BLOG: Clark sets holiday rules

Ellyn Clark
Nov 23, 2010


This past week was week No. 47 of the FIT Challenge 2010. I've been putting in a lot more hours at work the past several weeks. Hip-hip-hooray for holidays!

I'm used to working between 12 to 18 hours a week and I've gone from 12 to 18 to 30 to 34. This increase has left me a bit shell-shocked. Getting things done at home has been almost nonexistent and so has been spending time with my husband. This stresses me. Stress is not conducive to weight loss.

What helps relieve my stress? Going to the gym. I try to make it to the gym every day, but the increased hours have interfered with my daily gym time. 

I think this is why I feel like I'm only maintaining my current weight. Maintaining isn't a bad thing, but this is a weight loss competition so I really would like to be losing. Therefore, I have set up two new rules for family members during the holidays.

Rule No 1: DO NOT encourage, influence, coerce, bribe, trick, guilt or force me to have second helpings of anything!

Not that any of them would, but I do have to protect myself from possible sabotage. Rules are made to protect us from possible harm, right?

AND Rule No. 2: DO NOT try to convince me rules are made to be broken.

As we all know there are consequences to breaking rules. Therefore, the consequences to breaking "Ellyn's Eating Through The Holidays Rules" are, are, well, I don't know yet, but if anyone tries to breaks the rules, there will be consequences! 

I'm not sure why, but after having said this, I have this visual of the comic strip Peanuts in my head and it involves Charlie Brown and Lucy.