BLOG: Palin Could See November 2nd From Her Living Room

Bryan Dubois
Nov 9, 2010


Politico says that the Republican establishment will attempt to stop Sarah Palin's bid for the presidency in 2012.  They say she has no chance of beating Obama.  Like Karl Rove's opposition to Christine O'Donnell, many view Palin as the same type of political character.  She'll find support among a small vocal group - but lack widespread appeal and not enough to beat a strong Democrat opponent.

Here are a few Sarah Palin image-changers:

Sarah Palin's Alaska

Speeches on fiscal policy that receive positive reviews from major newspapers...

She's made some mistakes - especially on how to handle hostile media, but what could you expect from somebody thrust into the spotlight like she was?

It'll be interesting to watch her re-shape her image.

Oh, one more thing:

Before you make fun of Palin's warning to tea partiers not to "party like it's 1773" make sure you know what happened in 1773.



What I like about Palin is she fires up the Left to the point their little minds are ready to explode. They get all red faced and start stuttering and spitting and go into convulsions.

That and she has the naughty librarian look to her but that is beside the point

brutus smith

 Please run sarah, please!

6079 Smith W

I've never been a huge fan of Ms. Palin.

I thought that she was a political lightweight at first and not ready for prime time nationally. I figured that with some seasoning, that she could have potential.

However, with all the media exposure that she's garnered and given over the past two years, IMO, she's become over-seasoned, over-exposed and politically unpalatable for the majority of voters. 

Ms. Palin will undoubtedly have some sway in the 2012 elections, but she will never be the nominee for POTUS - she's just too divisive.

She has a good libertarian bent, but she’s not the proper messenger.

I’m still waitin’ to see what Senator-elect Mr. Rubio (R-FL) looks like politically – but it’s way too early.

I’d also like to see fiscally conservative and outgoing Evan Bayh (D-IN) make a stab as the Democratic nominee for ’12.



Run Sarah run! Re-elect President Obama!

6079 Smith W


44846GWP writes:

"Re-elect President Obama!"

ROFLMAO!!! Bought the Kool-Aide in the industrial sized container huh?

The DNC will throw him overboard like expendible cargo; just like Gore, Lieberman and that rich, smarmy lawyer with the nicely quaffed hair that cheated on his sick wife and was Kerry's running know...ol’ "What's His Name."

Obama ain't no Clinton. You can forget seeing Obie Act II.


brutus smith

 John Ensign?  David Vitter? Larry Craig? Mark Foley? Mark Sanford?

Massengill Wins...

Just a few months ago she was writing her speech notes on her hand  in crib notes "freedom"  "energy"  and "budget cuts" and now she is writing an economic thesis?  Sorry I don't buy it.  Her own biography required the use of a ghost writer.  I would be very interested in watching her in a debate on public finance and economics. 


At least we know she can write. Could be worse, she could have to have a "handler" put the stuff up on a teleprompter

President Barack Obama is facing criticism after using a podium and teleprompter to address the media in a sixth grade classroom.

Massengill Wins...

Hate to break it to you Pete but apparently  Ronald Reagan used a teleprompter.  What do you have to say about that?  You Republicans and your talking points are complete idiots.

Massengill Wins...
6079 Smith W


@ Feminine hygiene product Smith:   Yea but ya gotta admit that Obie uses it like a crutch.   Even Chris Mathews has mentioned that he should get rid of it and start connecting with people.     For his overseas trip, Obie coulda just sent a cardboard cutout of himself along with the teleprompter and saved the taxpayers tons of money.   -----------------     Did you know that deaths due to Dr. Massengill’s Elixer helped to increase the power and scope of the FDA?  

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Massengill Wins...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Winnie, you compare Obama to Stalin and Hitler, and you think the rest of us care what you think? Do you know how many millons of people Hitler and Stalin killed, and you have the nerve to compare them to the President of the United States?! Disgusting.


Well you must care, you wrote a response

And where were you when BS called people Nazi's?

As far as my comment being deleted, all I can say is BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad I didn't get to see what Vinegar wrote though


How does Obama sound when the teleprompter failed? A little like Bush?  This is funny.

6079 Smith W
@ 44846GWP:   Oh. My apologies. You liked the icon of the triumvirate of the socialists eh? Sure, I can dig that one back out for you – no problem.    I just recycled the “Oops!” one ‘cause Obie and the DNC blew the mid-term elections. Ya know? Oops! LOL   Nah. Your god Obie is a socialist in the vein of all the world’s worst. We’re all very fortunate that he’s only POTUS and not king.    

You need to keep playing with your numismatics hobby and just let Obie continue to do your thinking for you in the political and economic arenas. Nice chattin' with ya!



Truth or Dare

Even Bush was compared too, called Hitler, Satan and quite a few other choice names!  Much like Obama now.    It's what the whackos do when they don't care for who is in office. Chances are Palin has no true  intentions of running for President.  She just suggests she is, that way she'll be more successfull @ recieving top $$$$$'s  for her books and speaking engagements!  

brutus smith

 Let's see, using a teleprompter loaded with facts, or speak out of your behind. Hmmmmm!

6079 Smith W


"Secret agent 6.5" brutus smith writes:

"Let's see, using a teleprompter loaded with facts, or speak out of your behind. Hmmmmm!"

OMG!!! Are you finally getting it???

That's exactly what happens when Obie goes off-script!