BLOG: Mortus works to control snacking

Gary Mortus
Nov 3, 2010


The start of November is here and we are down to the last two months of the FIT Challenge.

Nov. 9 will be the next edition of the FIT magazine, which will include October's results. I am hoping to show a loss of weight again this month with my weigh-in Nov. 2.I can still see my goal of 80 pounds being attainable by the end of the year.

This past week went well working with Derek Nimrichter of Bodi N Balance. I worked with Derek on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28, and we continue to push the calorie loss during the sessions.

I feel I had better control of my snacking this last week. I must think before snacking.  It's a question of if I can do without the snack or not. This will definitely continue to be a challenge for me. The other problem I struggle with is controlling the amount of food I eat, especially when having pizza or other food that I enjoy. I know self-control is the only solution to this problem and I must control my impulse eating by portion control.

On Oct. 28, I attended a function where several people had not seen me for some time. I had many comments on my weight loss and a couple comments asking if I was ill. I was pleased to discuss the fact that I was getting healthier by changing my eating habits and exercising. The one thing I have really enjoyed about the FIT Challenge has been the opportunity to talk about what exercise and diet has done to improve my health.

I believe many people are surprised to hear what a change I have made in my health during the last 10 months.  I believe that if I continue to make progress and stay focused on diet and exercise, I will be able to eliminate most, if not all my medication.