BLOG: Ellyn is finally happy with reflection

Laura Barrett
Nov 17, 2010


This past week was week number 46 of the FIT challenge.

I was only able to work out with my personal trainer, T.J. Temper of the Northern Ohio Medical Fitness Center, twice. It's been that way for a couple of  months now. Our schedules are so busy we've not been able to meet the intended three times.

At the beginning of November, T.J. switched up my workouts. Each time he switches up my workouts, they get a bit more difficult. But by now, after working with T.J. for almost a year now, I know it's futile to complain and/or make excuses.

So, although the workouts may be harder, I will do them. On the days I do not work out with T.J., I take the spinning classes offered at NOMFC. I have come to enjoy spinning so much I will even do spinning all on my own. I can burn up to 500 calories and ride almost 15 miles in a 40-to-45-minute

That's more calories than I would burn on the treadmill or the elliptical. I love to ride the bike! My husband Scott, picked up a five-speed bicycle for me at a yard sale. I've ridden it several times now and can't wait for warmer weather so I can ride it a lot more often. I enjoy it much more than walking or running.

I continue to struggle to lose more pounds and feel as if I am only maintaining. I know this too will eventually pass. But will it pass by the end of this competition. Now there's the magic question.

I've lost weight before only to gain it back with improper diet or a pregnancy. This time I have totally learned how to eat right and there is no possibility I can ever get pregnant again. I don't have the reproductive parts anymore.

The competition is almost over. I didn't think I'd ever be really happy with my own reflection ever again. And I especially didn't expect to be happy with it  until the end of this. But ya know, I became happy with my own reflection about  a month ago and it's only gonna get better.