BLOG: Mortus pushes to win FIT Challenge

Gary Mortus
Nov 23, 2010


The last six weeks of the FIT Challenge are now here. The final weigh-in will be the first week of January, and Ellyn and Annette are pushing hard to win the competition.

The final weigh-in will be based on percentage of weight lost. The last time I checked, Ellyn was leading but only by a small percentage.

I have to push these last six weeks if I expect to win this competition.

This past week did go well with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance. We worked out Nov. 15, Nov. 18, and Nov. 20. Derek is working me harder toward helping me reach my goals.

If I push and make it to the gym every day, I believe I can make my goal of 80 pounds. I do know I have worked hard with Derek pushing me, but the bottom line still is that I need to push myself much harder.

The success for me in the future will be based on what I have been taught by Derek and the team at Bodi N Balance and how I drive myself.

The easy part is working with Derek on set days. The hardest part is not the diet, but making me work out.

I know "win, lose or draw" in the FIT Challenge I have won in the area of my health. I went to the doctor and my numbers continue to show improvement.

This change will be the driving force in my desire to continue to control my weight and exercise in the future.

I do not want to return to using a machine to sleep, less energy or taking more medications than is necessary.

After a recent visit with my doctor, I will be reducing one dosage of a medication for my Type II Diabetes and changing another medication to one that goes from a two-part medication to one with a single medication.

The doctor will check again in four months and if I continue to improve, he will reduce my medications even further.

The following are my latest numbers. I did include some of my starting numbers from the beginning of the competition in parentheses: My A1C is 6.2 (8.5) - this is with two less medications - good A1C is below 7.0.

My cholesterol is 119 (200) - desirable is less than 200.

My triglycerides are at 98 (626) - desirable is less than 150. My low-density lipoprotein, or LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol, was 48 - desirable is less than 100.

My high-density lipoprotein, or HDL, is the good cholesterol is 51.8 desirable for men is greater than 40.


Ellyn Clark


After looking at your numbers, I have to say, Go Gary, Go Gary, Go!! That is awesome!! I am so proud of you, Annette, and myself. Like Brandi has said, no matter who the winner of the competition is, all three of us can still be considered winners. My niece is borderline diabetic and she struggles with her weight. She especially struggles with exercise and is currently working on her eating habits. I am going to share your numbers with her. You are an inspiration to other diabetics! Thanks for sharing!

bodinbalance's picture

To speak to your competitive side, I would say you have burned the most Calories and reduced the most body fat regardless of the percent of your body weight you have lost.  You have ruduced your fat cells over 50lbs now and being a male, you of course have increased your muscle mass more than the others.  There are 3500 Calories in one lb of fat.  The true measure of success in this fit challenge should be the percentage of your body fat reduced.  All the scale tells you is how much gravity is pulling down on you.  You can't expect total body weight to tell you anything about your fitness level.  I am certain if you measured Derek and TJ's BMI they would be overweight and maybe even obese by the standard of useing body weight as a measurment in the formula.  I can say with accuracy that you have burned over 175,000 Calories of pure fat in the last 11 months.  That is equivalent to eating over 678 quarter pounders.  Mooo.

Sue Daugherty

Gary,  This is so cool!   Thanks for sharing your before & after numbers.  Inspiring to say the least.  You are perfect proof that Americans do not have to be dependent on the pharmaceutical industry to be healthy.

I would like to know how over come the desire to NOT work out, when you really know it is the best thing for you.  The one thing that really stumps me is each time I completed a work out or a jog, I felt real gratification that I completed that bout of exercise.  So why is it so tuff to convince myself to do it again the next day??.

Figure that out & bottle it  and I'm willing to bet you will become a millionaire.

Congratulations!  You are awesome!!!