BLOG: A Post Without Searchable Key Words

Bryan Dubois
Nov 22, 2010


I'm doing that on purpose because I'd like to avoid adding web stats/traffic/attention for a certain group of kooks in the midwest who disrupt the end-of-life services for deceased vets.

Readers are probably familiar with this issue, but in case they aren't, read this non-searchable article by Annie Zelm from last week's Register:

I don't know about you, but I can't imagine a more emotionally torturous activity than shouting what these people shout at a funeral.  Their behavior is abhorrent, but as Annie says:  To ask the law to distinguish between what they say and how they say it puts our freedom of expression at risk.  Society must battle these nutcases in a much smarter way than to fall back on the government who would undoubtedly do more harm than good in this situation.  These kooks are thriving on the attention, and as Annie says, the media coverage adds flame to this group's exposure.  Can this topic be discussed without giving them any attention?

I bet it can.

If this story didn't fit into the mainstream media's unspoken, unwritten agenda which, as a top priority is "deliver a great story line" the story would be deprived of oxygen and disappear from headlines forever.  With no attention, attention-whores die off.  Unfortunately, too many in the media maintain the philosophy that as long as they are not directly affected by the kook's behavior, this story must be covered!  The media routinely overlooks storylines that damage their favored political candidates, so why can't they ignore these nutcases?

(No keywords in comments, please!)


brutus smith

 Yeah, we don't need to give anymore attention to yet another right wing fringe group.

Erie County Resident

bs what a moron you are. The right wing fringe??? Really??? The right wing fringe???

These pukes that raise a stink about these fine young people that served and died for their country are about as far left as anyone can get...

They must be so far to the left the libtards like you can't even see them.... you and your buddy Rufus better roll down the window and lean a little bit further to the left, you might be able to see your fellow lefties in the mirror!!!



Erie County Res:

This group of bullies shout out about the military because of Don't Ask; Don't Tell. They are anti-gay. Thus the extreme right side of the political spectrum. From what I have read, they are not anti-war, or liberal.