BLOG: Is Schaefer's Response Where Local Media Is Headed?

Bryan Dubois
Nov 26, 2010

A positive thing is happening under an SR article, and local leadership should take note that this is where local media is and should be headed.

One of the reasons I believe the commenting section of the Sandusky Register should be revamped is to encourage this type of interaction.  Commenters should be encouraged to use real names (or at least civility) and trolls should be recognized and their accounts should be deleted immediately.  If you want useless, anonymous snark, visit youtube.  If you believe local media provides a valuable resource to the public in the way of acting as medium between government and citizens, then you should treat it with more respect and value.

In accordance with that last idea, Diane Schaefer, who is a Perkins resident and elected fiscal officer, is using the local media capability to her advantage:

There were questions raised about whether Schaeffer was being cooperative in releasing public documents regarding the relocation of Perkins townhall.  The Register published their account of what happened between their reporter and Schaeffer, and like always, commenters offered their opinions of the account.  Apparently, some of the comments were either unfair or outright lies.

So Diane Schaefer spent more than a few minutes on Thanksgiving Day to defend herself from the lies in the commenting section.

Her decision to post as herself raises a few questions and proves something that many local civil leaders would love to be untrue:  The commenting section is read by alot of people.  Sure, it may be a cesspool of nonsense by the likes of the same 3 anonymous commenters but every once in awhile there will come a Schaeffer moment when it's worth reading.

Why don't more local officials who feel wronged by coverage respond personally?  Sure, this is not a traditional way to handle what one perceives as 'bad press', but a carefully worded response is probably more effective than just praying the newspaper and anonymous commenters get it right next time.

What role will the media play if more public officials begin to handle their interactions with the public directly instead of relying on a reporter to accurately quote them or follow a legitimate narrative that's worthy of coverage?

Schaefer's move should be noted and if the Register is awake and watching, they should find a way to encourage more of it.  (One of which is to revamp the comments section)  In the end, I think readers would gladly trade a thousand anonymous trolls for 1 upfront public official who gives their opinion and honestly tacks their name to it.  That new, innovative media model would better serve the community and ensure sustainability in the constantly changing media world...


6079 Smith W

I’ve seen different postings where “GhostRider” and “Marine Sgt.” have written in bold caps. Hmmm.

It would appear that the troll is not bright enough to carry off his attempt at fancy footwork and keep his nom de plumes straight. Not surprised.

Return of Dragon

I see 6079 Smith W and Goofus post nonsense all the time and it is clear they are same person.

6079 Smith W

@ ROD, et al:

Nice game of troll mental masturbation ya got goin’ on with yourself there – enjoy!

brutus smith

 It just drives you insane winnie when people give back to you what you dish out. Like you needed anymore help.

6079 Smith W

 @ “Jethro” smith:

Insanity? Nothing could be further from the truth.

As the resident head troll aren’t you just here to have fun and play your little childish mind games?

You don’t actually believe that I take any of your mental sputum serious do ya? LOL

Any attempt at having a rational and intelligent discussion with you or your fellow troglodytes is long gone. Trying again would be insanity! 



Gee Ghostrider, I hear alot of things too, I actually heard once that Obama was capable of being a president. Imagine that. Only goes to show you don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Trust me when I tell you this,but the fake marine seargent is not going to Korea, Obie doesn't know how to respond to the situation. Besides what type of korean deployment was  he going to, a float, combat,or a relief deployment?

brutus smith

 And we get another anti-military rant from the goof one.

6079 Smith W
User name history:     GhostRider: 2 weeks 1 day    Marine Sgt: 2 weeks 3 days    This is getting like the movie “Sybil.” How many demonic personalities are there?    

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Not that it really matters what you think ,but I know who mairne sgt is. He is a Gunnery Sargent in the US Marine Corps. with over 30 years of honorable service to his country. After reading his last post and getting a good laugh from it, I called his elderly mother to see if he was who I thought he was. After finding out it was him,I  asked her where he was going to..She told me he is in a Recon unit and left for Korea on the 30th. He is meeting up with his unit at Camp LeJeune,N.C.,where he is stationed. 

  Do you really think the military is going to tell us everything they are doing over there?  I haven`t talked to him in over 2 years but I do know for a FACT, that he is not a lier and is a very honorable person This is the last time I will talk about this. I just don`t want people to disrespect him because of what you said.


Blog replies should (and could) be divided into two groupings. Entertainment and personal attacks, however misguided, and honest & thoughtful replies.

I think there is a value in anonymity,for many blogs, and also a corresponding value in identification of the posting.  And both of those groups should be separated also.

Good luck with those that have no redeeming value in either case.


This Blog sure brought the RAAAAARRR!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Bryan!!!!!!!!!!


FYI, certainly winnie Smith & Goofus are different people.

Based on past rants they show this to me.

However imo they both have mental issues.


Julie R.

Hey Bryan, when I first started reading and making comments on the SR stories (I believe it was right about the time Kim Nuesse got fired)  I can recall how you, John Doe, (alias Sam) and Buff started in with your crap right away. i.e. tin-foil hats and a  "conspiracy theorist who was as nutty as Elsebeth Baumgartner."  (at the time I hardly knew anything about the infamous EB and I knew zilch about the Erie-Ottawa County case against her) As I recall you even posted one of your stupid pictures on your blog about me just like you have done to numerous other commenters. When that didn't work your group started with their sarcastic insults and whenever I responded it went on to PROBATE HIJACK.

So in consideration of the above and just out of curiosity------this blog is about Shaefer's response to a story in the SR and your opinion that commenters should be made to give their real names plus your other STUPID opinion that most readers would glady trade a thousand anonymous trolls for 1 upfront public official who gives their opinion and honestly tacks their name to it, right? So how come you, Buff, Sam, (alias John Doe) and even Woody Hayes aren't on here yelling HIJACK over this same 'ole nonsense of cut and paste, Obama, the government and attacks on brutus smith?


So julie r, you recommend i follow lock step behind comrade obama and his agenda and allow for the inane ranting of brutus, i think not. kURT, I do get invloved in government, I worked tirelessly on the Marco Rubio campaign here in Volusia County.


Seems to me brutus smith makes his fair share of attacks in all the comments, but that's just my opinion.

6079 Smith W

 @ goofus: 

Do you have any sense of Mr. Rubio’s aspirations for higher office, i.e. The Presidency?  

Winnie, it's really hard to tell, I've met the man personally at fund raisers here in Florida and he has the charisma. He is obviously the most respected tea partier elected, but he does have a deep sense for the citizens of Florida and his duty to the electorate. Because people thought Charlie Crist was trying to get elected as Florida Senator as a stepping stone for a presidential run may keep Marco down on the farm. Talk down here is a veep position. Personally we need him down here, Florida has a unemployment problem. Disney and the other tourist traps are feeling the brunt of Obama"s failed policies and this recession.


 We all trolls on this bus homeboy!

Ain't that right goofus?! (What's Soros up to today?)

FYI my real name is Pundit. It's dutch.

For a "libertarian" Dubious, you sure want to do a lot of "revamping".

Dubious, your going to give up snark? Or you just want others to? Sounds like typical social conservative 'do as I say not as I do' logic.




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Geez, the animosity of the left is a sight to be hold. Can't wait for the next congress to be seated.


Pundit, please to meet you Dutch, were you named after the chocolate,oven,or Dutch Schultz?


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Sorry, but I was not given a list only told about it.  We were told who a couple of the names belong to, but I am not familiar with register employe names and did not take notes.  I am not sure if I would let the cat out of the bag if Idid know.