BLOG: Thankfully, This Campaign Season Is Almost Over

Bryan Dubois
Oct 29, 2010


With the direction of this country at stake, this election cycle is important.  But on the other hand, I'm happy that it's almost over.  The outright lying in political ads is wearing us thin.

Here's a doozy:

First paragraph suggests that this ad was created to capitalize on "anti-Catholic" sentiment.  Maybe true, but it's more likely that the people who put the ad together completely disregarded the fact that the clerical collar above is not worn by Protestant minister Dan Hall - the man who the ad was designed to attack.  In the tolerant Democrats mind, since the above uniform is more recognizeable as religious garb than what Protestant minister's wear (they have no uniform) the decision was probably made to use it instead of a plainly dressed man wearing an "ignore the poor" button.

Since the Democrat ad-maker has no respect for either Catholics or Protestants, he/she didn't see a problem with using the smearing imagery.  Never mind that the Catholic Church is the most charitable organization on earth.  Literally.

Here's another doozy:

If you haven't seen this one it's Alan Grayson's (D-FL) ad against his opponent "Taliban" Dan Webster:

Got that? 

Now watch the original video with Webster's "submit to me" comments in context:

Grayson on MSNBC defending his ad:

Priceless isn't it?



If Democrats lose control of the House of Representatives next week, as most political observers expect, there is a good chance that the House Speaker will opt to spend time with her eight grandchildren rather than toil in the relative obscurity of the minority

Read more:,8599,2028212,00.html#ixzz13kdGUtUi   Oh I hope she does! That would just make my day and year!   And the campaign season will NOT end after the election. The TV commercials and mailings may cease, but the politicing will go on forever


6079 Smith W


@ Mr. Dubois:

With the thought of coming relief I agree; the often referred to political silly season is almost over.

Negative political ads and the perverse emotions that they are attempting to foster, sometimes reminds me of the "two minute hate" as illustrated in a movie version of Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four":

The difference?



nosey rosey

What makes anyone think that this election will provide any type of relief?  I'm continually amazed at the short memory that people have.  I guess everything was roses and rainbows when the republicans were in charge.  Wake up!  Nothing will change no matter who gets elected.  That's why I will no longer vote for any person, only issues.  They are all liars and cheats and will only look out for themselves and whoever gives them the most money.

brutus smith

 The right wingnuts will continue their attack on the Black man in the Whitehouse.


Brutus, so now all it takes is disagreement with policy to make someone a racist? Gosh, if that's true, then I guess I must hate whites, blacks, Asians, men, and women in pretty much equal measure! Can't you just move past the hot-button fallback of liberals and actually consider why someone might disagree with the Obama administration? You still probably won't agree with each other, but at least you'll get past the entirely worthless "racists" vs. "libtards" debate! (Which, by the way, proves little but that BOTH sides can be called "idiots.")

6079 Smith W, I agree with you. Negative campaign ads are an effort to brainwash people into having an automatically negative opinion every time the name associated with the negativity comes up. I personally look a little further than that: If all you can say is how awful your opponent is, apparently you've got little to say about yourself that's positive.

nosey rosey, the only "relief" a lot of people are thinking about right now is putting an end (and hopefully setting a reverse course) to the overwhelming inroads government is making into the private lives of individuals and businesses. As far as it goes, pretending that both sides don't bear plenty of blame (albeit often for different things), well, you couldn't be more right about that!

brutus smith

 sam a, who said anything about racism? Feeling guilty? 

Woody Hayes


Let's do something real radical. Let's outlaw all TV, radio and billboards and signs. Both parties would have more than enough money to have their candidates to travel to different cities to present their platforms, would have more face to face debates with their opponets and have lazy citizens get off their couches and go to these debates and ask their questions face to face with the candidates. Sorry to say, don't hold your breath on this to happen. 


Why don't we just eliminate political parties all together?


bs, why do you always have to start something and then play innocent?  i don't care if a black, white, mexican etc is in the whitehouse.  i don't like what he is doing that is why i don't like him!

Bryan Dubois

I'm trying to find Brutus's comment in a different thread about wanting to send political dissidents to concentration camps.  Anyone remember which thread that was in?

brutus smith

 Not political dissidents, just right wingnuts. There, now you don't have to look.

Captain Gutz

Don't stop with "right wingnuts", lets send ALL wingnuts!

Huryy up brutus, the bus is waiting.


A Clerical collar is worn my many different demoninations such as Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodists and The U.U..  I have a friend that is a U.C.C. minister in IL that wears a Clerical Collar.  He once told me that many non-catholic churches do not require it because of its association with the Catholic Church, however it is still common to see it on non-catholic clergy.

Bryan Dubois


You probably meant to say, "A Clerical collar can be worn by many different denominations."  We agree because the fact is anyone can wear a clerical collar.  I know somebody who wore one to the DMV to get his picture for his driver's license taken while wearing it.  (Not condoning, just stating a fact)

My point was that the clerical collar pictured on the advertisement above is most closely associated with the Catholic Church.


6079 Smith W


 @ Mr. Dubois:

Glad to help.

Leftist concentration camps, re-education camps, gulags?

bs has embraced the authoritarian concept numerous times, yet he decries Nazism and Bolshevism. He's very confused politically and economically.

Rand described it as "anti-ideology" - world views based almost solely on emotions and not principles.

A recent example is posted at 9:00 AM, 10/03 where he responded after I baited the hook (kinda like sport fishing):

 All in all, bs is simply a clownish troll. His only purpose on these blogs is to get a reaction with his outrageous comments - nothing more. He doesn't care to discourse, only to disrupt and agitate. Little to nothing he writes need be taken seriously.

Bryan Dubois


Concentration camps?  Really?

Obviously a troll.

Let's set the example and remind others to do the same, shall we?

Julie R.

I'm sure glad it will soon be over. I'm also willing to bet nothing will change. It will continue to be the same 'ole, same 'ole. If Cordray wins, the FEDS might as well stay put in Cuyahoga County because they will be back there in due time anyway.

As for Erie County-----same 'ole, same 'ole. Same 'ole Prosecutor, same 'ole Probate Court Judge, same 'ole Common Pleas Court Judges, etc., etc., etc.  And if you complain to the Ohio Attorney he will say corruption is the fault of the voters who keep voting the same ones back in. Yeah, right-----especially when they never have anybody run against them.

brutus smith

 It funny to see small minded people like winnie and bryan try to grammatically assassinate any opposition to their way of thinking.


Brutus: It looks like Winnie finally found a friend. Notice how he refers to him as Mr.Dubois.

Maybe all his hate-mongering will stop now that he found a like minded thinker and true love on the internet,Nahhh probably not.


 I have noticed that Smith W and Sam S will come on here and dogged people out who do not agree with their way of thinking,call them names and talk down to them. Then they turn around and TRY to make themselves out to be the good guys who never talk down about people,never name call,never bash someone for their way of thinking. All somebody has to do is say one thing against the Republicans and they start going off like children, or shall I venture to say..a typical Republican. They seem to have forgotten what Party got us into this situation to begin with. And now the Republicans are saying they will go back to the way things were before Obama got into office. Throwing away EVERYTHING the Obama Admin has done these past two years would be a BIG MISTAKE. Granted,the changes made were not the greatest when the details are looked at and they really need to be ADJUSTED,but to throw everything out is a BAD thing for this country. EVERYBODY knew the way our nation was being run before Obama got into office wasn`t good.The corruption,lies,and thieft was out of hand. They were handing the USA over to other countries right under our noses. Voting Obama into office was a sign that We The People have had enough,but at the same time we didn`t want to go so far in debt that our great grandchildren would still be trying to pay it off.  The fact is that if we don`t get the Democrats AND Republicans out of Washington,this country will never get better and the way we vote in a few days needs to show that. After a LOT of research of ALL parties,many believe the Libertarians are our best bet. They have taken the best of ALL parties and made it their platform. The Libertarians are the ONLY party that has ALL of the American peoples interests at heart. This country has been in great need of healthcare reform,financial reform,and the way Wallstreet ,banks,and credit card companies have screwed us is just shameful. An example is that I hear people say we should buy American made autos and stay away from Toyota,Kia,and the like.  Well,if you look at the numbers,Toyota,Kia,and those ARE American made cars. THEY are built in America by Americans while Ford,GM and Chrysler are being built in OTHER countries putting Canadians,Mexicans,etc. people to work. Too many things in this country are backwards,including some laws. So now you can say what you like about my OPINION,but you can not say I am not an informed voter.


Finally, the results from this years Goofus poll are in. Over here on the rock, the tally is 5 Iott signs and one Marcy sign, and one for Murrat and that's it. How are the mainland signs count?


The "campaign season" is almost over???  Ha! Ha!  It will only be BEGINNING!  There are even MORE liberal democrack and Republican politicians that will get the BOOT in 2012.  The TEA Party will begin NOW!  Oops!  Don't forget that endorsement by the Sandusky Register for the soon to be, "Worse Single Term President in the History of the United States of America."  I am sure The Register will continue in their quest for "fairness" and "transparency" in their endorsements for 2012.  It appears you liberals and democracks are falling apart.  Did any of you liberal freaks go to Cleveland to "faint" at the feet of the "anointed" one?  What is with you 92% blacks and liberals?  He is YOUR "savior" so WHY are YOU not supporting him?  WHY are you not helping him to be successful?  Ha! Ha!  The president has been in Ohio HOW many times?  Come on Sandusky Register, I am sure you can find out the TRUTH and print that for a change.  Can you also find out WHY 0bama only has a 33% approval rating in the state that carried him to the presidency?  I am sure you can muster up an "Opinion" for your readership.  Can ANY of you explain the DOWNTURN of the masses for change you can believe in?  Come on, you need to begin NOW with more bumper stickers for 0bama/2012 on your UAW 0bama motors vehicles.  Ha! Ha!  Gotta love ALL that hope and change!  Ha! Ha!     


the funniest tv campaign ad is from the strickland compound.  he alledges that kasich raided the the ohio employees retirement fund in 2007 causing it to lose millions.  now, i don't if that is true or not but i do know this: strickland was the in office at that time.  so, to me, it reflects poorly on strickland as he had no idea what was actually happening on HIS watch!  so, who do you blame?  the watchman or the alledged crook?

Julie R.

Just heard Strickland say on TV that President Obama has accomplished more in his presidency so far than most presidents accomplish in 8 years......................


well, julie, he has.  he has increased the deficit more in 2 yrs than most do in 8!

brutus smith

 Sounds like you want more Gov mikel.




umm lets see there brutus.  under obamass in the whitehouse the gov has taken over gm and chrysler.  they have put other business's periously close to being out of business.  they are hijacking both the healthcare and banking industry.  nawwww, i think that is enough gov intervention for close to 2 years.  can't wait to see what the other 2 will hold or should i say hold on to your ankles!


Amen to that. I generally enjoy politics and current events, but this year I don't seem to have much enthusiasm.

I think it's due to almost all the politicians on both sides of the isle being terrible, corrupt, machine entities. None are at all out for us.


@ Cross: I know what you mean. Everything out there is ugly. No real ideas.


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Judy Kayden

O.K. There isn't much difference in the parties. If you always do what you always done, you'll always get what you always got. Stand up this year and do something different and vote Libertarian. Ken Matesz is running for Govenor and has a line item budget where he can cut spending. All the people on the ballots have good experience and a willingness to try to cut spending so our economy can grow. We would appreciate your votes.


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Voter Fraud Alert: MN AFSCME Drags Mentally Handicapped to Polling Station to Vote for Dems (Video) Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, November 1, 2010, 9:26 PM

Report: Minnesota AFSCME public employees were seen this past weekend bringing mentally challenged individuals into the polling stations.

Election Integrity Watch reported:
This video documents a case of potential voter fraud that occurred in Crow Wing County. On Friday, October 29th, 2010, a member of the Minnesota Freedom Council witnessed apparent voter fraud occurring at the Crow Wing County Courthouse in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Upwards of 100 residents from a local group home for mentally disadvantaged individuals were brought into the County Courthouse to cast absentee ballots. The witness reported that supervisors were telling voters to cast a straight Democrat ticket. There was even a report of a voter prematurely leaving the voting both and a supervisor casting the ballot for the voter. Essentially, the people in-charge were taking advantage of the mentally disabled in order to bolster the vote for their candidates of choice. These individuals involved can be charged with a felony under Minnesota election laws.

Formal complaints are in the process of being filed with the Crow Wing County Attorney.

Montgomery Jensen talks about possible Absentee Voter fraud committed by AFSCME union workers; Department of Human Services – Minnesota State employees – working with mental handicapped (vulnerable adults) possible involvement in voter fraud! Happening NOW. Saturday 1:30 pm …. more to come

Massengill Wins...

Goofus posts "Minnesota AFSCME public employees were seen this past weekend bringing mentally challenged individuals into the polling stations".

They were giving rides to Tea Partiers?

The New World Czar

Hard to believe, but Chris Matthews has jumped the Obama ship (or is trying to cover his rear).

"It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first". - President Ronald Reagan


brutus smith

 To funny MWS. goofus likes chewing on his foot.

6079 Smith W
The other night, I happened to catch Bill Maher saying that he was afraid of British Muslims increasingly naming their babies Mohammed:   And NPR fired Williams?   ----------------     brutus smith wrote:   “I am a Federal Agent working out of Langley Virginia”   

Have you gotten the official secret decoder ring yet?

brutus smith

 bryan, take the hook out of winnie's mouth.

6079 Smith W
@ “Federal agent” bs:   A “hook”? Only in your mind bs, only in your mind. LOL   So you're confirming that you write nonsense huh?  

“I am a Federal Agent working out of Langley Virginia” – brutus smith



brutus smith

 winnie, I have other things to do today than to babysit you, Captain Hook. ROFLMAO!

6079 Smith W


@ “Federal agent" bs:   “Other things to do”? Like catching spies huh? LOL.   “I am a Federal Agent working out of Langley Virginia” – brutus smith