BLOG: Vote November 2nd!

Bryan Dubois
Oct 31, 2010


Awesome vid:

My favorite part starts at 1:38.  Maxine Waters makes major gaffe, and then at 1:40 the guy behind her has to hide his laughter by moving his head out of view of the camera.  The woman next to him is also trying to hide her smile. 

Maxine and liberal dem's agenda accidentally exposed.

The rest of the video is pretty awesome.

Vote November 2nd.


brutus smith

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brutus smith
100 Examples of GOP Corruption, Lies, and Ignorance (Part 1)


Brutus, I will be thinking of you tomorrow night when your spendful, social program, anti business, anti military, terrorist friendly, tax happy, socialist party is soundly defeated. 

6079 Smith W
@ Mr. Dubois:   Interesting vid. (Couldn't watch the whole thing - too mentally discomforting; like re-watching segments of a very poorly scripted movie complete with lousy acting.)   A paraphrase of V.I. Lenin comes to mind: Using their own words to hang themselves.    Gonna be voting socialist-lite tomorrow. I wish that there was a real responsible fiscal and social choice.