BLOG: At Least Bristol Palin Won't Be Elected To The White House At The End Of Dancing With The Stars

Bryan Dubois
Nov 18, 2010


This is priceless:

The guy is right.  Bristol Palin has no dancing talent.

But think about what's happening here and tell me if it sounds familiar:

Producers in the media decided to give Bristol Palin, someone who has absolutely zero experience and zero talent in the field of dancing, a chance to compete on their dancing show.  She's not even a "star" really, she describes herself as a "teen activist."  The producers don't care.  They say she has potential and is likeable.  TV producers only care about what will make a good storyline - what will interest their viewers enough to make them care.  To make them watch.  The producers have decided that Bristol will have a shot, so they give her access and before anyone realizes what's going on, she's the most talked about and celebrated person on the show despite the fact that everyone agrees she has no real dancing talent.  Week after week, she keeps winning the vote despite dismal reviews from the experienced dancing judges who tell everyone that her technique basically sucks and that she has no idea what she's doing on the dance floor.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps now that this story is framed in the context of the media, they'll understand why so many people are upset with the media malpractice during the 2008 election.  But look on the bright side:  At least Bristol Palin won't be handed keys to the most powerful office in the world at the end of the show.


Raoul Duke

The real question is, why would you waste your time watching this show at all?

6079 Smith W

@ Dude:

FYI: It's a "chick," not a "dude" show.

Have another "beverage" and watch out for nihilists.


What's the big deal? I don't think at this point Bristol should still be dancing on the show, but I have to give her props for trying. As far as I know, she had no previous experience. She is not like the other women who are used to working with choreographers. She is just a teen who is trying something new. Personally, I want Jennifer to win, but hate to see Kyle go. In the long run, this show is no different than American Idol or any other reality show. Controversy makes for ratings.

Norma J-C

I think the teens have the techno savvy to vote more by texting and that is what's making the difference.  They can text each other all day long. It's a conspiracy against the old folks is what it is!


I'm a "chick" and I have never watched an episode of Dancing with the Stars.  However, doesn't this whole  so-called controversy stem from the fact that the Wasilla hillbilly's daughter wasn't a "star" nor could she dance, prior to being on this show?  I'm thinking the competition is who is the BEST dancer, not the one who is most improved.

I would think being the teen activist that she is, she should have set an example and show  teens  the difficulties of being a teen mom by HAVING to stay home with her child instead of leaving it for weeks on end to go out dancing.   I was a first time married mother at the ripe old age of 28 and the only thing I ever did without my daughter was go to the grocery store once a week.

On a side note:  I'm an avid fan of A&E but I too am ready to shoot my TV everytime I hear screetching Sarah's voice promoting her show.    God, I just pray a bear eats her........

Erie Countian

re meowmix: I agree with you! I am not a regular viewer of DWTS but have tuned in the past few weeks to see what all the fuss is about. First of all, I would not call ANY of the contestants "Stars" by any stretch of the imagination. They are all "D- list" celebs at the most, and Bristol Palin isn't even that! I fail to understand how she was chosen to be on the show. Yes, her mom is famous, but what has Bristol ever done besides be an unwed teenage mother?! It's a complete travesty that she is still on the show with her limited dancing ability. Maybe they shouldn't have contestants who are in any way connected to politics. I also watched "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TLC last Sunday  because I've been to Alaska (even Wasilla!) and I hoped to see a lot of beautiful Alaskan scenery. But mostly I saw Sarah Palin yapping through the whole BORING thing...hypocritcally whining and complaining about intrusions on her family's privacy, while she herself exploits her children on a reality show! Go figure! I had to laugh when she said she didn't want to be a "quitter" as she tried tp climb some rock pile at Denali National Park.  Hilarious! The Palins do eveything they can to keep themselves in the national spotlight and make boatloads of money. Hey, more power to'em if people really want to pay them! But if Palin seriously wants to be president, maybe she should quit with the endless TV appearances and book signings and Twitter postings and candidate endorsing and spend some time educating herself on world issues and other areas of common knowledge and intelligence that she is obviously sorely lacking in. Right now she is just too dumb to qualify.

Azure Ray

 Media is everything, even not in politics.  The Kardashians were made popular (originally) because of their father's presence in the OJ trial.  Hilton sister's because of their father.  Don't blame the media.  Blame the idiots who watch shows about these "children," buy the magazines with them on the cover, etc.  America has been dumbed down, and we have produced these products.  

Raoul Duke

Dumbed down from what?

brutus smith

 ROFLMAO, to funny Meowmix.


You nailed that one Azure!   I just saw a commercial last night that now we're having a David Hasselhoff reality show!    I guess I just don't understand what is the thrill of watching has-been's or no-talent people who have money and their "struggles" through life.

I must admit I am a fan of Pawn Stars though because I'm always rooting for the guy that walks in the place with something he paid $5.00 for to find out it's worth thousands.


Really, we think that the Tea Party has proved they have a vote.  "Clic Palin"  wow put your daughter out there as bait, give her false hope about her own self esteem.  Where is the truthfullness and forthrightness.

If Palin wins, we (speaking for my peeps) won't be watching dancing with the stars any more - what would be the point.   Dancing with the Stars this season is not about dancing its politics.



Just Asking

I agree that this year DWTS is not about the dancing, but purely political. I think you can see the frustration from the judges when people like Brandy (not that I was a fan of hers) and other have gotten voted out and Bristol stays. 

But then the same could be said about Kyle to some degree.  I think Kurt Warner was better than Klye was when he was on.  So can the conclusion be made that it is the younger viewers who (1) are voting and (2) for Bristol and Kyle and making it more of a popularity contest than on a dancing contest of their abilities. 

If that is the case, then the rest of us need to start voting.  I think I have watched every season, but the last two weeks are the first time I took the time to vote online (can never get through on the phone and don't text).  Simply because I want my vote to count and for the true goals of the show - for the star that dances the best.

All we have to do is look at the Erie County Auditor's race to see that every vote does count.   


I agree, zero talent, zero experience", just like her mom. Hope we can git rid of both of them soon.


mamma and bristol are both no-talent twits****high-profile trailer trash.

dorothy gale

These so-called talent shows are not about talent at all.  This season of DWTS is a train wreck!