BLOG: This Week In Political Shellackings

Bryan Dubois
Nov 7, 2010


If I don't say something about the shellacking of the Democratic party last week, I'd be remiss of my blogging duties.  But on the other hand, it feels like beating a dead horse.

After all, everyone saw this coming.  Didn't they?

Well maybe not everyone...

But anyone who is actually in touch with reality saw it coming.

As one of the many who aren't any more fond of Republicans than Democrats, (I agree with Repubs supposed philosophy of smaller gov't is all) I will say that Boehner and Senate newcomer Marco Rubio at least struck the right tone after their victories:

Boehner didn't gloat.  Instead he took a more sobering position about what lies ahead for the country.

Meanwhile, Pelosi hangs on until the last moment, even seeking position as minority leader - not quite understanding what the American public told her on November 2nd.  Further proving how out of touch this woman and her party are from the crumpet cracker eatin' ill-informed tea drinking everyday America that the rest of us know.


Don't miss Cleveland's response to Lebron and Nike's latest commercial:

Lebron couldn't possibly have predicted this.   If it wasn't eating him up inside, he wouldn't be making these ambiguous I-made-a-tough-choice commercials as a means to defend what he did.   He can't win a title with the glory he would have in Cleveland, and now youtubers are showing him how they feel.  And they're using his million dollar ads as a vehicle to answer his rhetorical defenses.

It has to hurt.



I give Mattie a thumbs up on his Sunday message!


What I really like to read is Rufus Sander's opinion on the LeBron deal.

brutus smith

 Gee, do you think Bonehead knows if the Repubs do nothing like they did the last 2 years they will be out of office for a long, long time? Trying to make Obama look bad might have been a good strategy this time, but he knows it won't work next time.

digger nick

Brutis, Obozo needs no help looking bad, he is doing a stellar job doing it himself. The first of the house cleaning just took place, the best is yet to come in 2012.


What is missing from the discussion is a review of the total number of people who voted versus those who tended to abstain from a vote. Abstention is actually a vote. I believe the numbers would show that 8000 fewer people voted for Roger Binette (who ran unopposed for judge) than voted for one of the tax issues (a benchmark for the total cast votes.) Ever wonder why?

Some other interesting signs of voter disgust are the number of races that were decided by those voting for "other than" a Republican or Democrat. Libertarians took a good number of votes, votes that could have had an impact on close elections. I heard a number of people that wanted to vote for change, but felt that only the major party could deliver the change. Too bad, once again many are voting for the least of two evils.

One thing is for sure, the people are looking for leaders that are listening. Now it's time for the people to start backing-up their votes with recommendations for how our government should be run.

If they don't listen, keep flushing the system out until they do. Hopefully, the country won't go bankrupt in the interim.



Will Obama do the same as the Clintons did when they left the white house? The Clintons stole a bunch of furniture and other things plus done a lot of vandalism to the place.  I wonder what Obama will swipe or vandalize when he leaves office.

Massengill Wins...

Sal for being "middle of the road" you sure do seem to throw out a lot of the discredited republican smears.  Are you sure you are not a log cabin republican?  Here is the link.... use it to educate yourself so that you don't sound so ignorant.


Speaking about stealing from the White House..... do you have a comment about crashing the economy, banks, car industry and housing markets and the wasteful wars under the Bush Administration?  Of course not you tool.


I sense alot of hostility on the part of the left!  Hmmmmm! Can't we all just get along        NOT


Hmmm, with a clear majority in the state houses and the governorships in the rustbelt,Indiana,Ohio.Pennsylvania,and Michigan would now be a good time to legislate right to work laws. All the factories that have popped up in right to work states makes you wonder.  What would Ohio be like with Boeing, Bmw, Hyundai,Toyota expanding to our state. We have the resources fresh water and the like in more quantities than S.Carolina,Alabama, or Texas. Hmmmmm.

brutus smith

 Just what we need, right to work. Then we can call Ohio a welfare state too, just like those southern states. More people on food stamps, assistance. Just what we need. I say any company getting tax breaks while they pay their employees so little that they have to rely on public assistance forfi

6079 Smith W
@ Mr. Dubois:   Goofus reminds me that one of the most significant victories for the Repubs is the winning of numerous governorships and state legislatures.   In the state of PA, there's a move afoot to eliminate the state liquor stores and lay off thousands of state employees.   “Among the steps Republican leaders there are pondering: privatizing the state’s 600-plus liquor stores, a proposal that would potentially bring $2 billion for state coffers, but also layoffs of several thousand state workers.”   I have advocated and often wrote OH reps, asking them to put an end to Ohio's Post-Prohibition Byzantine and antiquated liquor laws.   When I lived in IL, there was a liquor store on nearly every corner.  After moving back to OH, I found purchasing alcohol to be an inconvenience.   Increasing access to spirits, wine and beer will be a win-win for the state:   It will increase competition with the potential of lowering product costs.   It will potentially increase state and local tax revenue.   It will potentially increase employment in retail, trucking, manufacturing, etc.  

We need creative ways to eliminate public debt and reduce taxes, not the same old tax and spend policies of the Dems that voters have clearly rejected.



Yeah I guess thousands of jobs between 14 and 21 dollars an hour wouldn't be worth it.

brutus smith

 Seeing how the biggest Welfare states, those paying less in and getting more back, are red states, states that have RTW, that should be really good. Yeah, right.

6079 Smith W


Shellacking? More like an @##% whoopin’!   Did ya see ol’ Clueless-in-Chief on “60 Minutes”?   Obie still doesn’t get it.   He thinks that the message from last Tues. is that the American people want Washington to be less partisan.   Yea, it'll become less partisan with fewer Dems holding office in ‘11. LOL.    
Mr. D

Yea...Remember Sandusky Athol, paid middle of the road wage, avg $14- $17 per hour...Closed on 2006...Why?  Owners got greedy, opend another plant "down south" paying $9-$10 per hr...hired a HR manager whose job was to instill fear....They had a huge turnover of workers cause of RTW...Final went bankrupt....2 plants closed. the one in Sandusky and the one down south...


Mr. D

The really sad thing is that  about 8-14 months after repubicans take office, you won't find anyone bragging about voting them in...EXCEPT you rich folk who are probably gonna continue your rich bush/cheny buddy tax breaks....meanwhile,  the others will stay silent...

At least we didn't get a nazi voted in....

6079 Smith W


 @ Mr. D:

Not sure of your point with your Athol tale. So is the moral of the story that “greed” doesn’t pay? 

So should we assume that you're givin’ all your employees top of the line wages along with fully paid health and welfare benefits, or are you just "greedy”?


 I've got little faith in the Repubs and absolutely none in the Dems to solve our nation's fiscal and economic problems.

Stopping the Obama, Reid and Pelosi spending spree just potentially puts off the day of reckoning a little while longer.



Sorry Brutus, not a valid argument for many reasons.#1 since the midterms last week there are alot more red states and the posting is only a year and a half old, I know that that point doesn't matter to a boy who blames Bush and Reagan. The study was done  so long ago that it really isn't appropos any more and like all liberal surveys it doesn't take into account numerous factors.#1 The southern states have an abundance of military installations as well an agragarian community receiving farm subsidies. the same can be said for states like Wyoming and the Dakotas. #2 alot of the study's taker states are represented by congressman who have alot of senority and are porkaholics#3 the posting only had the date posted back in february of 2009  and no specifics listed as to the poster qualifications to make such a study on such an obscure left wing blog.

brutus smith

 Another right wingnut thing: time limits on facts. Gee, who'd a thunk.

6079 Smith W
@ My ol’ pal “secret agent” brutus smith:   You seem to be increasingly less rational and posting more nonsense than usual. Drinking more? A couple screwdrivers every morning for breakfast perhaps?   After the voters went medieval on your lord and god Obie’s tush are you perhaps suffering through the "Five Stages of Grief" like some Marxists are?   

Take care of yourself would ya?

It Begins… Leftist Icon Calls For Violent Socialist War Against Tea Partiers …Update: Ted Rall Writes In – Lashes Out at Conservatives Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, 3:01 PM

Leftist hero, Kennedy Award Winner and Pulitzer finalist Ted Rall is calling for a violent socialist revolution in America. The far left hero wants leftists to take up arms and kill tea partiers.

Verum Serum has video from his appearance on MSNBC last night and posted this from his book calling for violent leftist revolution.

We are here because the U.S. is going to end soon. There’s going to be an intense, violent, probably haphazard struggle for control. It’s going to come down to us versus them. The question is: What are you going to do about it?…

A war is coming. At stake: our lives, the planet, freedom, living. The government, the corporations, and the extreme right are prepared to coalesce into an Axis of Evil. Are you going to fight back? Will you do whatever it takes, including taking up arms?…

The millions of partisans who follow Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and right-wing televangelists happen to be the best-armed people around, and they despise just about everyone who doesn’t think and pray like them. They will see collapse as affirmation of their beliefs that secular liberalism is destructive. They will also see it as an opportunity to create a new, ordered world atop the ashes. They will act to stop teenage sluts from getting abortions, teach n*ggers a lesson, and slaughter those spics, dots, and everyone else who doesn’t fit into their vision of what and who is right…

I want to kick people in the ass. To get them thinking. To get you thinking. I want you to understand the situation—your situation. I want you to see that revolt is a good idea, and that it has never been more necessary.

UPDATE: At 8:57 this morning Ted Rall wrote this:

Can you guys read? In the excerpt from the Manifesto I explicitly state that the extreme right is better armed. That’s the problem: uneducated fools who think the earth is 6,800 years old are dangerous.

Actually Ted, you wrote that,

“I want to kick people in the a$$… I want you to see that revolt is a good idea, and that it has never been more necessary.”

That would be a call to violence, Ted. Those are your words, not mine.
Wise up.

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brutus smith

 And your point is .........?


The point is that whackos that reside in basements and blog are dangerous


Matt Westerhold should be ashamed for allowing this to be published on his website!