9 bloggers.  The bloggers are listed at the top of the page.  They are:

Matt Westerhold Tom Jackson Sue Daugherty Jason Singer Jason Werling Bryan Dubois FIT: Clark FIT: Guerra FIT: Mortus users who leave comments under blog posts or news articles are known as "commenters."

With so many people misusing these terms - which are generally accepted everywhere else on the internet except here, it seems, it's easy to misunderstand what you're describing.

My thoughts about bloggers who use numerous user names to inflate the number of comments on their blog are that it's intellectually dishonest and should be discouraged.  This practice is also known as "sock puppeteering" and is frowned upon by most blog users, including myself.  I know there are certain commenters who do this to give the appearance that other people agree with their opinions, but I'm not aware of any bloggers on the Register who do this.  I would also discourage any blogger from having a separate identity which he/she uses to comment on his/her own blog.

Brutus,  I suspect that you believe in a first amendment right to comment on the Register.  I have news for you:  You do not have a first amendment right to free speech on the Sandusky Register.  The Sandusky Register is a service owned by a corporation and they can set up their commenting system however they like - just as all other media companies in this country.  I believe that the excessive trolling damages this product and hope that they take action against it.  We'll wait and see what they do.

Kudos to Diane Schaefer for once again posting and clarifying!  (Sorry about the misspell!  I fixed it.)

brutus smith

 Well, that is 2 stories you couldn't comprehend what the person said. 1st was the "marriage is obsolete" where you misquoted Kottage Kat, and now the 2nd with Diane. Good thing people "troll" these blogs huh?

And why is it you have problems with those on the left commenting, inferring they are trolls, but people like goofus and winnie, who by the way has multiple screen names on here, can do whatever. Same as commenting on someone's opinion column. Gee, if it's a Liberal columnist they must either be nuts or have an ulterior motive. I won't EVEN get into the fact that Mr. Sanders is an African-American. 

And finally bryan you couldn't even comprehend what I said. I never said it was a right to comment on here. I said it was a good place to comment. And I'm sure if you could have your way only people who think like you would be allowed to comment, and only articles that are right wing would be printed. I don't call for you to banned because you misrepresent what people say, so why do you want people banned because they don't agree with you. This section brings a lot of traffic to the S-R, so they wouldn't be doing themselves any favors.

Bryan Dubois

Brutus, please give me an example of how I misquoted Diane Schaefer.

Nobody should have more than one screen name on here.  I never said any differently.

Brutus, trolls write things like suggesting that people who don't agree with them should be shipped off to concentration camps.  You've done that.


Governor-elect John Kasich keeps hiring process private.

I don't like Kasich on a good day, but on this issue I understand why he is doing this.

He doesn't trust the media.

Golly gee, I wonder why?


brutus smith

 The "concentration camp" thing was a joke reply to 6079. Good grief. But you advocating for restricted speech is no joke. And my mistake of saying misquote instead of misrepresenting what Diane said. Did you even read what she wrote? Write your blog, but don't try to shut down speech because someone calls you on "your facts".

Bryan Dubois


1.  You admit that you made a mistake when you wrote "misquote" instead of "misrepresent."  Are other people entitled to honest mistakes too?

2.  Show me where I misrepresented what Diane Schaefer wrote.  Please give me an example.  You will be unable to provide an example because your claim is baseless.  I did not misquote or misrepresent what she said.

3.  I am advocating further restrictions on commenting on the Sandusky Register against those who abuse their anonymity and those who troll this site.  The Register would be well within their rights to do so - and it would be a good business decision too.  The Sandusky Register is not required to give you a platform to troll. 

4.  I never said you're the only troll on this site.  (By the way, doing so is a good example of you misrepresenting my position.)

5.  You made a "joke" about sending those who disagree with you to concentration camps - yet you have a problem with Rich Iott for dressing up as a Nazi.  Let me share the joke with you:  He was "just an actor" and you were "just joking."  Right?

brutus smith

  NOV 26, 2010 
11:57 AM Diane Schaefer says

Mr. Dubois, While I thank you for acknowledging that it took some courage to post under my own name, I think you missed the point of my first post.

Bryan Dubois

Brutus Smith, the point of my blog post was that Diane Schaefer used the commenting section under the SR article to defend her actions when it came to the public records request.  I never addressed the details of the article nor did I address the details of Schaefer's account of what happened.  My post was about Schaefer using the commenting section to relay her point of view to SR readers directly.  I did not misrepresent what Schaefer said, nor did I misquote her.   Reposting Schaefer's comment does nothing to support your claim that I misrepresented or misquoted her words.  Your claim is baseless.


Swing-and-a-miss on that point - and I guess you won't touch the other 4 points I made?


Nice dodge, you know what I meant.


Ms. Schaefer, I think he is ignoring the fact that he missed you point.  You have mentioned that twice now.  Such is life on the internet, but let me ask you this.  Recently the subject of releasing minutes from executive sessions of the city commission has come up.  What are your thoughts on this.  I find it odd that the commissioners that ran on a platform of "open and responsive government" do not want it.

Bryan Dubois


 I don't think you're getting it.  Ms. Schaefer did not post that last comment.  Brutus Smith reposted Schafer's comment from 11:47 am.  Run your cursor over it and highlight the text.  It was not a new comment.   Brutus reposted it and pretended that it somehow supported his claim that I misrepresented Schaefer's words.  You understand?

By the way:  I am not ignoring Schaefer's point.  I'm saying that Schaefer's point was never the subject of my post in the first place.  I never addressed anything in Ouriel's article, nor Schaefer's account.  Why is this so difficult to understand?

As far as your claim that I "dodged" something.  I answered your question.  What "dodge" did I make?  Please clarify!

I never met Ms. Schaefer and most certainly do not speak for her. That being said: Many years ago when I served as an appointed and elected official. We had a young lady that covered our meetings for a local paper. She would do a column reporting the action taken at the meeting. Anything that might embarrass someone was never printed. All officials will make a mistake at some point in their service. If she thought that we could have handled a situation better than we did, she would give us her opinion or spin. We learned to respect her opinions and in the end, she was a good influence, and the community was a better place because of her intelligence and patience. The lady was a class act and if she requested information, she was trusted to handle it in a sensible manner and not do more damage than good. When the SR made the decision to publish Erie County leave data, they could have made their point without printing names and dragging individual employees thru the mud. It’s that kind of “Journalism” that makes any elected official shudder. You might as well have painted a target on each and every employee’s back. If you remember, a regular poster did a quick CYA, by announcing that his “wife” was a county employee. Quote “my wife works for the county and she gets comp time, sick time and vacation!  she takes it and doesn't complain but i think it is a freakin bunch of bs’ What made him nervous? @ Ms. Schaefer, don’t let the people using you to promote themselves, get you down. You go girl.
Julie R.

@ Mr. Dubois:

While I give Ms. Schaefer credit for disputing what she claimed was not the truth, I fail to see where you are coming from that it took courage for her to post under her real name. Obviously, to dispute what was said she would HAVE to post under her real name which means I totally fail to see the connection you are trying to promote here----that because Ms. Schaefer gave her real name that means ALL commenters should. 

Also, after reading the original story that this blog stemmed from, I didn't see any comments at all by brutus smith so maybe you can tell us why this blog seem to be an attack on him? Neither did I see any comments under the original story that were all that bad so one might have to wonder why you said poor Ms. Schaefer took time out on Thanksgiving to defend (what you claimed) were lies the commenters made. And once again, if some of these UPFRONT (choke) public officials don't like what the SR and/or the commenters say about them then maybe they should follow in the footsteps of Ms. Schaefer and "dispute" it. I personally would love to see it! 

6079 Smith W
@ Mr. Dubois:   Hopefully, it’s dawned on you that attempting to have an intelligent and rational discussion with an Internet troll like “brutus smith” is an exercise in futility.   I know, I’ve tried repeatedly and have always been unsuccessful.   Byway of the definition of a troll; his goal is largely to disrupt, insult and gain attention – that’s all.   All trolls essentially need is for someone to respond to their provocative posts and they feel that they’ve won the game. Dialogue is not their goal; only their selfish childish game is important.   Finding deep-thinking Progressive-liberals or Marxists is next to impossible because the basis of their philosophy is emotional. Von Mises wrote extensively on this point.   When "Air America" was on the air, I would occasionally tune in hoping to become educated about their point of view. After a few minutes I would turn it off because the essence of the “argument” would most often boil down to: “Can we all agree that George Bush s*cks?” followed by the host and crew’s laughter.   Other than some Fox News programs, there’s little on the cable that allows the leftists to spout their views followed by a conservative or libertarian retort and visa versa.   If you choose to continue to attempt a dialogue with our parasitic troll – best wishes for having fun playing with your imbecilic charge.


Bryan Dubois

Oh, I know.


The newspaper will not "revamp" the commenting system for one giant reason.


A friend of mine that may or may not still work for the newspaper in IT (sorry I do not want to give too many details about this person) was telling a few of us one day that some of the bloggers, some reporters, and even editors have mutliple logins names.  They use these multiple names to generate friction in the commenting area and provoke more comments.  This inturn inflates the number of times the website is looked at and inflates the advertising rates.

This was brought up when one of us in the group at the restaurant that day asked why the commenting system is as bad as it is.  We asked why they do not force or encourage you to post under your own name.  This was the answer we got.  This person was even able to tell us what names were what editors, reporters and bloggers.

Bryan Dubois


Would you mind admitting that you misread the material on this blog before you continue to another subject?  You failed to see that Brutus Smith reposted Ms. Schaefer's prior comment. 

Making mistakes is expected - but when you make a mistake, you should admit it.

I answered the question you posed to me, but instead of accepting it, you decided to claim that I "dodged" it.  Why?

As for this theory, it's possible that Register employees engage other commenters in these threads.  I don't believe that it's to inflate the number of comments though.  They have the same interest you do in commenting under these blog entries and stories, so you wouldn't begrudge them for doing this, would you?  Their reason for doing this is, if they do it, is their own business.  If they do it, for the reason of simply disagreeing with other commenters, I believe the practice should be discouraged.  (Again, I don't think they do this.)

I do not share the opinion that many comments equal a good product.  The damage to the product caused by trolling and name-calling far outweighs the slight traffic increase caused by the same few commenters returning over and over to pointlessly argue with each other.


@ Dubois, 6079 Smith, Goofus, Brutus Smith, and others..........................

 This section is called the "comment" section,not the "blog" section.  Granted there are some who get confused about what a comment really is.  Personally,I like to see what other peoples OPINIONS are about the subject at hand. But instead I end up seeing people like 6079smith only giving us a repeat of what brutus smith said somewhere as a comment,and then goofus agreeing with him. As a matter of fact, I have seen more insulting and name calling from 6079smith and goofus than any other person on here.  And now after your "blog" that started this,I see you are not really any better than them. I am not taking any side here,but what I have seen, Brutus Smith will make a comment,which is his "opinion" about a story. Then 6079 smith ALWAYS comes back showing us what Brutus said, like we didn`t already read it, and begins insulting him and calling him names like some bully on the playground. Then his sidekick goofus has to jump in and spew his insults also.  This has been going on for quite some time now and isn`t even funny anymore. AND to top it off,when 6079 smith isn`t insulting and name calling, he is making comments about others that name call and insult for having different opinions ,,making it sound like HE NEVER DOES IT... It is obvious that 6079 smith is obsessed with Brutus and he needs to realize that WE DON`T CARE !!  At least Brutus Smith will give us his opinions and thoughts on the subject ,and he doesn`t  go to name calling until he is attacked by 6079 or goofus.  I just wish they would grow up and stop talking out both sides of their mouths and try to keep their comments about the subject at hand instead of always insulting people and calling them names.  EVERYBODY has a right to their own opinion and just because you do not agree with them does not mean you are right and they are wrong. So come on guys,please show us you can act like adults and stop acting like bullies on the grade school playground. SOME people have very interesting takes on subjects and  bring interesting thoughts to an issue, but when we have to read these childish comments from 6079smith and the like , it is like trying to have an adult conversation in a room with a couple unruly kids running around. 

 Now I am interested in what names and insults they will throw at me for being honest.  IF they even respond. And please don`t tell us he started it.


Didn't know I had to acknoledge that I did not notice that it was a repost....sorry, I will erect a billboard on Rt. 2 next time to make up for it.


I was told that the comments were not to just comment on the stories but to provoke agruements.  If people just make normal benign comments there is no return traffic, but if they result to "trolling" or "name calling" then they will return to see what the result is.  This is especialy true when someone provokes them into this "online war".  This, as I was told, was the reason the Register staff was encouraged to make the comments.

6079 Smith W

brutus smith writes:

“The "concentration camp" thing was a joke reply to 6079.”

Some “joke.”

I wrote:

"How about gulags or re-education camps for those of who do not agree with leftist viewpoints; would that suffice?"

brutus smith responded:  

“That would be a start.”

So the suffering, misery and death associated with internment camps is funny to you Jethro?


Massengill Wins...

Good thing the tea baggers are not emotional and that their arguments are based on facts.  I am so glad they have found the courage to spread their message now that Obama is president.  The courage that must have taken after being silent for 8 years about taxes, privacy and etc.  Most of all it is great to see that they figured out that protesting doesn't make you a terrorist sympathizer.  Good thing the good guys are above calling people names like imbecile parasite and troll.  We are the grown ups and the victims of these bad guys.

6079 Smith W
Feminine hygiene deodorant product smith:   Feeling the need to refer to yourself as a “grown-up” kinda begs the question doesn’t it?  

Your user name speaks volumes in that regard.


Massengill Wins...

Winston it sounds like you might have turned to the dark side because I made factual comments and you chose to attack me instead?  Those evil liberals are making your force weak.

6079 Smith W

@ Douche smith:

Yea using the term "bad guys" was "factual.” LOL

Mommy he attacked me!!! ROFLMAO.

Remember the words of your Head Troll:

“People in glass houses should not throw stones.” (brutus smith Nov. 19, 2010)



Massengill Wins...

Winston says:

"Byway of the definition of a troll; his goal is largely to disrupt, insult and gain attention – that’s all".

I can't believe the liberals think maybe you are a little trollish when you call the POTUS "Obie"  Can't they see the constructive potential of such profound name calling?  Those stupid Marxists!


Perkinsandlynn, can you share that list? Who really are Brutus,massengill,and duhast?


Goofus, you don't need to know Brutus and Dooshie's real names, any more than they need to know yours.  Anonymity affords all of us the luxury of writing what's on our minds, without fear of recrimination, and without having to pull our punches; that is, as long as we stay within the somewhat inconsistent limits established by the monitors.

I don't think that either Brutus or Dooshie qualifies as a "troll;"  it looks to me like they both write what they actually think and feel.  In my book, a true troll is a pretender.  Pastor Ron is a great example; pretends to be a Christian fundamentalist, to make actual Christians look bad.

And why pick on Duhast?  Yes, he leans to the left, but he always fights clean.  I don't recall EVER having seen a purely gratuitous insult written by him.  I often disagree with him, but I respect him.

Before anyone jumps in to blast me for the sins of my past, I'll admit that I'm no paragon of virtue.  I've stepped over the line more than once.  According to the monitor, I did so last night, when commenting on the three knuckle-draggers who beat a baby alpaca to death.  Weird; I've gotten away with worse.  Makes me wonder if some of the monitors take it out on us when their bowels are acting up.

Well, that's all for now.  Got work to do.  Have a pleasant day, y'all.

Massengill Wins...

GhostRider can't agree with you more.  Get ready for the name calling and verbal attacks.


GhostRider, na na na na I'm rubber your glue, your comments bounce off me and sticks to you!!! Please lighten up, embolisms are so messy.


Government can always try something once to see if the public is paying attention.  If they get away with it, the practice continues until the public or the local newspaper calls the government on it and informs them that their practice has to stop.  The public has a right to be informed.  If you don't want negative press, then straighten up your act and quit playing games with the documentation. Remember to hold your elected officials accountable or there will be a change come the next election.

Print Email Washington Prowler Seizing the Internet

Staffers at the Federal Communications Commission with ties to the commission's chairman, Julius Genachowski, coordinated media and strategy planning with senior Free Press and officials in the run up to Genachowski's announcement that he would be seeking an FCC vote on imposing so-called "net neutrality" rules on broadband and the Internet, and doing so when Congress is out of session during the Thanksgiving and Christmas recesses.

"Net neutrality" is a policy proposal that would essentially strip the control and traffic management of broadband networks from those companies that deployed them and make them run properly, and transfer much of that oversight to the federal government. Under the proposal rumored to be under consideration by the FCC, network operators such as AT&T and Comcast would not be allowed to offer consumers prioritized service or quality of service guarantees for such things as movie downloads and video streaming.

"It essentially turns the networks into dumb pipes, so you have billions of people going online and no one is really managing the traffic in a way so that consumers have a good experience," says an FCC staffer for a Republican commission member. "People don't realize how much video and communications comes over their broadband lines. This is the left's attempt to rein in things like Fox News, Pajamas Media, Internet radio broadcasts for Limbaugh and Levin -- anything that is data-related or video-related that requires some high-tech network management would be degraded or limited by the imposition of net neutrality."

Congressional Republicans (and even some Democrats) have stated that they do not believe the FCC has the statutory standing to impose such rules -- which would reclassify broadband and Internet services as "telecommunications services" and bring them under rules that were developed for the rotary phone back in the 1930s -- without guidance from Congress. More than 100 members from both parties formally requested that the FCC take no action until the House and Senate had had a chance to weigh in on the matter.

But with the Obama Administration quickly losing its own standing with its radical base as it prepares to surrender to Republicans on the Bush tax cut renewals and possible budget cuts, "We need to give our people a win, and right now, [net neutrality] is the only win we will probably be able to give them for at least the next six to eight months," says a White House official.

About a week ago it appeared that nothing would be done at the FCC, and Free Press, the leftist group founded by Marxist Robert McChesney and financed by George Soros, was due to host a media call to demand FCC action. But that call was canceled without explanation and rescheduled for Monday, November 22, at which point Free Press was able to tout news to its membership that the FCC appeared prepared to act on the neutrality policy.

"We were told [last week] to hold our fire and reschedule our call," says a Free Press media aide, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals. "We have friends inside the FCC and they told us that if we just waited a few days, there would be good news for us to announce to our membership. More senior people knew what was happening over there and even had the dates for the ruling circulation and the FCC meeting schedule so we could plan events to support Genachowski and the Democratic commissioners."

Speaking with outside public interest groups or industry officials is not forbidden at the FCC, though in the case of an issue like "net neutrality," FCC staff involved at any level with the decision making process are required to publicly file an ex parte notice about any discussions related to the policy issue they have with outside groups. To date, no ex parte filings have been filed related to any contact a senior FCC official might have had with senior officials at Free Press. A number of current FCC officials have ties to Free Press, including Jen Howard, currently spokesperson for Genachowski, who formerly was a spokesperson for Free Press.

In the past year, Free Press has been caught in several ethics missteps related to its claims of not lobbying Democrats on Capitol Hill or at the FCC. In one instance, the group was caught drafting letters to be published under the names of liberal Democrats addressed to the FCC and intended to influence that decision-making body. Republicans on Capitol Hill have already made it clear that oversight of the FCC will be a priority for the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

As it stands, the FCC will release the planned rulemaking for net neutrality while Congress is out of town on Thanksgiving recess, and would vote on the rules on December 21, when Congress is on Christmas recess. "In short, they are doing this in such a way that it is rubbing our noses in it," says a Republican staffer on House Energy and Commerce. "Unless folks just rise up and make noise about this, there isn't much we can do until after the new year when we get back and have control of the committee."

6079 Smith W
  GhostRider writes:   “At least Brutus Smith will give us his opinions and thoughts on the subject, and he doesn`t  go to name calling until he is attacked by 6079 or goofus.”   "And please don`t tell us he started it."   Your observation is incorrect. And because I verbally fight back against ad hominem attacks, I’m the “bad guy”? I don’t think so.   No "name calling"? Here’s a first rate example:   Ask “Massengill Winston Smith” about the intention and meaning of his user name; and why he chose it.   In the final analysis, if you don’t like what I write – skip over it. Problem solved.     ------------                  @ Douche smith:   So, when writing you never used a derogatory term to refer to President GW Bush or other political figures?   Is “Obie” commenting on these blogs?   And your personal ad hominem attacks against me are the equivalent of and in response to my referring to Mr. Obama as “Obie”?   # 1: You identify way too much and place far too much emphasis on political figures.    

# 2: Your definition of “name calling” is way too broad.

Massengill Wins...

Face it Winston you are a TROLL by your own definition!


 Thank you goofus and 6079 smith for proving my point. Neither one of you can come up with an original comment or thought of your own unless it is insulting someone or calling them names. You have to repeat something somebody else says.  You have BOTH just proven my point that YOU BOTH ARE TROLLS BY YOUR OWN DEFINITION.    I am not name calling because it is a FACT. 

 So you can both come back now with your childish comments,except this time and from now on,I will not be reading or responding to them as I am MUCH better and WAY to mature to stoop to your level!!!!!

I hope others on here will do the same.


But what happens when one's opinion is so steeped in ignorance without one iota of fact? Herr ghostrider.

6079 Smith W
   @ MWS:   So the intention and meaning of your user name is what?    
brutus smith

 I see the hate brothers are teaming up again.

6079 Smith W
GhostRider writes:   “Neither one of you can come up with an original comment or thought of your own unless it is insulting someone or calling them names.”   You’ve obviously made a wrongheaded observation and arrived at an erroneous conclusion, while having answered none of my questions or asked any of your own.  

It would seem that we’ve reached an impasse on this subject and we'll perhaps just have to agree to disagree.     You may wish to educate yourself on what constitutes a troll:


One down, four to go. Must be a Michigan fan having a bad day.

Marine Sgt.

 This will be my last comment on here for a while. I got called back to duty early. Heading to Korea now. But I couldn`t leave without saying something. 



 I also want to thank everybody for their support of the troups. It means a lot to know that you think of us and are praying for us.



Perkinsandlynn says "A friend of mine that may or may not still work for the newspaper in IT (sorry I do not want to give too many details about this person) was telling a few of us one day that some of the bloggers, some reporters, and even editors have mutliple logins names.  They use these multiple names to generate friction in the commenting area and provoke more comments."  As I mentioned before, I was blocked and banned for a while because of my signature and youtube link that was political in nature. Plus many of my comments were deleted even though they did not violate any discussion guidelines. I would like to know who "gemini logic" is who seemed to have a big problem with my former signature. Register employee maybe? Nobody else ever made a big stink over my former signature. But Gemini Logic sure did. When that young man from Huron drowned, I offered condolences to the family and friends. Gemini Logic made it a point to use that particular solemn story that was filled with comments of prayers and condolences. And I will quote Gemini Logic.

Gemini Logic says @Salvatore; I find it hard to believe that you are saddened by anything when your only purpose in commenting is to promote your agenda. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other, now does it? My sympathies to you.

I wrote @gemini logic! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!   A young man died. If you want to attack me over my signature, at least do it on another story. This story is about Nathan. I apologize to the family and friends of Nathan. The Supreme Being is taking care of Nathan now. Again, my condolences.

Gemini Logic says  @ salvatore, I have done nothing about which to be ashamed, so don't try the guilt tip train on me.

My former signature would be shown in all of my comments, even comments that were deleted. I did mention in a later comment where I posted a photo of Nathan to disregard my signature. Another person commented that GL's comments were not the place in that particular story. GL came back and posted "I don't and @salvatore thank you for taking my point. I'm done now. good evening to all."  What  a self righteous and better than thou person GL is. I have the feeling that GL had a lot to do with me getting blocked and banned. After I deleted my signature and the link to youtube, the block against me was lifted and I was allowed to comment again. RETALIATION is the word. Schaefer is a public official and many public officals should use the comments with their real names. But I can see public officials using anonymous names also. Kevin Baxter wrote some letters to the editor when the register used him as a target. One question that I have to the register reporters is if their stories are edited by the editor before being printed as the final version.





Ghostrider, I only post on issues that interest me, mostly about the Obama regime. Not being a resident of Erie county I don't feel the need to comment on local issues, nor do I care. Unlike Brutus and yourself I refrain from posting on 99% of the junk the Register claims is a story. I despise liberals and their progressive agenda and when attacked, I respond. So if that what makes me a troll in your eyes and mind, so be it. However you know you will respond to one my posts in the future so please refrain from the crocidile tears you are shedding.

6079 Smith W

Marine Sgt. writes:


 Bold and in caps?

 Are you a new troll or one of the present crop with another user name?


"It is better to live for something then to die for nothing" ???

Shouldn't this be: "It is better to die for something instead of living for nothing"?


16:50 GMT The United States said it was too early to consider any military response to North Korea's attack.

"At this point it's premature to say that we're considering any action," Colonel Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters.

He said no additional US forces had been deployed to the region as a result of the North Korean artillery barrage.

"We're still monitoring the situation and talking with our allies," Lapan said, adding that Washington was "mindful" of which actions might exacerbate or cool tensions on the peninsula.

Isgt, are you perhaps freelancing it? I'm glad to see you are going it alone.So who is really the idiot?

Julie R.

Hey Mr. Dubois, you say that in the end readers would gladly trade a thousand anonymous trolls for 1 upfront public official that gives their opinion and honestly tacks their name to it......

What a JOKE you are. And come to think of it I've never seen you criticize any of these Erie County public officials with the exception of the Clerk of Courts Barb Johnson. Why not?  Are you afraid of the big bad wolf  (we won't mention any names) here in corrupt Erie County or what? 


Hopefully Brutus Smith will remember these posts about name calling the next time he gets the urge to call someone "right wingnuts" and other things when they disagree with his point of view.


Marine Sgt, where did ya go? Why the rush, no marine corps units have been called up yet, and if you were a part of the U.S.S. George Washington carrier group, you're awol anyway.


Hey Brian get my IP.

I'm not ashamed of my posts. yet because we don't know many here, these shared comments do much good.

One example is how Norwalk council members were able to field many questions regarding local issues.

How convienient for many with busy schedules.

Sure there are some I detest, but big one is ever going to get along with everyone.

Besides I find it truly interesting when I got  a government represenitive to finally give me a straight answer regarding OUR money that HE used. He sure wanted to know who I was!

These forums allow ALL to have a Executive privelidge rights can curtail that.


I'll respect your opinion - please respect mine.

Thank you.


Kimo says "Many years ago when I served as an appointed and elected official. We had a young lady that covered our meetings for a local paper." Oy kimo! Have you ever been misquoted in the newspapers or have newspapers use your quotes against you?


 If I recall right,marine sgt said he was home on leave. If his unit is being deployed or just put on alert for what  MIGHT happen, then he is being called back for that.  I have been hearing about a lot of people on leave being called back.  That is what the military does when they go on high alert.  He is right about you two. I am starting to believe that you are one in the same because you both alway back each other up EVERYTIME, even if the comment is way off base. AND you seem to accuse others of being one in the same. Are you trying to throw us off or what?

6079 Smith W

I’ve seen different postings where “GhostRider” and “Marine Sgt.” have written in bold caps. Hmmm.

It would appear that the troll is not bright enough to carry off his attempt at fancy footwork and keep his nom de plumes straight. Not surprised.

Return of Dragon

I see 6079 Smith W and Goofus post nonsense all the time and it is clear they are same person.

6079 Smith W

@ ROD, et al:

Nice game of troll mental masturbation ya got goin’ on with yourself there – enjoy!

brutus smith

 It just drives you insane winnie when people give back to you what you dish out. Like you needed anymore help.

6079 Smith W

 @ “Jethro” smith:

Insanity? Nothing could be further from the truth.

As the resident head troll aren’t you just here to have fun and play your little childish mind games?

You don’t actually believe that I take any of your mental sputum serious do ya? LOL

Any attempt at having a rational and intelligent discussion with you or your fellow troglodytes is long gone. Trying again would be insanity! 



Gee Ghostrider, I hear alot of things too, I actually heard once that Obama was capable of being a president. Imagine that. Only goes to show you don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Trust me when I tell you this,but the fake marine seargent is not going to Korea, Obie doesn't know how to respond to the situation. Besides what type of korean deployment was  he going to, a float, combat,or a relief deployment?

brutus smith

 And we get another anti-military rant from the goof one.

6079 Smith W
User name history:     GhostRider: 2 weeks 1 day    Marine Sgt: 2 weeks 3 days    This is getting like the movie “Sybil.” How many demonic personalities are there?    

Where's Fr. Karras when you need him?




Not that it really matters what you think ,but I know who mairne sgt is. He is a Gunnery Sargent in the US Marine Corps. with over 30 years of honorable service to his country. After reading his last post and getting a good laugh from it, I called his elderly mother to see if he was who I thought he was. After finding out it was him,I  asked her where he was going to..She told me he is in a Recon unit and left for Korea on the 30th. He is meeting up with his unit at Camp LeJeune,N.C.,where he is stationed. 

  Do you really think the military is going to tell us everything they are doing over there?  I haven`t talked to him in over 2 years but I do know for a FACT, that he is not a lier and is a very honorable person This is the last time I will talk about this. I just don`t want people to disrespect him because of what you said.


Blog replies should (and could) be divided into two groupings. Entertainment and personal attacks, however misguided, and honest & thoughtful replies.

I think there is a value in anonymity,for many blogs, and also a corresponding value in identification of the posting.  And both of those groups should be separated also.

Good luck with those that have no redeeming value in either case.


This Blog sure brought the RAAAAARRR!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Bryan!!!!!!!!!!


FYI, certainly winnie Smith & Goofus are different people.

Based on past rants they show this to me.

However imo they both have mental issues.


Julie R.

Hey Bryan, when I first started reading and making comments on the SR stories (I believe it was right about the time Kim Nuesse got fired)  I can recall how you, John Doe, (alias Sam) and Buff started in with your crap right away. i.e. tin-foil hats and a  "conspiracy theorist who was as nutty as Elsebeth Baumgartner."  (at the time I hardly knew anything about the infamous EB and I knew zilch about the Erie-Ottawa County case against her) As I recall you even posted one of your stupid pictures on your blog about me just like you have done to numerous other commenters. When that didn't work your group started with their sarcastic insults and whenever I responded it went on to PROBATE HIJACK.

So in consideration of the above and just out of curiosity------this blog is about Shaefer's response to a story in the SR and your opinion that commenters should be made to give their real names plus your other STUPID opinion that most readers would glady trade a thousand anonymous trolls for 1 upfront public official who gives their opinion and honestly tacks their name to it, right? So how come you, Buff, Sam, (alias John Doe) and even Woody Hayes aren't on here yelling HIJACK over this same 'ole nonsense of cut and paste, Obama, the government and attacks on brutus smith?


So julie r, you recommend i follow lock step behind comrade obama and his agenda and allow for the inane ranting of brutus, i think not. kURT, I do get invloved in government, I worked tirelessly on the Marco Rubio campaign here in Volusia County.


Seems to me brutus smith makes his fair share of attacks in all the comments, but that's just my opinion.

6079 Smith W

 @ goofus: 

Do you have any sense of Mr. Rubio’s aspirations for higher office, i.e. The Presidency?  

Winnie, it's really hard to tell, I've met the man personally at fund raisers here in Florida and he has the charisma. He is obviously the most respected tea partier elected, but he does have a deep sense for the citizens of Florida and his duty to the electorate. Because people thought Charlie Crist was trying to get elected as Florida Senator as a stepping stone for a presidential run may keep Marco down on the farm. Talk down here is a veep position. Personally we need him down here, Florida has a unemployment problem. Disney and the other tourist traps are feeling the brunt of Obama"s failed policies and this recession.


 We all trolls on this bus homeboy!

Ain't that right goofus?! (What's Soros up to today?)

FYI my real name is Pundit. It's dutch.

For a "libertarian" Dubious, you sure want to do a lot of "revamping".

Dubious, your going to give up snark? Or you just want others to? Sounds like typical social conservative 'do as I say not as I do' logic.




Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Geez, the animosity of the left is a sight to be hold. Can't wait for the next congress to be seated.


Pundit, please to meet you Dutch, were you named after the chocolate,oven,or Dutch Schultz?


Smith 6079 you don't care've done nothing but blo. When givens answers to your asked questions you still do it. Blo. pdb



Sorry, but I was not given a list only told about it.  We were told who a couple of the names belong to, but I am not familiar with register employe names and did not take notes.  I am not sure if I would let the cat out of the bag if Idid know.