BLOG: Why Can't Sandusky Have An Outdoor Rink?

Bryan Dubois
Nov 17, 2010


Growing up, I remember ice skating rinks in Sandusky in two different places:  Lions park (flooded basketball court) and Battery park (flooded tennis courts).  I wonder why they stopped doing it and if there's any reason why they couldn't do it this year?  Both places were ideal because they each had concrete curb perimeters which kept the water in.  Minimal cost, ideal about it, Sandusky?

They didn't notice a fracture?  Wasn't it inspected before demolition?

Here's the video:

Seems odd that they weren't prepared for the possibility that the tower could crash into the power lines...



I think JC park was also flooded in the past. I remember the city used to have the pumper truck from the FD come out and flood the courts. I wonder why they stopped.

first of duh month

 Answer: They have better things to spend money on-like 1. corruption & 2. decorating the City Greenhouse.  Why not an INDOOR skating rink, i.e, like an IX Center downtown? Where they just leveled the Sandusky Metal Product (Sandusky Cabinet) truck garage. Oh, wait, anything new & attention grabbing must be built by the Kalahari or jammed in between 2 other businesses in Perkins. 


 @first of duh month

How long do you think an ice skating rink will capture people's attention?

Just like every other "new toy", it's played with for a while, and then gets left behind for bigger, brighter "shiny things". Yet the cost of the building and maintenance of the skating rink would still be due - and we have another big, empty expensive building to watch deteriorate. 

Look around, though - Perkins has plenty of buildings in decay. Mostly those that aren't supported by a chain. Sad, but true. 

If everyone in Sandusky would support what we have, instead of running to the mall, Wal-Mart and all the glitz on 250, even more would be able to be started downtown. 

Build it and they will come? That really is a Field of Dreams. Support what you have, and invest in it - and YOU come downtown and buy and spend, and get all your family and friends. 

Funny how people in this area are willing to drop big bucks to stay at Kalahari - like staying at a hotel in the town you live in- but aren't willing to spend money in our downtown shops because they're "too expensive" and can't compete with cheaper Wal-Mart. 

It's all a matter of priorities - and there are complaints there is nothing downtown, those businesses that ARE are waiting for your patronage. 



I remember as a kid skating on the flooded tennis courts at Lions Park. The city needs something.


 Why not? Because most likely someone will slip and fall (in an ice rink, imagine that!) and then sue the city for some sort of neglect on the city's part. 


These things were done "before" - in a time when people took personal responsibility for themselves and stopped trying to blame everyone else. 


Can't you see it now?  It doesn't take a psychic to see something like that coming in this day and age of suit-happy people. Any way to make a quick buck..... and it takes away "fun" things like this. 



Bryan Dubois

Yet Erie Metroparks is willing to take the risk? 


 Sorry - I wasn't very clear....... 

I really was just talking about the simple freezing of the parking lots in "days of yore". 


And yes - apparently they are. 




I remember growing up (1970's),  it didnt matter what neighborhood you lived in you could walk to an Ice skating rink.  ( tennis courts at battery park, JC Park,  Lions Park )  If is was frozen we were there at least 3-4 evenings a week,  its healthy exercise and gave us teens something to do as well. .....Its a wonderful idea!!!!.    Please flood at least one and my daughter and I will be there to skate (not in Perkins).     

Erie Countian

Interested Bystander, what exactly do you have in Sandusky besides some nice little specialty shops, an older but nice smaller grocery store and a couple of trendy little restaurants? They're certainly OK once in awhile, but there's not a lot to offer right now for the average shopper.  And also, I remember skating at Jaycee Park and Battery Park. It was fun until some punk would skate by and karate chop you in the back of the knees, causing you to fall, or they'd grab your hat and take off with it. Plus, who could afford ice skates now, and there is also the liability issue that wasn't there in the '60's and '70's.  Sadly, it's a different world now.

Raoul Duke

Ah, the "good ole 70's."  When I was growing up, it was the "good ole 50's."

Isn't there an ice skating game for Wii yet? I mean, who wants to actually go outside anyway?


I say it's a great idea!... they put in a skateboard park that is WAAAAAAY more dangerous then ice skating will ever be! You never hear anything bad from there!  Sooo flood on sandusky and maybe it will inspire a future Olympian from our community!  Let alone keep them off the Sandusky Bay!   Just Sayin!

Bryan Dubois

Amen, PaulYall.  I don't think this is about risk.  Otherwise the skate park would not have been built.

It probably boils down to a lack of interest in creating one.  I bet a few commissioners bringing up the issue and making a few phone calls could make it happen.

We're not talking about a significant amount of work or money here...


Well I guess I am dating myself but here goes. When I was a kid we used to skate in the Sadler Sailing Basin. The city or some of the people who were going to use it at the time would all use push brooms and clean the ice of snow. The city placed a burning barrel at the shore so people could warm themselves off and on. This was before the flooding of any parks. I know that now it is closed to the public, however, I believe the city could still flood some of the existing parks to be used as skating rinks. The kids today do not know how to enjoy themselves unless they have a cell phone in their hands or some kind of video game to play. It is far better for the kids to go out and excersice and get fresh air then it is to sit around and play video games. It is no wonder this country is one of the fattest country in the world, our kids don't know what it is to go outside and, what we used to call, play.

Bryan Dubois

Wow Darkhorse, you're an old fogey!  Ha!    I agree with you on the lazy kid thing.  What better way to give them an outdoor activity in the winter time than an outdoor skating rink.

I'd definitely take my kids down there.  Even if a child doesn't have skates, they still love sliding around on the ice!

Bryan Dubois

Lebowski, there actually is a Wii game for that.  It's called Outdoor Challenge and I think it's ridiculous.  We own it, but the kids don't play it much, thankfully.


Darkhorse:   Well said, very well said.  Get off the computers and get some real exercise!  I agree with you totally.  It one thing to be computer smart, what about taking care if our bodies?   Overweight out of shape people cost our state and county millions each year in health costs. 

Raoul Duke

Maybe they should flood the parking garage so we can have multi-level skating. I'm sure the business owners who park right in front of their businesses all day wouldn't mind.

Raoul Duke

Our kids may not play outside as much as they used to, but they sure are more prepared for using technology than we were. It's just the way it is, not good or bad. So who would the skating rinks be FOR, anyway? Kids, who have no interest in ice skating, or adults who want to re-live their childhoods? Kids want to skateboard now-guess what? We HAVE a skateboarding park! Maybe we need another one on the west side of town. This seems to be the very thing that's holding this city back-trying to re-create the past, how things used to be. Let's move on.

Kottage Kat

I do not live in Sandusky, like so many others, I remember when on of our local builders dug a space and flooded it for us to ice skate on. The stipulation was if kids were on the ice, a parent, or adult had to be present. Remember my Dad standing out there freezing so we could skate. This was the late 50's and early 60's. The phone calls as we found a parent to go with us, and we always did, they were not always thrilled, they did it.

We went sledding on a hill, and it was also monitored by an adult. I have only played a game Wii, twice in my 62 years, learned how to entertain myself with other things.  TV was at my parents discretion, and I am not a TV watcher today.

I think this is a good idea, not for the times we are living in today, and the modem operandi of the kids today, wish more could see the value of the simple things in life. Those were the days my friend.


They no longer exist because with the expansion and contraction of the ice destroyed the concrete rims you talk.  The rims are still there, well peices of them.

Frankly, there are thousands of other things that Sandusky should focus on instead of provided outside ice skating access.  Priorities people, priorities.

Why is it up to Sandusky, why cann't Huron, Perkins, Margeratta or Huron build one if it is that much of a need.

Raoul Duke

Maybe "someone" should gut the old theater behind the mall and put in ice. And rent skates. And sell food.  I'd go-you can only bowl so much.


The liability issue is posting signs  "SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK"  simple as that!!!!  People need to take responsibility for themselves. Come on something has got to change for the good of the younger folks.....give the kids in Sandusky proper something good and decent to do,  Of course have a security guard posted, how about placing the rink next to the police station?? Maybe concerned citizens can take turns as loco parentis (LOL). Close it at 8:00pm.   The thugs are a problem,  somehow the good citizens of Sandusky need to take the city back....if the citizens are concerned why dont we do something aobut it, start a type of citizen think tank group,  maybe just maybe something could be created, together we can  do something to help our town?????  Government cant do everything!!!     I bet if there was a decent lighted rink with some type of security,  people would come from all over the county.  Could even rent the skates, I am sure a skate company would assist in providing skates. I bet many of the negative comments come from individuals  who are out of shape, over weight and there kids are grown or small!!!  Of course they could care less about any active type of recreation!!!.    Come on Sandusky do something for the kids:)  Nothing good will ever hapen with all the reasons NOT to do something worth wild!!!  


Nowadays all the parents will let  kids do now, is whip it out and  urinate right on the ice... Wanna take bets until how long before that happens.  If they  let them to pee in th pool or splashpad ...well, you get the picture.